VirMax review. Should you buy it?

VirMax review

According to the latest men’s sexual health report, erectile dysfunction could affect 322 million men worldwide by 2025, which is a significant increase compared to 152 million in 1995. But why does erectile dysfunction occurs at first? Lousy lifestyle, smoking, drinking are a few of the most common reasons. They manifest low libido, decreased endurance, reduce stamina, and make you underperform in bed.

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Then how do you fix erectile dysfunction? Well, there are many ways. Such as:

  • A penis pump, surgery, implants
  • Erection strengthening exercises
  • Psychological counseling
  • Testosterone replacement
  • Alprostadil urethral suppository
  • Alprostadil self-injection and
  • Male enhancement pills

Oral medications are one of the most successful erectile dysfunction treatment available to men, and the most popular oral medications include:

  • Viagra (Sildenafil)
  • Cialis (Tadalafil)
  • Levitra (Vardenafil) and
  • Stendra (Avanafil)

While all of the above oral medications or male enhancement pills work very well but require a prescription. Pills like VirMax and 3 other alternatives to viagra claims to deliver the same results and are readily available without a prescription. In this VirMax blue capsule review, we took a closer look at:

  • What is VirMax?
  • Recommended alternatives
  • The science behind it
  • VirMax side effects
  • VirMax scam
  • VirMax money-back guarantee
  • Should you buy VirMax pills or not

We also cover a few of its user’s reviews from Amazon, its pricing, and much more. So let’s get started.

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What is VirMax?

VirMax is a male sexual enhancement pill made using natural ingredients. VirMax promises to improve sexual stamina and help you get better erections. It is developed by Natural Product Solutions, a biotech company, and has promising product reputations in the market. VirMax Prostate Health Formula and VirMax Blood Sugar Stabilisation Formula are few other products in the male enhancement category developed by Natural Product Solutions.

Recommended alternatives to VirMax

VigRx Plus, Male Extra, Extenze, and Semenax are a few of the best-recommended alternatives to VirMax.

VirMax and its ingredients

It is rich in both natural herbal extracts and a few synthetic ingredients. Here is the breakup:

Sagittatum leaves extracts: Commonly known as horny goat weed and yin yang Huo in the Chinese medicine segment, Sagittatum leaves have long been used in treating sexual performance issues, low sexual moods, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. It has chemicals known to enhance blood circulation in the penis and improve its sexual functionalities to the core. However, there is significantly less scientific evidence to back the claims. Few other uses of Sagittatum leaves are combating osteoporosis, health problems related to menopause, and joint pain.

Panax Ginseng: Panax Ginseng is known to enhance sexual stamina in men struggling with erectile dysfunction, and this herb is also very useful in improving sexual moods.

Saw Palmetto Berries: Saw palmetto is taken from palm trees’ fruits and has qualities to treat ED. It is instrumental in alleviating symptoms of an enlarged prostate, but this fact lacks clinical evidence.

Gingko Biloba: Gingko is a prevalent ingredient used in most ED pills and supplements. Much medical evidence proves it beneficial in treating sex-related health issues, including low libido and erectile dysfunction. Gingko works by increasing the production level of nitric oxide in the body hence improving blood flow. Nitric oxide helps improve blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels. The research investigates Gingko Biloba’s capabilities in treating ED resulting from antidepressant medications, but the evidence is yet to be found.

Cnidium Monnieri Fruit Extract: Cnidium is a plant commonly found in China, and Oregon, USA. When taken for few months, it boosts sex drives and treats ED problems. Its bioactive ingredients look like to have the same mechanisms as Viagra. Cnidium is also used in treating men’s infertility issues.

Angelica Dahrica Root: Backed with little medical evidence, this is a Chinese medicinal herb associated with fighting premature ejaculation. Angelica is believed to cure premature ejaculation by improving the senses and vibrations of the penis.

L-Lysine: It is one of the nine essential amino acids, but the human body does not produce it naturally. We can get it from the foods and with supplementation. There is no evidence to support the claims that a lack of lysine can cause ED and other sexual issues. But most of the supplement manufacturing companies in the US claim that lack of L-Lysine can bring impotence.

L-Arginine Acid: It is an amino acid commonly used in most male enhancement pills and bodybuilding supplements. L-Arginine helps improve nitric oxide level and thus dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow towards the penis. Extensive medical studies are claiming L-Arginine to cure erectile dysfunction.

Other ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue#1, Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin, Stearic Acid, and Gelatin L-Alanine L-Glutamic.

VirMax and the science behind it

VirMax Male enhancement pills are specially designed to be taken orally. It easily adjusts to your daily routine since it does not require any special attention or timing. The science behind its work is simple. VirMax’s primary focus is to enhance nitric oxide production in the body so that your body can send more and more blood towards your penis during sexual intercourse. Simple.

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How to take VirMax pills?

Take one capsule daily, although the official website recommends taking an additional pill if desired. In one of the VirMax reviews on Amazon, the user wrote that he had to take it for at least two weeks before it started working for him. There are a few precautions you need to take, such as:

  • Please protect it from heat, light, and moisture
  • Do not accept the bottle if the seal is broken
  • Only buy this from reliable sources, and
  • Keep it out of children reach

VirMax and the side effects

Epimedium, also known as horny goat weed, may cause few health issues such as dizziness, vomiting, thirst, nose bleeding after extended use, and dry your mouth. This may also bring blood clotting. Therefore VirMax is not suitable for people with bleeding disorders. Another ingredient, Panax ginseng, may cause insomnia, loss of appetite, headache, increase heart rate, itching, diarrhea, rashes and make you experience frequent mood swings.

In a few cases, another ingredient, Gingko Biloba, may bring nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, skin allergic reactions, headache, and diarrhea. It may interact with your blood and make it thin, which can bring antidepressants and NSAIDs. Large doses of Angelica dahurica may make your skin sensitive to sunlight. Last but not least, L-lysine may increase calcium absorption, cause abdominal pain and cause renal failure in rare cases.

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VirMax and scam

VirMax does not look like a scam, but most of the user’s feedback seems to the point that VirMax pill did not get the job done. And a few of the customers mentioned that they had difficulty in getting their money back. In our research, we found that VirMax has an official website, but it lacks essential information. They have not listed their mailing address, refund policy, customer support and do not have a section for customers to leave their reviews.

VirMax and users reviews

On February 08, 2021, VirMax has 50 reviews from customers on Amazon, out of which 53% has rated five stars with an averaging rating of 3.9 out of 5.

As mentioned earlier, VirMax’s official website does not have users reviews, so we picked up few users reviews from Amazon, and here is what they have to say about VirMax:

This product works great! You have to take it for about 2-3 weeks before it starts working. It has taken me from not being able to keep an erection and not having much sensation to keeping my erection throughout intercourse and ten times more sensitive. Its effects on me have significantly made intercourse better for my wife as well. She can feel me way better. I think a lot of the negative reviews are from people who expect instant results. This pill will not help you the night off, but if you take it regularly long-term, it significantly boosts your sex life. It doesn’t make you want to have sex all the time either, but it makes your stuff cooperate with what your mind wants to do when you are ready.

Korre Woods, United States, January 18, 2020

Do not buy this crap or any other VIRMAX pills. They don’t work. You have two weeks to cancel, which is in excellent print. If you do not cancel within those two weeks, you will be charged two transactions of $94. When you try to cancel the subscription, the lines hang up repeatedly when they feel it’s too late for you to dispute the charges. They answer and cancel your subscription knowing they get your $200 but offer a 30% refund you spend $140 for bottles of bull. Don’t order.

Matt G. , United States, May 3, 2020

This product does not work. I purchased the free sample by paying to ship two weeks ago, and not even an inkling of an erection. Now they say I’m on automatic reorder. I’m fighting this through my bank. Your customer service refuses to refund for the auto refill even though I never authorized one.

Kurt Priddy, United States, November 17, 2020

It seems that most of the customers had issues with it auto shipping even though they did not authorize it. Another thing to notice is that you do not get a full refund.

VirMax and its Price, official website

VirMax’s official website is, but it lacks information. You can order a pack of 30 capsules of VirMax on its official website for $19.99, but Amazon seems to offer a better deal at $16, but it was out of stock at the time of writing this review.

As per VirMax’s official website, you can find it on retailers’ websites such as DECA, Rite Aid, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, and Meijer.

VirMax money-back guarantee

VirMax’s official website has nothing that tells about their money-back guarantee, and as per the user’s reviews on Amazon, they had difficulties asking for a refund.

VirMax Vs Top 10 Sex Pills















Should you buy the VirMax male enhancement pill or not?

If you are so sure about VirMax and are only looking to experiment with it to see whether it will work for you or not, go ahead and try it. However, we recommend looking for a better alternative to VirMax since VirMax does not seem to work for everyone.

FINAL TAKEAWAY: After extensive research, we found that Male Extra is the most effective in delivering results as compared with similar products. For more details about Male Extra and the benefits, read our Male Extra review.

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