VigRx Fertility Factor 5 review, should you buy this?

Fertility Factor 5 Review

Description – Fertility Factor 5 helps couples conceive. It’s a high-quality formula made with clinically studied sexual nutrients shown to improve sperm count, shape, and movement, among other factors that help men impregnate their partners. With the ‘VigRX®’ name on the bottle, it’s a top-seller!

Product NameVigRX Fertility Factor 5
Item Form30 Capsules Dietary Supplements, Made In The USA
BrandLeading Edge Marketing Inc
Cheapest Place to BuyOfficial Website
Guarantee67 Days Money Back Guarantee
Our Rating9.5 out of 10

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 review

About 9% of men and about 11% of women of reproductive age in the United States have experienced fertility problems (Study). Stress, hectic work life, and poor lifestyle habits are some of the reasons leading to infertility and conceiving issues. But what is the most surprising fact is that one-third of such couples face conceiving issues due to male infertility only.

Male infertility is a condition in which a woman cannot conceive due to the male’s abnormal sperm function and low sperm production. Females find fertility problems quite agitating, stressful and challenging to deal with.

Fortunately, this condition is easy to treat without taking painful injections, expensive prescriptions, and surgery, and Fertility Factor 5 (FF5) is one such solution that can help. It is a powerful and all-natural male fertility supplement aiming at improving your sexual health by improving sperm parameters.

Made from clinically proven ingredients, it is the best and effective supplement for males suffering from fertility issues. And, in this VigRx Fertility Factor 5 review, we have shared everything you need to know. More information about male enhancement pills.

Product NameProduct Category
Male ExtraPenis Health
VigRX Plus®Erectile Dysfunction
ProSolution Plus™Premature Ejaculation
ExtenZe®Sexual Stamina
Semenax®Sperm Count
VigRX Fertility® FactorFertility

What is VigRX Fertility Factor 5?

It is an all-natural male fertility supplement that improves your fertility by increasing sperm count, morphology, and motility in just three months. It is formulated with patented ingredients proven to improve your sperm count naturally.

Administering Fertility Factor 5 is a non-invasive and cost-effective way to improve your sperm health and boost the body’s reproductive function. It is a product by Leading Edge Health that primarily manufacture male enhancement supplements to increase libido and sexual desire.

So, if you have been trying to start your family for years with no luck, you should give a try to the natural and clinically-proven formula of Fertility Factor 5.

If male fertility kills your confidence and prevents you from becoming a father, the Fertility Factor 5 dietary supplement is perfect for you. More information about lasting longer in bed.

About the Company

Leading Edge Health Inc. Official Website
Business NameLeading Edge Health Inc.
Location100-645 Tyee Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 6X5
Business CategoriesHealth and Wellness, Skin Care
Business Started11/9/2002
Phone Number(250) 383-8267

Leading Edge Health is an industry leader actively involved in manufacturing natural dietary supplements to improve male and female sexual health. The company even manufactures skincare, anti-aging, and general wellness products for upgrading the physical, mental, and overall health of individuals naturally.

Since its inception in 2001, it has launched a series of products supporting the all-natural formulation and under the strict supervision of medical professionals and health and nutritional experts. It’s a USA based manufacturing unit, which is cGMP certified and has been manufacturing premium products promoting high-quality natural ingredients.

It sources every component of the product from trusted suppliers to meet standards of ethics and quality. Some of the most-sought product lines in male sexual health with over 95% customer satisfaction rate are VigRX Plus, Semenax, ExtenZe, Fertility Factor 5, ProSolution Pills, VigRX, and SemEnhance. More information about Leading Edge Health.

Benefits of Fertility Factor 5

Unlike other male supplements, Fertility Factor 5 contains an all-natural formulation that helps improve your sexual health in three months. It contains clinically proven ingredients that will enhance the fertility and give you the following benefits:

  • Increase your sperm count naturally
  • Improve your sperm shape or morphology
  • Boost your sperm movement, i.e., motility
  • Enlarging semen volume
  • Resulting in more robust and harder erections
  • Turning-up your libido
  • Supporting your reproductive function

Ingredients of Fertility Factor 5

The uniqueness of Fertility Factor 5 lies in its formulation. Extensively researched and clinically proven ingredients work synergically to improve your sexual health. The medical professionals have chosen these five ingredients backed by clinical studies, proven to enhance male fertility with no side effects.

  • Tongkat Ali LJ100: It is a unique and patented extract of the Eurycoma Longifolia plant popularly known as Tongkat Ali. The fertility-boosting extract of the LJ100 helps increase sperm count, improvement in sperm movement, shape, and semen volume. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has formulated this ingredient and has been clinically proven to improve the male’s sexual health and libido.
  • Panax Ginseng: Popularly known as “king of all herbs,” Panax Ginseng improves libido, sperm development, and overall male sexual health.
  • Zinc: It is hard to find any fertility supplement without zinc. Zinc is one of the main ingredients that improve male infertility, ensuring healthy sperm development and mobility.
  • Selenium: Studies prove that males suffering from infertility issues have low levels of selenium. Other studies demonstrate that males consuming supplements containing selenium as one of the main ingredients have witnessed improved sexual performance and increased fertility.
  • Bioperine: Lastly, Bioperine sexual health benefits are well known. It is the ingredient carefully selected to improve the bioavailability of other nutrients. It is a patented black pepper extract that enhances the supplement’s effectiveness by making each nutrient of the FF5 supplement bioavailable to your body.

How Does VigRx Fertility Factor 5 Work?

Studies have proved that low levels of nutrients like Zinc and Selenium leave a detrimental effect on sperm health. Simultaneously, studies also demonstrate that certain ingredients like Panax Ginseng and LJ 100 help boost male fertility and improve sperm count, shape, and motility.

Another natural element, Bioperine, is a natural health “supercharger” intentionally added to increase the bioavailability of nutrients. VigRx Fertility Factor 5 contains these five clinically-proven ingredients that function synergistically for combating fertility issues.

All these ingredients leave a positive effect on your sexual health and improve sexual performance. For this, it is necessary to take these supplements as per directions shared by a healthcare professional.

The ideal dosage of the supplement is taking one capsule per day with water. To experience the complete positive results, continue taking it for a minimum of 3 months

Side-Effects of Fertility Factor 5

Manufactured with clinically proven and all-natural ingredients, Fertility Factor 5 is safe and easy to consume. No consumer has reported any side-effect yet even if they continue taking it for a long duration. Prefer taking the supplement in the prescribed dosage to experience the best results. If you are currently taking any medications, consult with your healthcare professional before administering the FF5 winning formula.

Why Fertility Factor 5 is Recommended?

The fertility booster supplement, Fertility Factor 5, is an ideal supplement for males diagnosed with male fertility or suffering from low sperm count and poor sperm mobility.

Many other male enhancement pills are available in the market, resulting in improving males’ overall sexual health, but FF5 is one-of-its-kind fertility pills with excellent results.

It is highly recommended owing to its clinically-proven fertility formula carefully selected based on these criteria:

  • Medical professionals extensively researched their ingredients
  • They are safe to consume and show no side-effects
  • They have clinically proven to improve male fertility

Each ingredient of the Fertility Factor 5 is clinically researched, studied, and proven to improve sperm count, shape, movement, development, and semen volume over time.

Besides this, they can improve your overall sexual health and help you get harder erections, increasing stamina and libido. Some other reasons making FF5 a highly recommended fertility booster supplements are:

  • It is a product by Leading Edge Health, a company that has been manufacturing all-natural products for improving male’s sexual health for over two decades.
  • Several customers have used the supplements, and none of them have reported any side-effects.
  • It comes with 67 days money-back guarantee giving you the confidence to get a complete refund if you do not get any desired results.
  • It is a non-habit forming product that does not show any adverse effects even if you stop taking it.

Customers Testimonials about Fertility Factor 5

Marcos Janes says, “My wife and I have been trying for the last year but to no avail. I consulted with a healthcare professional, and he informed me about my male infertility. We tried many supplements but did not get satisfactory results. My wife did not want to opt for assistive reproductive measures like IUI and IVF as they are expensive and take a toll on health. Then, my friend told me about Fertility Factor 5 supplements. I purchased it immediately as I wanted to try it before going under the knife. This product worked, and after continue taking for over six months, my wife can conceive. Hurray! I am so happy and excited now”. [Source]

Richard Mark says, “I knew that my poor sperm count was the main reason for not becoming a father. I have tried many supplements before trying Fertility Factor 5 but did not get the desired results. I tried FF5 supplements with half-hearted, but it did magic. It improved my overall sexual health and increased my sperm motility and count. What amazes me the most I got the results within three months of consuming it. Though my wife is pregnant, I am still taking it as I know all-natural formulation does not cause any side-effects”. [Source]

Where to Buy Fertility Factor 5?

Fertility Factor 5 Official Website

If you are looking for the original product with 67 days money-back guarantee, you should consider buying it from its official website only.

The website sells Fertility Factor 5 in three packagings: 6 months, three months, and one month supply. All these supplies come at different rates, but if you want to get the best deal, go for six months.

It will cost around $ 299.95, and you can save up to $ 60. Some other benefits of making an online purchase from the official website are:

  • Free shipping on selected packages
  • 100% secure payments
  • 24/7 dedicated support for solving your queries
  • Money refunded without asking any question

So, get this natural formula to improve your sperm count, sperm morphology, and shape in just three months. Place your order today! More information about buying Fertility Factor 5.

The Final Verdict

Fertility Factor 5 (FF5) is a fertility booster supplement highly recommended to males experiencing fertility issues. The product comprises all-natural ingredients that are clinically proven and helpful in improving sperm count, shape, motility, and semen value.

The unbeatable fertility formula of Fertility Factor 5 is winning the heart of males who want to enhance their sexual health naturally. The supplement contains clinically proven ingredients that boost reproductive health and work synergistically to increase sperm count, quality, and motility and even address many other sexual issues.

It is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a male sex supplement world leader, and comes with 67 days money-back guarantee.

In most cases, the customers experienced the desired results after consuming the supplements for a minimum of 3 months. You can only buy it at Fertility Factor 5 official website.

Because it is an expensive supplement, consider purchasing 3 or 6 months supply for getting attractive discounts. Let us know if you have any queries on this VigRx Fertility Factor. More information about buying male enhancement pills.

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