Ultrathin Condoms: for near-natural sex experience

Ultrathin condoms made with different materials are light and comfortable to wear with incredible sensitivity.


Not males but females also opined that wearing condoms reduces the intensity and unique feeling of being very close to their partners. So, does that mean you should avoid wearing condoms? Not at all. Try ultra thin condoms instead. These condoms give the feeling that there is nothing in between the male and female genitals. Ultrathin condoms are specifically designed to enjoy sexual intimacy as close as “natural” without compromising safety.

What are Ultrathin Condoms?

Ultrathin or super thin condoms have the most delicate skin allowing couples to experience “near to natural feeling” while enjoying sex. By wearing Ultrathin condoms, you get satisfaction and protection: the pleasure to feel the warmth and sensation of erogenous body parts and protection from unwanted pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

The ultrathin condoms are suitable for males and females of all ages. Some other famous ultrathin condoms are super thin, skinless condoms, extra thin condoms, micro-thin condoms, etc. Most of the brands offer ultrathin condoms in various packaging containing 7, 10, 12, and 20 condoms.

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Benefits of using Ultrathin Condoms

Protection and pleasure is the main benefit of using super-thin condoms. Some other benefits couple usually experience are:

  • These condoms are more comfortable to use as compared to standard condoms.
  • Ultrathin condoms are available both in latex and latex-free material.
  • They provide natural sensations during sexual encounters.
  • They are as effective and safe to use as natural condoms.
  • They are naturally soft and well-lubricated also.
  • Most of the condoms are straight-walled for a close fit.

Different materials of ultrathin condoms

The top international brands manufacture ultrathin condoms with a lubricated and transparent latex material. However, if you or your partner is allergic to latex, you can try ultrathin condoms featuring Polyisoprene or polyurethane material. The latex condoms leave behind the awful smell that stays for long hours until the penis is washed with water and soap.

Considering the fact, many companies launched latex odor ultrathin condoms, which are electronically tested for providing the best levels of safety. On the other hand, the polyisoprene material does not leave behind any smell and efficiently transmit the body heat. This imparts couples a feeling of having sex in the closest encounters without any protection.

Are Ultrathin Condoms small in size and safe to use?

People often believe that ultrathin condoms are available only in small sizes and are not ideal for those males who have an average or above-average penis length. However, it is not valid. Every condom manufacturer needs to follow specific guidelines regarding the size of condoms while manufacturing them. So, just like other condoms, even ultrathin condoms are available in various sizes.

As mentioned earlier, the primary purpose of every condom is to provide adequate protection against STIs and pregnancy. The thickness of a condom never determines the level of protection it offers. The super-thin condoms are made with thin sheaths and with high precision technology. Even after wearing super thin condoms, heat transfer occurs between two bodies, which increases the arousal level of couples and provides them natural sex feeling without compromising on safety standards.

They glide smoothly and efficiently into the vagina so that both partners get a realistic feeling. Each kind of condom is clinically tested against imperfections before launching into the market. Thus, you can buy ultrathin condoms with complete confidence as they are safe to use and intended to offer heightened sensitivity during wild sexual encounters.

Is wearing a super thin condom as good as doing sex on bare skin?

Using ultrathin condoms is the best way to practice safe sex and get a near-natural sex experience. It is hard to match the physical sensation experienced during physical intimacy without any protection. But with unprotected sex, the chances of conception and the spread of STIs remain higher. Thus, when a person wears regular condoms, he gets protection from these fears, but somehow, the pleasure element goes missing.

Studies reveal that females enjoy sex more if their partners wear ultrathin condoms. It is because these condoms provide a different kind of excitement when it skips inside in their vagina. Just by giving near skinny feeling, females get the opportunity to feel the hardness of their manhood.

Flavored or non-flavored Ultrathin Condoms

When it comes to condoms, everyone has individual preferences. When you pick ultrathin condoms, it is clear that you want to experience the sexual heat and to look for a greater degree of sensations and pleasure. You can add more spice to sex life by picking flavored ultrathin condoms. Some of the regular flavors available in super thin condoms are Orange, Chocolate, Mint, Black Grape, Menthol, to name a few. Even you choose non-flavored ultrathin condoms; the pleasure remains unmatchable.

Precautions to follow with Ultrathin Condoms

  • Use a new condom every time you have sex.
  • If you find uneven color on the condom, it is just an indicator that it is already expired. So, throw such condoms.
  • Maintain general hygiene by washing hands and the vagina, the penis, and surrounding areas after and before the sex.
  • Always keep unused condoms in a dry and cool place.
  • Do not use oil-based lubricants like vegetable oil, mineral oil, or petroleum jelly with condoms.

Buy Ultrathin Condoms online

Keep your shopping discreet by buying ultrathin condoms online. You can choose the packaging as per your preference and place an online order. If you are a first-time user, it is advisable to place an order for different brands and flavors of ultrathin condoms to heighten and other pleasure in every sex session.

What this means for you

Get “almost nothing” feeling wearing ultrathin condoms. These condoms are the thinnest and ideal to use by couples who want a “near-natural” sex experience without giving up the safety element. Ultrathin condoms made with different materials are light and comfortable to wear with incredible sensitivity. Available in both latex and non-latex material like Polyisoprene, these condoms are as safe as regular condoms in protecting against pregnancy and the spread of STIs.



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