18 Sex toys for every bigger in the bedroom

sex toys for beginners

If you are taking a plunge into sex toys for the first time, the options available are intimidating. It is no surprise that you have seen sex toy scores in the movies and desire to put them into action in real life. But the beginners should do a start-off with a few of them only. So, assorted below is a list of 18 sex toys for beginners.

Smart Wand 2 Vibrator

Sex Toys for Beginners Smart Wand 2 Vibrator

Smart Wand 2 Vibrator: Have uninterrupted sexual pleasure with the next-gen Smart Wand 2 Vibrator. It features an ergonomic design that penetrates deeply, and water-proof wand curves fit easily to get the desired angle.

The ten massaging patterns perfectly de-stress you by soothing your sore muscles and providing intense external stimulation.

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INYA Blossom Vibrator

INYA Blossom Vibrator

INYA Blossom Vibrator: Upgrade your sex toy collection by purchasing INYA Blossom Vibrator. It is a compact vibrator with an additional silicone sleeve. The ribbed surface of the sleeve provides magical internal stimulation and effortless orgasms.

With a single button, set and change the multiple speeds and functions as per your sex mood. It is a water-resistant vibrator and offers unmatchable pleasure when used with different lubricants.

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iQuiver Clitoral Vibrator

Sex Toys for Beginners  iQuiver Clitoral Vibrator

iQuiver Clitoral Vibrator: Experience clitoral stimulation with IQuiver Clitoral Vibrator. It comes with six easy-to-change silicone heads that hit the erogenous zones of your body most satisfactorily. With this multi-functional vibrator, feel the thrill of 55 stimulating vibes by setting any ten vibrating patterns.

Kama Sutra Feel Me PlaySet

Kama Sutra Feel Me PlaySet

Kama Sutra Feel Me Playset: Enjoy intimate and sensual sex with your ladylove by gifting her a Kama Sutra Feel Me Playset. One of the best sex toys for beginners is a playset containing spanking crop, 12 Kama Sutra play cards, Oil of Love Vanilla Crème, Love Liquid Classic, and Pleasure Balm Spearmint. All these items aim at giving kinky sensations to the newbie.

Neon Wand Flex Capacitor Attachment

Sex Toys for Beginners  Neon Wand Flex Capacitor Attachment

Neon Wand Flex Capacitor Attachment: Be ready to take your sex play to the all-new level with a Neon Wand Flex Capacitor Attachment. Designed to offer an exhilarating and erotic sex experience, it features highly conductive silicone that looks eye-appealing with a polished aluminum connector. You can experience both subtle to intense sensations when an electric current radiates power along its surface.

Enchanted Feather Nipple Clamps

Enchanted Feather Nipple Clamps

Enchanted Feather Nipple Clamps: During foreplay or sex, tease your partner using enchanted feather nipple clamps. It features rubber-tipped metal pincers, which is fully-adjustable as per your partner’s nipples.

Remove plastic tips if you like hitting hard else heighten the sensations by touching nipples with soft and alluring feathers. It is a perfect sex toy for beginners and gives an ideal start to an intimate sex session.

Romp Juke Vibrating Ring

Sex Toys for Beginners  Romp Juke Vibrating Ring

Romp Juke Vibrating Ring: Enjoy one hour of uninterrupted sexual pleasure by wearing a Romp Juke water-proof and rechargeable vibrating ring. It is a penis-shaped ring with a broader top section for full coverage.

The four pulsating patterns and six vibrating modes are enough to give you an hour’s internal sensation when it is fully charged.

Alex Thrusting Stroker

Alex Thrusting Stroker

Alex Thrusting Stroker: Alex Thrusting Stroker is a perfect masturbator offering inexpressible pleasure to males. The seven auto-thrusting modes and five audio sexual fantasies will take you to Alex’s sexual land.

It gives the users a realistic touch due to ultra-soft internal material. It’s a twist and detachable lock design that makes it a hygienic sex toy that is easy to clean.

SpareParts Deuce Harness

Sex Toys for Beginners  SpareParts Deuce Harness

SpareParts Deuce Harness: Surprise your love of life by wearing SpareParts Deuce Harness, specially designed for males. The harness comes with an elastic upper ring, which easily holds any kind of dildo.

The saddle’s stylish design is a wearer’s pride as it comes with a lower ring to have a wearer’s penis, a soft pouch for holding his balls, and adjustable leg straps and belt.



Clone-A-Willy: No need to miss your partner if she is away due to some professional commitment. Simply use one of the most sought-after sex toys for beginners, Clone-A-Willy, and make a replica or dildo, penis or zucchini.

The pack contains all information about how to use it for recreating your favorite body part. Do not get disheartened if you do not get it right in the first attempt. Keep trying, and you are bound to get the perfect shape.

Le Wand Arch Wand Metal Dildo

Sex Toys for Beginners  Le Wand Arch Wand Metal Dildo

Le Wand Arch Wand Metal Dildo: Achieve G-spot stimulation by using Le Wand Arch Wand Metal Dildo. It is a value-for-money sex toy with both a bulbous ribbed end and a flattened tip. The ergonomic handle eases the task of painless insertion.

For getting more pleasure, insert it after applying different kinds of lubricants. It is a sleek and sturdy toy, which is easy to clean after every use.

Njoy Fun Wand

Njoy Fun Wand

Njoy Fun Wand: The fun element doubles when you use stainless steel Njoy Fun Wand, a sex toy giving substantial sensation when penetrated deep inside. The dildo comes with graduated beads that provide a perfect start to sexual fantasy and help achieve the G-spot stimulation.

Pegasus Curved Ripple Harness Set

Sex Toys for Beginners  Pegasus Curved Ripple Harness Set

Pegasus Curved Ripple Harness Set: Make your sexual encounter more interesting by wearing Pegasus Curved Ripple Harness Set. It is a multi-functional kit with an adjustable and vibrating harness, wireless remote controlled dildo, and additional o-rings. The sex toy has a long-lasting battery offering 60 minutes of unmatchable pleasure in 15 different vibrating patterns.

Contour Harness

Contour Harness

Contour Harness: It is hard to stop yourself after viewing Contour Harness, a highly rewarding sex toy for beginners of all genders. It looks like briefs made from stretchy and soft fabric and is comfortable to wear even all day long.

The contour comes with a unique design having two internal bullet pockets for holding vibrators. It has an adjustable elastic waistband and is available in various sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

Avant Pride P9 Bear Dildo

Sex Toys for Beginners  Avant Pride P9 Bear Dildo

Avant Pride P9 Bear Dildo: Make a quality investment by purchasing an Avant Pride Bear Dildo sex toy that comes with a five-year warranty. The silicone dildo comes in a slightly curved shape and has a subtle texture.

The pronounced head, compact balls, and strong suction cup base give freedom to users to feel the contactless penetration in your partner’s absence.

Anal Massage and Education Set

Anal Massage and Education Set

Anal Massage and Education Set: Enjoy and explore your body’s erogenous zones by using Anal Massage and Education Set. The kit contains all those elements that will make anal and vaginal intercourse as erotic as possible.

The kit comprises an exciting collection of products like rechargeable petite Le Wand massager, silicon curves, enema bulk and lube shooter, and a detailed guide for anal pleasure and massage.

Duke Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

Sex Toys for Beginners  Duke Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

Duke Vibrating Prostate Stimulator: No need to hide your sexual desire to enjoy intense prostate stimulation. Simply purchase Duke Vibrating prostate massager and get the pleasure and vibration which you have a craving for.

It is rechargeable and waterproof vibrator that comes with three pulsating patterns and eight vibration speeds, which keep your energy high for the long hours.

Night Rider Vibrator

Night Rider Vibrator

Night Rider Vibrator: Feel and enjoy G-spot and prostate stimulation with Night Rider Vibrator, one of the most sought-after sex toys specially designed for beginners. Night Rider Vibrator is made up of hard plastic.

It features a smooth and velvety coating, safe to use inside. A one-touch control button can change three intensities and four pulsating patterns in a fraction of seconds. Set the speed and design as per your sexual mood.

Final thought

So, make the most of your time by exploring your body with these sex toys for beginners. Whether you can use them alone or with your partner, sexual fun and pleasure are guaranteed. Believe it, and even chances are high that you will experience your life’s best orgasm not once but multiple times. So, make a purchase now!

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