9 Things you should always do before sex

Things to do before sex

‘What should you do before sex?’ I asked a young husband who stopped by my office to lament that his wife wasn’t exciting him in bed. ‘Well, I don’t get you.’ He replied startled. It took a long while to make him understand that there are quite many things to do before walking into the bed and pouncing on each other.

They are not necessary; after all, at least about 95% of the world in the 19th century have sex without them. Research shows that 43% of married couples in Newfoundland today still have sex without them. But adding them to your sexual life can help you enjoy the actual sex in a way you didn’t think you can. When you carry out these things, your body will tingle with eagerness so much that it would seem heavenly to penetrate each other finally. So, trying out some things can boost your sexual fantasies with your partner and double your sex drive. What are they?

#1. Make Porn in Your Head

The instant you figure you wanted to slide down with somebody soon, begin by shooting the picture in your head. If it’s a partner you have had sex with for some time, relive the feel of his body on you and in you. Remember how breath-taking it was to melt under him. How rousing her body felt in your lips or how you feel whenever you slip into her thighs. How about the taste of their lips? Try to remember what it was like with her. Re-experience that moment and capture the new style you would love to relinquish with them. If it was a new partner, imagine how it would be her. What would you like to do with him? How would you want to get into her? Making porn in your head can keep your senses aroused to what is about happening.

#2. Drop Work at Work

This is something you must learn to do every time you have a big game in view. Drop the jobs at work. Even if you came home with your computer or notepads, don’t try to remember what they contain. Right now, it is all about the sexy woman spinning her waists for you. It is about the sexy man fondling your clits with his penis. Try not to remember the pressure at work, the deadline for the proposals, and so forth. It makes perfect sense to get them all cleared before coming home to befitting sexual intercourse. If you are the type who can’t get them all cleared, well, drop them for now, it isn’t their time. Studies reveal that stress and sour mood can damp your sexual exploration. You would be unable to concentrate on the moment and enjoy the fun if you have so many slams, demands, and fierce arguments of work in your head, while at sex.

#3. Pink Your Partner’s Brain

Don’t just mesmerize yourself with the pictures; ensure your partner has a feel of them too. Even while you are at your respective works, go on to sex-text(sext) your partner. Tell her to use the sexy lingerie that drives you nut. Tell him how much you want to taste of him…and so on. Hack into each other’s thoughts so well that none would think straight about business about to happen. Be sure you don’t hold anything back. Filling your partner’s mind with your wild imaginations can grip them with excitement they cannot keep until they get down with you. This will accelerate how much you are willing to have each other and how much you would be glad to do.

#4. Dress the Environment

Another ritual many don’t consider in sex is dressing their environment. Sexologist Brian Hansen notes that everyone has a different background. They loved to have sex. When you are in your perfect environment, your sensual organs will arouse feelings in you naturally, even when there was no partner, or you had no such plans. Once the couples discover the picture-perfect environment for their copulation, one may prepare that environment for the other. For instance, you should clean the room, set the pillows in a way that always tingle something in her, keep the lights off if that’s how she loves it, and keep his favorite candy by the bedside. Does he love the little lights? Keep them on. How about lowlife music? Dress the environment as perfect as you can think of; it keeps your brains stimulated. It also helps you two to put behind the other worlds you have, and focus on just this world, this person.

#5. Get Yourself Sexy

Do not wait for your partner to get in before looking sexy. Think about your sexiest moments. The moments he had used all words to describe you and even ran out of adjectives. How did you look then? Shave if you are the type who shaves before sex, slip into naughtiest undies. You need to make him stop breathing, dazzled by the sparkling woman walking into his arms elegantly. Freshen up and put on a real smile; it is a party.  

#6. Nosh Your Sexiest Foods

Have you noticed any food that makes you feel sexy when eating it? It is one of the aphrodisiacs you should arm your body with. If your partner is coming home to dinner, make sure she has what spurs her craving for you too. This shouldn’t be hard drugs or sexual potions. It is something casual that looks like her weak point. Don’t gobble foods that may unsettle your stomach or make you feel helpless. Make it a point that you are not having a massive amount of it too. If possible, have the food together in a light mood. Laughing and taunting each other before kissing or lifting each other to bed, or at the least, leaning on each other.

#7. Have the Plus By the Bedside

Often, you need a couple of niceties for proper sex. Condoms, performance pills, lube, string, and sex toys, whatever you use. Get them around you before getting each other into bed. With these things around, you need not break the sensual bonds you are creating with each other to look for them. It is worst when you start finding them and realize ‘whoa, I have no idea where the lube is!’ No surprises, you should forget everything else but that woman right now, but stopping to search for these things is a big turn off. By the time you return to start again, you both may realize the forever search has drabbed the pleasure out of you.

#8. Get In the Mood

An authentic way to enjoy sex is to get in the mood. Ensure you do everything that helps you get into a mood that the only thing you want is to be made love to. All the options up here can get you in the mood, but some people require a little glamour to spice them. That may include watching porn, swishing, dancing to some lowlife music, singing in the water tub, massaging themselves, or trying simple workouts. One of these most likely works for you, and you might have all the fun of sex if you induce it in your top things to do before sex.

#9. Seduce With Foreplay

The value of foreplay cannot be overemphasized in sex, as a group of Ph. D researchers are South Australia has proven, women often need a lot of foreplay before their body could be aroused for penetration. From the researchers’ reports, when foreplay is properly carried out, a woman would naturally cling to her partner, sizzling him to make love to her and burning in a wildfire of anticipation. Foreplay gets the man’s body relaxed too. It increases the period of enjoyment before ejaculation. You can foreplay by stroking each other’s body and rubbing the sensitive parts of each other; the breasts, the clits, the chests, the ears, the thighs, the butt, and so on. This is known as erotic massage. Stimulating your partner’s body with your tongue is also regarded as foreplay. It is a vital part of lovemaking that cannot be overemphasized.

#10. Change the Game with Sizzling Romance

Kiss each other’s temples, nipples, lips, and every part you are willing to. Let your partner read your lustful eyes. Whisper naughty things to each other, tell each other how much you are eager to go together, and how much you want your partner to drive you. Much more than you can imagine, doing all of these can affect a dramatic upturn in your love life. You would feel yourself blush and sparkle every time that sex you had with these preludes. Your mind will naturally drill with excitement, and you cannot help looking forward to the next one.

No matter how old the marriage is, you just got to spark things up with these things to do before sex. Now, the next topic! Sex positions for orgasm.

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