13 Texting ideas you must know before messaging a girl

texting ideas for her

Whether you want to initiate talking with a girl of your dreams or move ahead in any relationship, messaging is the best way to do so. Instant messaging keeps things simple even if a person is not present physically but wants to talk. Face to face conversation may lead to embarrassing situations, but the sense of anonymity in messaging motivates to move forward despite unfavorable conditions. In this blog post today, we are sharing some texting rules for boys while messaging a girl. 

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An introduction is necessary: Even if you have met a girl several times, it makes sense to introduce yourself while texting her for the first time.Remember, girls, tend to ask, “who’s this” even if she recognized you. Come up with a creative way to introduce yourself. And, if she identifies you instantly, you are good to go.

Keep texts short and straightforward: Do not send her long and complicated messages.  The courtesy is to keep your initial texts short and direct. Additionally, choose a general topic that she finds easy to answer. Give her brief information about yours and ask about hers. If she replies, then move on to her hobbies, likes, dislikes, and so on. Keep your tone not too friendly. Start with simple messages in a generalized tone. Keep the messages flow going and develop a sense of understanding in your relationship.

Use proper sentences: If you want to ask her about hobbies, keep it simple like “what are your hobbies” instead of “ur hobbies?”. If you convey your thoughts clearly, she understands them at one go, and it gives the impression that you are a good-mannered boy.

Maintain respect in tone: After a few conversations, some switch to a disrespectful manner, a coolness symbol. Your one rude message may add you to her block list. Avoid making such mistakes. Keep your tone humble and respectful to avoid creating an awkward situation. Moreover, any rude or disrespectful text message is easy to produce in the court of law as evidence for harassment.

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Be straightforward: Girls appreciate boys who speak their heart out. If you want to go out for a movie, ask her straightforwardly. Even if you’re going to compliment her on the dressing sense, say it without thinking much. Rest assured, you will get a favorable response when you say things clearly.

Keep replying in conversations: If you have initiated a discussion, keep answering. Replying to a message comes under good mannerisms and assures that you are interested in speaking to her.

Flirt when confident: When you are optimistic about your relationship and know that it has developed trust, you can experiment by sending flirty messages. If she replies, it clarifies that she likes it, and you can continue sending her sweet, flirty but not dirty messages.

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Do not drink and message: Texting a girl being drunk is strictly a No-No, especially in a new relationship. You may end up saying something disgraceful, treat her disrespectfully, or become overtly sexual on messages. Moreover, it can lead to fighting as alcohol adversely affects our thinking abilities.

Don’t text too much: Sending too many messages gives the impression that you are desperately looking for her attention, and she might find it frustrating, which may lead to no replies. Text her less, wait for her response, and keep answering if you get one.

Don’t end the relationship in case of no reply: Decide a time in advance before messaging. You may message her at a time when she is in the middle of something and cannot reply. Please don’t consider it rude and get angry. So, don’t blunder ending your relationship if she does not respond immediately.

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Don’t be over-expressive with emoticons: Use emoticons to express your feelings once in a while, and don’t use them for everything. A message often loses its appeal if it contains too many emoticons and becomes hard to read.

Do not ignore her opinion: If you discuss any topic and have shared your opinion, allow her to express herself. Saying yours does not mean the conversation is over. Don’t introduce a new matter until she opined and believe nothing left to say more about it.

Don’t use inapt language: Many boys use inapt language during conversation and make her feel worthless or small. If you use such words or think that all girls fall for bad boys, drop the idea of messaging a girl. It is crucial to behave in a specific manner and use the right language to keep messages flowing. Follow these do’s and don’ts and keep her interested without creating an awkward situation.

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