12 Condom types for safe sex and extra pleasure

12 types of condoms

Everyone feels practicing safe sex is key to healthy and happy sex life. In reality, this notion increased the popularity of condoms. To describe precisely, condoms are thin and fitted tube a man wears over the penis during sexual intercourse. These are safe-sex devices as they prevent unwanted pregnancy and protect against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).

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With so many condom choices available in the market, picking out one can be a fun experience. But the fact is despite serving the same purpose, all condoms are different and offer different levels of sexual pleasure. You might have heard these questions asked by a drug store:

  • What kind of condoms do you need?
  • Do you want flavored or ribbed condoms?
  • And, what if you are unable to find the condom of your choice?

Need not fear. This informative guide gives a clear idea about different kinds of condoms available in the market and which condom to select for safe or enhanced pleasure. It is surprising but true! Males wear condoms, but some offer added pleasure to their female partners. Wearing such kinds of condoms increases the excitement level during sexual encounters. 

Let’s discuss such varieties. Here is how to choose the right condom size?

Lubricated condoms

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Lubricated condoms contain a thin coating of liquid on both sides. The lube element prevents the condom from breaking. Though the body naturally produces some lube, these condoms have a little more than required for enjoying sex without pain and irritation. The lubricated condoms are available in different materials (lambskin, polyurethane, or latex), which a person can choose as per his taste.

Ribbed condoms

Ribbed condoms
Ribbed condoms: They have raised ridges running around the circumference. Some condoms have narrow ribbing effects, whereas some come with deep undulating ribs. These condoms add extra sexual pleasure and intensifying the sensation around the penis.

The word “ribbed” is enough to generate curiosity amongst young consumers and compel them to try it once with their girlfriends. Of late, even adult users are trying ribbed condoms to increase the intensity of sex. A condom incorporating ribbed or dotted along the shaft and the head adds intense pleasure and extra stimulation during sexual encounters. Most of the ribbed condoms encompass ribs on both sides, i.e., inside and outside, whereas some contain ribs on the inner side (around the glans or frenulum) only for a wearer’s pleasure. If you feel that your partner enjoy extra stimulation during sex, you can even try extra ribbed condoms.

Dotted condoms

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Just like ribbed condoms, even dotted, spiked or nubbed condoms are designed to make you and your partner experience new sensations during physical encounters. The raised areas of such condoms naturally excite the partner when they move in and out.  Some condoms have minimal dots, whereas some come with a maximum number of dots for creating extra friction and pleasure as it goes in and out.

Warming condoms

Condoms have taught us that we can please both partners simultaneously with this safe-sex device. Warming condoms coated with lubrication on both sides so that both parties enjoy a warming sensation. Such kinds of condoms are ideal for prolonging erections and making sex as much pleasurable as possible. These condoms contain warming lube as glycerol and are often available in the market in the latex material. So, if you are not comfortable with latex condoms, you can barely feel the heated sensations. When warming condoms are by your side, it becomes easy to rev up both the parties’ engines effortlessly!

It may happen that you have tried different kinds of condoms but do not feel comfortable with any. Even chances are that you face a hard time keeping an erection with the condoms or not experiencing the sensitivity levels. This is natural. Wearing condoms during sex promotes safe sex, but it is unnecessary to wear it all the time. You can select other options also.

We are not surprised if your inquisitive nature compels you to try these different kinds of safe-sex devices.

XL Condoms

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Now, even condoms come in XL sizes! Mostly, the standard condoms are so stretchable that you can easily fit them over your forearms. Still, people with an extra dick size usually experience tightness and find them uncomfortable to wear. So, they should give a try to XL condoms. These condoms are boon for those males whose penis has extra girth or length than what is standard. But make sure not to wear XL condoms on an average-sized penis to impress your new girlfriend as there are high chances that they slip off during the sex and make your partner a victim of STI’s, STD’s or unplanned pregnancy.

Ultrathin Condoms

Ultrathin Condoms
Ultrathin Condoms: Get “almost nothing” feeling wearing ultrathin condoms. These condoms are the thinnest and ideal to use by couples who want a “near-natural” sex experience without giving up the safety element. Ultrathin condoms made with different materials are light and comfortable to wear with incredible sensitivity.

One of the common complaints against condoms is they reduce the feel and sensations. For them, ultrathin condoms make a perfect choice. They are often marketed as “extra-sensitive condoms” also. These kinds of condoms are available in polyurethane and latex material, but ultrathin and polyurethane make the deadliest combination. If you have heard the stories that the ultrathin condoms break easily, it is merely a way to reduce their popularity. Try ultra thin condoms with confidence as no condom breaks due to improper usage; thickness can never be the factor for their breakage

Female Condoms

Female condoms
Female condoms: A female condom or internal condom is used as a contraceptive device that prevents the entry of sperm into the uterus. Besides preventing unwanted pregnancy, it is equally effective in protecting against sexually transmitted infections since female condoms are placed inside the vagina during vaginal or anal sex.

If you are still not happy with the categories above, you can ask your partner to try female condoms. Unlike comfortable to wear, female condoms are inserted inside the vaginal opening, which may require a little practice. When used properly, these condoms are 95% effective in protecting against STDs, STIs, and unplanned pregnancy. But just like their effectiveness, their failure rate is high because of improper usage. Another flip side is they are more expensive than the average male condoms. Some women find female condoms handy as these devices give them power and assurance over safe sex, and they do not want to compromise their freedom by relying on males to put a condom on. And here is how to wear female condoms?

Take the condom in your hand and get into a comfortable position like standing with one foot on a chair. You can wear it while squatting. Like a tampon, squeeze the sides of the inner ring of the condoms and insert it into the vagina. Try to push it as far as it goes. The outer ring of the condom will hang a little bit outside your body. Guide your partner’s penis so that it helps the condom to get in that right position. Once you are done, pull it out and throw it away.

An increase in awareness of sexual knowledge combined with technology paved the way for incorporating some exciting features in the condoms. Whether you are looking for enhanced sexual pleasure or some added features, these condoms are worth trying.  Studies indicate that males who are finding reasons to avoid them are buying them actively, whether for fun, novelty, or extra safety reasons.

Spermicidal Condoms

Spermicide is a chemical substance that paralyzes or destroys sperms, so the process of fertilization does not initiate. It is a kind of gel, often available in different forms like creams, foams, etc. If you are using this gel alone, it is not as effective as condoms, and the chances are high that your partner ends up getting pregnant. However, if you are using along with a condom, the efficacy rate increases substantially. The other two essential facts associated with spermicidal use may cause allergy or irritation and do not protect against STDs or STIs. So, if you give safety more priority than pleasure, spermicidal condoms are not for you.

Delay Condoms

delay condom
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The name itself explains the entire concept. Delay condoms can be the right choice for those suffering from premature ejaculation (PE). When a man ejaculates in about two minutes (whereas an average man takes about seven minutes to reach the climax), he suffers from PE. Delay or Delayed Climax condoms contain Benzocaine inside. It is a numbing agent, which the penis absorbed and reduced the sensations to last him long. Those males who want to last long in the bed should try the delay condoms for impressing their partners.


If you always have a curiosity to explore where your partner’s condom-covered penis is going, make him wear a glow-in-the-dark condom. These novelty condoms can light up any night with their shiny appearance. Unlike standard condoms, glow-in-the-dark condoms contain a layer of pigmented phosphorous, which illuminates in the dark. Most of these condoms glow in green color during the dark, but you can even choose from orange or magenta colors. These condoms are available in latex variety and are fun to use.

Flavored Condoms

Flavored Condoms
Flavored Condoms: Setting the mood for exciting oral sex becomes easy when you use flavored condoms. These condoms contain a coating of edible flavors that make oral sex pleasurable.

With flavored condoms, you can add a little spark to your oral sex endeavors. These kinds of condoms either contain flavor either coated on the condom or in the lubricant. You can find as many flavors as possible such as orange, banana, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cola. The companies claim their condoms have generous aromas and match the taste; they even sync the color of the condom. For instance, yellow-colored condom for banana flavor, brown color depicting chocolate flavor, and so on. Flavored condoms add a new dimension to oral sex, and they are FDA approved also. A word of caution is to avoid using flavored condoms if you have sensitive skin.

Colored Condoms

Using semi-clear or transparent condoms with an opaque look has become passé. Today’s generation wants variety, not in condoms flavor but colors also. Thus, you can easily find colored condoms in attractive colors red, orange, purple, fuchsia, etc. You can even find colored condoms in single, double, and triple colors. The colored condoms can add color to any sexual play regardless of the generation.

You must have noticed one common attribute in all condoms- they are made from lambskin, polyurethane, or latex material. What are the unique characteristics of these materials? Let’s unveil them.

Latex Condoms

Latex condoms
Image: Canva

These are the most common and most popular choices of males of all age groups. These condoms are 98% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and protecting against STIs and STDs. You can use standard latex condoms with any silicone-based lube or with water. If you feel any irritation after using the latex condom, this implies you are latex-allergic.

Lambskin Condoms

If you explore the history, you will know that the lambskin sheaths are the oldest form of condoms. These condoms feature the intestinal skin of lambs. This trait makes these condoms the favorite of some males looking for some natural material for transmitting the body heat and on the not-to-buy list for others. As lamb’s intestinal skin is naturally porous, the chances are high that the microscopic element slips through, making them an ineffective choice for preventing STDs, STIs, and unwanted pregnancy.

Polyurethane Condoms

Those who are allergic to latex and do not want to switch to lambskin condoms straightaway can try polyurethane condoms. Polyurethane is like polyisoprene material, which is thin rubber material and latex-free. As the material or polyurethane is more delicate than latex, those who do not like wearing condoms due to lesser sensitivity prefer giving it a try. The common complaint with polyurethane condoms is that they break easily, so you can even try polyisoprene condoms in this case.

The condoms are available in three materials- latex, polyurethane, lambskin, and all sizes- from standard to XL. You can choose standard condoms for sexual stimulation or ultrathin for getting a “sex-without-condom feeling.” Dotted, colored, flavored- no matter whatever you choose, the main point is practicing safe sex in all conditions always.


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