15 Sexy questions to ask a girl over text

Sexy texting ideas

Asking sexy questions is one of the best ways to initiate the flirting and get her wet but ask these sexy questions over text so that you look interested, not desperate.

Here is a list of sexy questions to ask her over text. Do it at the right time and set her soul on fire.  

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Q. 1 What are you wearing? Starting the conversation with this will pave the way to lots of flirting. She may sleep naked or only in panties; whatever she replies, keep the rhythm going asking similar questions based on her answer.

Q. 2 Ask questions starting with “Have you ever…” to know her sexual fantasies. Here is what you can try:

  • Have you ever watched porn?
  • Have you ever kissed a boy?
  • Have you ever had a threesome?
  • Have you ever masturbated?
  • Have you ever slept with a guy?
  • Have you ever had sex in a pool?
  • Have you ever used a sex toy?

Do not shoot them at once. Check her responses. Ask them one by one. Keep her on her toes, thinking, and texting similar questions.

Q. 3 What is your favorite sex position? Take your conversation to the next level with this question. Most of the girls feel shy sharing their favorite sex positions but if she answers, throw your next question, “Would you love trying doggy or cowgirl position”? Asking these will indicate whether she likes to be submissive or be in control. Remember her answer and have your first sexual encounter in the position she wants.

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Q. 4 Do you like touching yourself? Male or female both masturbate, but males admit it wholeheartedly while females do not. Change the topic if she replies, “No.” But if the answer is “yes,” continue with the same topic asking questions like “how often” and “how do you feel after touching.” It will help you understand her sexual personality and give you foreplay ideas to tease and please her in the bed.

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Q. 5 What would you want me to do with your body right now if I am by your side in the bed. This is the best way to throw the ball in her court and build anticipation before the actual sexual encounter.

Q. 6 What turns you on? Just like boys, girls too have their sex-fantasies. They love sharing these with someone very close to their heart or with someone they want to have sex with.

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Q. 7 Did you enjoy public sex or Name the craziest place you have ever had a sexual encounter with your boyfriend? This is a difficult question but perfect if she has answered previous questions. Her answer will be a sneak peek of whether she enjoys wild sex or not.

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Q. 8 Are you alone in a room? If she gives a positive response, ask her to share some pictures. If she hesitates to share, take the initiative by sending yours in shorts or briefs. She might like the idea and may exchange photos.

Q. 9 If you feel like she is losing interest at any point, make her think wild, asking, “What do you like most about man’s body? Some girls want bare-chest, while others love thighs the most. Based on her answer, you can share a picture of your body part.

Q. 10 Would you love taking a massage from me? It is a playful question and can lift her mood instantly. Whatever she answers, you have an excellent opportunity to keep the conversation going. If she likes that, please her by saying, “Oh! I would eagerly for that day”.

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Q. 11 Where would you like me to touch you? It is a straight question but looks decent and exciting. Give her options from the neck, thighs to breasts. Ask this only when you both are comfortable getting kinkier to this extent.

Q. 12 Are my questions making you wet? It is hard to believe if she replies “No” after asking the question we have recommended. If she says no, there could be two reasons: either she did not like the session or teasing you. And if she says yes, continue with the game.

Q. 13 Do you watch porn? Everyone does it, including women, but not all admit it. Do not believe her blindly if she says she does not like it. And if she says yes, you get another opportunity with your dirty messages like “how often” and “what kind of porn,” etc.

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Q. 14 In which outfit you look the sexiest? When you have already made her mood, do not expect the answer, such as in jeans and a top or a gown. So, if she understands your real intention of asking this question, she may even play with you by replying “red lacy lingerie” or “any lingerie which you will gift me.”

Q. 15 Do you like sex toys? or Would you like using a vibrator?” This is another excellent way to understand her depth of sexual territory. If she says she wants sex toys but has not used them before, it is a clear invitation to buy one for her and enjoy the closeness to an erotic extent.

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It is easy to make her horny without your physical presence with sexting. Choose the right time and ask these sexual questions when no one is around.

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