11 Sexting ideas to help strengthen your sexual relationship

sexting ideas
Sexting Ideas: Sending dirty messages is one of the sure-fire ways to spicing things up in your sexual relationship, but the problem arises when you do not know the right way to initiate it, and the matter becomes worse if you do not know how your partner would react. The initial awkwardness at both ends is natural.

Do you remember the last time you turned your partner on without your presence? If you have not sent her a sext before, your answer would be non-affirmative. When you are physically close, you whisper naughty things to turn her on.  And, when you are at long distance, you do sexting to turn her on. So, in other words, sexting is as good as whispering kinky things in-ear, when there is a physical distance.

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Whether you are in a relationship or just starting, sexting is one thing that would always help you. Sending dirty messages is one of the sure-fire ways to spicing things up in your sexual relationship, but the problem arises when you do not know the right way to initiate it, and the matter becomes worse if you do not know how your partner would react. The initial awkwardness at both ends is natural.

Now, the question is, why you need sexting? The anticipation is the key. This is one small thing that can bring magical change in your sexual relationship. When you want to turn her on without your presence, or you want to spend an erotic night but don’t know her mood, sexting works. It not only improves your sex life but strengthens your bond also.

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You might say that “you are not creative” or “don’t know” how to initiate dirty or kinky messages. Your one single statement or emotion is enough to ruin things and make it awkward than pleasing. So to keep sexting useful and keep it going in the right direction by following these tips wisely:

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1. Start slow

Start slow and oversee your words. “I have been trying to woo you from my dirty thoughts. Do you want to hear them?” This is one of the best ways to kick-start the conversation.  Another question can be, “I have been thinking to do naughty things to you.” Please wait for an hour or so for her response as she might be busy. If she replies late, it is a clear hint that you have not approached her at the right time. Please do not make any assumptions.

2. Check her curiosity level and timing

This is simple. If you get responses in return like “what dirty thoughts?” or “what naughty things?” you have hit the bull’s eye. You can continue sexting her by asking such questions as she has already given you a nod. If you get no reply even after seeing your message, she is not fascinated with the sexting idea. So, drop it. Initiate sexting when you are free and can respond. Remember, even you don’t like seeing such messages in the middle of any meeting with your boss.

3. Share previous bed experience

Saying specific things like “I miss your lips on my neck” is always better than giving a generic compliment (I miss your lips). This gives her visuals, and she can even think in the same direction. You can even tell her about your last time sexual experience in bed. For instance, you can appreciate her hand movements over your thighs and even in more detail. You are giving her a fair idea about your hand movements that you enjoy.

4. Please do not delay reply

Once you started the conversation, the onus will continue with your fascinating statements or questions. If you have received a positive response so far, increase her curiosity and make her wet by saying, “your pussy is incredible” or “your nipples taste so good.”  This may sound too kinky, but it is the right way to keep the conversation going in the right direction and not spoil her mood by sending such messages after a long gap of one or two hours.

5. Say “I miss you” or “a surprise is waiting for you in the bedroom.”

These are simple sentences that lure her attention in no time. The chances are high that if you are getting positive responses so far, she cannot control her curiosity and put forward questions like “which thing you miss the most?” or “what surprise?”. If you get such responses, you have initiated sexting in the right way and at the right time.

6. Tell her you are waiting for today’s night

As the temperature is soaring, get her in the mood by saying, “I can’t wait to see you at home,”“Are you thinking about today’s night,” “I started touching myself while thinking about you but could not stop myself from missing your touch on my entire body,” “I am dying of horniness” and so on. There are two benefits of saying such statements- it gives her a hint that you are ready to heat things in the bedroom tonight, and these statements last long beyond sexting.

7. Stay confident

If you are not comfortable saying anything, don’t say so. Your partner knows you and can easily make out. Thus, say things you are confident about and know-how to carry them forward.

8. Talk about things that you both enjoy

Before sexting, you should understand what you both want the most in bed. If you know it, you don’t see any opening line for sexting, as a simple statement like “I missed you over my top” is enough to give her a subtle hint, and from there, there is no looking back.

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9. Keep your promise

Even in sexting, if you promise something, keep it up; otherwise, she will not believe you again. For instance, if you say, “I will wet your pussy with a new trick,” follow it, or if you have messaged her, “I am missing your lips on my nipples,” give her ample time to do so. This gives her the feeling that you admire things.

10. Keep sexting only if she likes it

This is a no brainer. Don’t continue with sexting if you do not receive any response on the first or second message. Otherwise, it will create unnecessary tension and even turn her mood off.

11. Do sexting for fun

Do not forget this golden rule- No need to take sexting seriously. It is only a way to keep a love and sex flame burning both sides equally. If you are unable to initiate it despite repeated attempts, ask your partner. Maybe she can help you in this regard or ask her to take the initiative. Moreover, if you do not get an affirmative response from your partner’s side, avoid it altogether and keep wooing her in the way she likes.  

The point is to use sexting to bring fun and pleasure in your sexual relationship and not get awkward moments. If you follow these sexting ideas, you may write a new chapter in your sex life.

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