18 Things to know after losing your virginity


It should occur by choice, not by chance. And when that moment comes, do not think of it as giving something away; instead, enjoy it. If you are still a virgin or you had your first time, this is what you need to know.

Losing virginity is more than penile to vaginal penetration: People believe that they lost their virginity when they were involved in vaginal penetration. Some openly accept losing virginity after penetration with sex toys or fingers. Others do not call themselves a virgin after giving or receiving oral stimulation. So, the boundaries are hard to draw between P and V regarding sex and virginity.

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Hymen cannot define your virginity status: The Hymen is a fleshy and thin tissue that locates or hangs around the opening of the vagina. You may hear this myth that your hymen will break during vaginal penetration. But that’s not true. Based on the size, a hymen can tear during exercises like cycling and penetrative sex as well. But it cannot pop out as it is practically not possible.

Moreover, it cannot determine your virginity status. Just like fingers and ears, it is a part of the body. Another important revelation is not every person with a vagina has a hymen too. Surprisingly, but it is true!

After first sex, the body will not change: Whether you indulge in sex for the first time or multiple times, the body will not change. However, you can experience erected penis, sweating, rapid breathing, swollen vulva flushed skin as an outcome of sexual arousal. These are physiological reactions that are temporary. So, once you are done with sex, the body will regain its original state. In other words, no one can determine by looking at your physical appearance whether or not you are a virgin until you tell them. So, there is no “post-sex” look.

Sex scenes on-reel life and in-real are different: You may feel excited to indulge in sex after seeing your first porn or a passionate sex scene in the movie. But what you will experience in reality is entirely different. It is because, in films and televisions, sex scenes are shot in multiple takes. Actors often change their sex positions, and directors try to capture it in a camera from different angles to look good on the screen. But when you indulge personally, you are not bothered about angles as you are not doing it for others’ fun. So, the sex scenes you view on the silver screen will not give you a realistic picture of real-life sex. If you still don’t believe us, ask your elders!

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Being uncomfortable is natural during the first time:  When you are doing sex for the first time, it is perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable or at a certain discomfort level.  Due to a lack of lubrication or a specific medical condition, you feel more pain than enjoying it. However, if the pain becomes a regular feature during sexual intercourse, visit your doctor immediately.

Do foreplay for producing lubrication: The vagina lubricates or wets naturally during sex. But, in a few cases, vaginal lubrication is not enough, and this causes pain during penetration. So, you can minimize the pain by using lubricants. If you are trying for anal penetration, using oils is a must; else, your first experience may bring bad memories. It is because, unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its lubrication.

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STI’s spread possible with any sex: Interestingly, it is true! You are thinking altogether wrong if you feel that Sexually Transmitted Infections occur only with vaginal penetration.Oral stimulation and anal penetration can lead to STIs also. This is the main reason to use condoms and other kinds of protection during sexual activity, every time.

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Bleeding is expected: You may experience light bleeding during your first sexual intercourse. The bleeding occurs due to the stretching of the hymen during the penile penetration. Even during anal penetration, rectal bleeding occurs due to the tear of anal canal tissues. However, in both cases, the bleeding cannot make your entire bed sheet bloody.

Pregnancy can occur for the first time: So, what are you trying vaginal penetration with a penis for the first? The chances are equally good that you can become pregnant. Hence, do not forget to use your protection every time you enjoy sexual pleasure without the fear of getting pregnant.

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You may or may not orgasm for the first time: There is a good chance that you may not orgasm your first time. The reasons can range from medical conditions to discomfort levels. In studies, it is clear that approximately 11 to 41 percent of people with vagina face difficulty experiencing an orgasm for the first time with their partners. The same is the case with a male also as he may not experience orgasms during the first time even if he ejaculates.

Comfort level is essential for reaching orgasms: Because you are not comfortable with your body and your partner in your first attempt, you usually do not orgasms. Once you become comfortable with your body and sexual stimulations, you feel pleasurable sensations that pave the way to orgasm.Indeed, orgasms are tremendous but reaching orgasms is not always the main objective of having sex. What matters the most during physical intimacy is that you and your partner are enjoying and comfortable with this experience.

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Get something by saying: If you have a sexual fantasy or fetish, do not feel shy to share it with your partner. It is necessary to open about your feelings during your first sexual encounter. If you and your partner are honest about your feelings to each other, the sexual experience keeps improving over time.

Learn to say “no”: This is one of the most critical rules applicable in sex. If you are not comfortable with something, you are under no compulsion to do it. Your partner cannot force you to have sex and vice-versa. You are free to change your mind to stop getting physically close even during the act; you have the full liberty to change your mind at any time. Your partner cannot compel you to keep doing it without your free consent. And this holds for every time you go for sex.

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Decide the “Right Time”: No one other than you should choose the right time to have sex. If you are not comfortable with something or want to wait further for your first time, wait for that right time. Your mind and heart will tell you when the “right time” will come.

Do not combine sex with love: Some people feel they do sex with partners they genuinely love, while others consider it a routine physical activity and enjoy it with no strings attached. The point is that you should feel comfortable to do sex with a person, whether connected emotionally or physically with him/her. And, do not repent once you do it.

Keep sex away from religious beliefs: Some have strong religious notions surrounding sex, and some do not. Whatever be the case, you should not blame your soul for having sex with any person. Additionally, do not bear the burden of being with the person you have had sex with. The only thing to remember is that sex is just a healthy activity, and it should not lay the foundation of your moral or spiritual being.

The first time cannot be a trendsetter: Every time, sex gives a different experience. You may not meet your or your partner’s expectations for the first time, but that does not mean you should stop trying. The type of experience you will get during your second or third sexual encounter may be entirely different from the first one.

Keep trying & trying: If you lose the race for the first time, that does not mean you should stop running. Never categorize sex as a one-and-done activity. If your first experience is terrible, make efforts to improve your second experience. You will get specific motivating results. Keep trying and trying, and this is possible only by doing it practically. And as the saying goes, gain perfection with practice.


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