The 7 tricks to lasting longer in bed that every man should know

The 7 Tricks To Lasting Longer In Bed That Every Man Should Know

Do you want to know the tricks to last longer in bed? A male enhancement product like ProSolution Plus is a great option to start, but this is not the only one. Instead, you have multiple choices. No matter you are struggling with extending your bedroom pleasure or with premature ejaculation, lasting longer in bed requires continuous effort on your part.

So, should we spill the beans by telling those secrets?

Surprisingly, “Edging” is one way to last longer in bed and a clear bedroom winner in many ways. You can also try other techniques like Squeeze or try to desensitizer like VigRX Delay Wipes.

But before discussing them, it is time to uncover the basics.

Meaning of “Premature Ejaculation”

As a general rule, Premature Ejaculation is a condition when you ejaculate less than a minute after you start. Studies suggest that every one in three males suffer from Premature Ejaculation at one point in his life. [Source]

It is further classified into two ways:

Primary or Lifelong ejaculation, which happens almost recurrently when you have sex.

Secondary or Acquired ejaculation, which happens after a certain age in your life. You have had satisfactory and longer lasting ejaculations, and now you have “acquired” it.

No need to worry if you experience occasional episodes of premature ejaculation. But you need to speak with a healthcare professional if the frequency is almost every time.

Do not hide this problem or feel embarrassed about it. Merely talking or learning about Premature Ejaculation can reduce your stress and, possibly, your symptoms in the long run. 

7 Tricks to Lasting Longer in Bed

These tricks will work if you are suffering from Premature Ejaculation. Surprisingly, even if you have a rock-solid sex life, you can use these tips to make sex more satisfying and lasting a little longer than usual time.

Trick #1 – Masturbate Beforehand

Having sex by ejaculating prior an hour or two is like going out with a loaded gun. Many relationship experts believe ejaculating an hour or two before sex makes it harder to come quickly. While intimating with your partner, you slowly build up arousal, which will position you correctly to sync up with your partner’s rhythm.

Trick #2 – Move Slowly

Sex is not just about penetration. It should include loads and loads of kissing, foreplay, massaging, etc., to lengthen the session. Increase the sensuality by caressing your partner with these simple tricks. In this way, you need not bother about penetration, which lasts for a concise duration. So, the second trick is to last longer in bed is to slow down a little bit. After all, life is not a race; it is a marathon.

Trick #3 – Have Fun with Sex Toys

Have you ever used a cock ring on the penis or around your balls? Not really, make sure to use it. A sex toy like cock ring prolongs the erection by restricting the blood flow to the penis. Use the sex toy to play with your penis and delay your climax to last longer in bed. It is a tested technique as many males agree that they can increase the sex session massively by using sex toys. Information about sex toys for beginners.

Trick #4 – Trick Your Brain With Sex Positions

It becomes harder for you to climax in a position you’ve never tried before than cumming in your favorite position every time. For example, you might have cum many times on your bed but have you ever had an orgasm while standing up?

New sex positions will distract your mind, and it will take time to reach the climax. The rule says, “unfamiliar or awkward position, a key to the last longer in bed.”

The only goal here is to switch your brain focus. Have sex in different sex positions and make your mind feel from ‘I’m going to cum too early’ to ‘wow, this is different.’ More information about sex positions.

Trick #5 – Squeezing Actually Works

This is one technique that will help you last longer in bed. Squeeze the penis between the glans and the shaft as soon as you feel orgasm. This will repress the ejaculatory response and gives you the time to refocus and rebuild again. It is simple, and it works.

Trick #6 – Go for Edging

Edging is like training your body to stop performing when you are about to reach the climax so that you spend more time on the edge. It is like intentionally delaying orgasm by stopping all masturbatory or sexual activity. And yes, it works! You can even try this while doing masturbation.

Once you get the positive results, give a second try with your partner. The more you practice, the better you can keep your excitement under control. Isn’t the easy way to last longer in bed?

Trick #7 – Use Premature Ejaculation Pill or Male Desensitizer

This a vast topic to be covered in one article, but we will get to the basics here. As the name indicates, Premature ejaculation products can enhance your sexual pleasure, allowing you to last longer in bed, have more fun, and increasing the duration of sex. And Premature ejaculation products can be used topically or in a supplement form.

The Premature Ejaculation products available in the market in the following form:

Premature Ejaculation Supplements: These are natural Premature Ejaculation supplements and usually known as ‘Male Enhancement Pills.’ These pills are known to gradually increase your sexual stamina and allow you to last longer in bed. Their natural ingredients leave a positive impact on your reproductive system and improve sexual performance in the long-term.

Unlike desensitizer and sprays, these supplements cannot bring fast results. But, yes, it is one of the reliable long-term strategies to increase your stamina to stay longer in bed with no side effects at all.

Male Desensitizer Wipes: This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to last longer in bed. Male desensitizer wipes or tissues are made up of natural anesthetic formula that numbs the penis slightly so that the penis feels less sensitive while you push her harder.

Male desensitizer wipes are small in size and convenient to carry. Thus, they can easily fit in your wallet. The ease of their use makes them one of the most popular, reliable, and useful temporary ways to last longer in bed.

Male Desensitizer Sprays: The working principle of both wipes and sprays are similar. The spray also numbs the penis as it contains a mild anesthetic. If you want to choose between a wipe and spray, our vote goes to sprays as they are more effective and stronger than wipes.

What Should I Choose for “Lasting Longer in Bed”?

That entirely depends on your current situation, but you might go with male desensitizer wipes or spray for a quick and easy solution if you are like most guys.

And, if you want to put some effort into making your sex life pleasurable and in urgent need of a reliable solution, think smartly by combining a Premature Ejaculation supplement with a spray or wipe. In this way, you will get the instant answer while infusing your reproductive system with the necessary ingredients for long-lasting results. More information about buying male enhancement products.

Tips to Identify Good “Lasting Longer in Bed” Product

The male enhancement industry offers scores of products with a real and fake promise, and products to lasting longer in bed are no exception to that rule. Make sure to choose the best product for your requirement based on the below-mentioned criteria:

Established Brands: Any stable brand can be the real winner in the male enhancement industry. Many products come in this industry, but only a handful of them work for five years or more. So, if any brand, which has been offering male enhancement products for over 20 years, that too successfully, is an excellent option to go with.

Made in the United States: This is one of the most critical factors while buying male enhancement product, no matter what. Male enhancement products that are made overseas, especially in China, are most likely to contain harmful synthetic and chemicals in their formula. They may have rat poisons, sawdust, and God knows what – and you don’t want them in your body. Not at all.

It would help if you always bought a lasting longer in bed product made at a CGMP-compliant manufacturing facility in the United States so that you reap the benefits of a product made with strict health and safety regulations in place. In this way, you can call the product’s customer service department that interests you and ask for the compliance information.

100% Money-Back Guarantee: This is another way to review any product for good reasons. At least, you have the assurance to get your money back in case no positive results. This is what most brands follow as a standard, and any less than this means the manufacturer is hiding something for sure.

Clinically Tested: This is usually more applicable to any supplement, especially with lasting longer in bed products. But the fact is that it’s hard to find male enhancement products that are clinically tested and even more challenging to see good results from them. Consider yourself lucky to find a clinically tested lasting longer in bed product and even more if the results are promising.

The 3 Top-Rated Lasting Longer in Bed Products

With basics straightforward, let’s move to three top-rated premature ejaculations best products for lasting longer in bed.

Though there is no shortage of such products, not every product is good enough to try. We’ve already tested many male enhancement products in the industry to count, and only a few of them survived. These three products gained the top slots on the list owing to their exceptional value and the positive results they bring. More information about male enhancement products.

VigRX Delay Wipes

vigrx delay wipes

As we have already mentioned, a desensitizer will not help you a lot with your long-term ability to last longer in bed. But the convenience and ease of use that these desensitizer wipes bring are hard to beat, and VigRx Delay Wipes bring more than enough reasons to get your attention.

VigRX Delay Wipes are the best male desensitizer wipes giving you the power to last longer in bed. These wipes are popular because of their exceptional abilities to bring harder erections and, above all, the convenience they bring. These wipes are easy to carry and improve sex life in a couple of ways.

What Makes it the Best: It is a product by Leading Edge Health and belongs to the VigRX category, a market leader. The wipes contain only two herbal ingredients- Zanthoxylum Oil and Peony Extract, giving you an incredibly pleasurable sex experience. The 100% natural formula comes with a risk-free money-back guarantee. If it does not show you the desired result, you can claim your money back within 67 days, and we liked that. More information about VigRx Delay Wipes.

VigRX Delay Spray


It is one of the most sought-after male desensitizer sprays, which is a little stronger than other sprays present in the market. It is formulated with Benzocaine, a mild anesthetic that quickly absorbs the penile tissue and unlocks your sexual potential within 10 minutes.

What Makes it the Best? It has all the elements which make it a must-to-buy male enhancement product.It is a product by reputed brand, Leading Edge Health. It supports USA manufacturing and comes with 67-days money-back guarantee. Feel free to check all these facts by visiting the official website of VigRX Delay Spray. More information about VigRx Delay Spray.

ProSolution Plus


When your priority is to last longer in bed, you need not look beyond ProSolution Plus. It is a male enhancement product, which differs from ProSolution Pill – a specific pill treating premature ejaculation problem. With ProSolution Plus, you will get an additional benefit of increased sexual stamina and erection quality.

What Makes it the Best: Males using ProSolution Pills showed massive improvement up to 64% with premature ejaculation problems. Even males felt improvement in erectile quality up to 67%. The ProSolution Plus is as good as VigRX on the quality aspect. With clinical studies, it has been proved repeatedly that it helped males last longer in bed and enjoy sex like never before. More information about ProSolution Plus.

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