Sex, Monthly Periods and Pregnancy

One of the significant talks that bother young people in a relationship is monthly periods. While it is possible that many adults are not sure about the chemistry either, youths and teenagers are the most confused. We have heard tales and ethical hesitations about having sex during the monthly period. Can we?

What is menstruation?

From the root, the monthly period is a woman’s monthly flow of blood from the uterus after her eggs were not hatched by semen. Usually, it spans for some days, anything between 3 to 7. There is no other string attached to the nature of your period. This means there is nothing out of the ordinary about it. Go on and have sex during menstruation if you would love to.

Contrary to the old maxim you were scared of, having sex during menstruation might do you a lot better than you figure.

Benefits of having sex during menstruation

Sex during menstruation can positively affect your overall health; however, not all the benefits are medically proven to help you. In general, a few of the benefits of having sex during menstruation are:

Faster periods

The first reason your menstruation lasts as long as it does is that your body releases your uterus content in bits. If you can open your uterus and wash it all off, you can have your monthly menstruation in just a few hours. But since that is impossible (how, at least), you had to go on for as long as nature wants. This could be slightly different if you had sex during menstruation. The contractions of your uterus and vagina during sex can help you open things up a bit more, pouring out the uterus content at a faster pace. The result is a shorter menstruation period.

Ample lubrication

The blood flow can serve as lube for your sex. There is enough to keep the penis moving in and out smoothly, and you might have a kind of delightful sex you hadn’t imagined possible.

Pain relief

Just as you expected, women feel some sort of pain during sex. It is a migraine for some; it is a stomach disorder in others. Recent research shows that having sex during menstruation can reduce, if not altogether remove the pains women feel during menstruation. How? There is ongoing research about that, but you can hold on that endorphins, the chemicals that make one feel good, are released during sex. Many respondents also confirm getting better when they had sex during menstruation.

Precautions to take while having sex during menstruation

Otherwise, there are speculations that your libido can be spurred by sex during menstruation too. Suppose you feel the urge to have sex with your partner during mensuration walk up to him and tell him about it. You should bear some precautions, however. They are:

Set expectations

Blood would naturally squeak when you have sex during menstruation. You expect it, so you don’t get embarrassed when it happens. You should also remind your partner about it. Then, prepare for it by having sex in the bathroom rather than the bed or getting water nylons on the ground before sex. So, whatever mess spurts out remain on the nylon; it doesn’t get the bed splattered with blood.


You should understand that the blood released from the body carries an atom of every virus, infection, or health condition of your partner. There is a high chance of contracting them all, especially STIs. This is precisely why you should use a firm condom during sex and not forget some pregnancy chances.

Don’t leave your tampon in your vagina before sex. You don’t want a doctor to remove it for you in a surgery, a situation that could happen if penetration pushes it in by accident.

Sex and pregnancy

Another troubling talk among couples is grounded on sex and pregnancy. Should you have sex during pregnancy? Is it safe for the mother and the fetus?

Without mincing words, having sex is one of the safest activities for a pregnant woman. It is so safe that should a doctor or midwife instruct you not to have sex, you might want to stop her for a second and ask what type she is talking about. This is because sex is entirely ideal for a pregnant woman. Not only is sex healthy, but it is also favorable in a lot of ways. Yeah! You read that correctly. These are some of the proven methods that regular sex can help a pregnant woman.

Calming hormones and regular blood flow

Reaching orgasm during sex can release various hormones in a woman’s body. Happiness, Calmness, and so on. This will positively affect a woman; the fetus can also feel erect from these chemicals.

Increased sexual activeness

Naturally, getting pregnant will lead to some changes in a woman. This includes an increase in breast size, belly, and so forth. But the most notable growth, which may influence sexual performance is cardiovascular blood flow. Increased blood flow could help a woman to reach her orgasm quickly, even if she had had no orgasm ever. A woman may have wet nights too, ‘they are days she would sleep only to wake and realize she’s had an orgasm. You should not be surprised to learn that you won’t need lube in sex all through. Your body produces enough of it.

Penetration eases the woman’s opening

During childbirth, it is often easier for a woman whose vagina hasn’t been closed all through the nine months than one who has had no sex ever since.

Precautions you must keep while having sex during pregnancy.

  • It is always advised that you use a dental dam or condoms. This is to prevent STIs and potential infections from affecting you and your baby.
  • Avoid anal sex as much as you can. In particular, ensure your partner clearly understands that he is not to blow air into your anus or vagina. This can cause a complicated situation for you and your baby, one that may result in death.
  • Do not have sex if you are not feeling up to it. Rather than an increase in libido like some people, your body may have prompted a different attitude to sex. You become suddenly uninterested and uneasy. Hardly a good mood for sex.
  • You cannot try all positions in sex. Retain only the positions that place you on top or prevent you from adding weights to your belly. You shouldn’t lie on your stomach too.
  • Whenever you feel hurt, bleed, or become uneasy, it is best to immediately reach a doctor. You must clearly understand that this has nothing to do with the sex you had, though.
  • Your doctor, midwife, or any health specialist in the care of you must obey the letter.


Having sex is a thrilling activity. It is a lot of fun and one of the strongest bonds that can exist between you and your lover. It can contribute to your health in ways you cannot imagine, and it has a lot to do with your self-esteem.

Having sex may be tied to a lot of problems, however. They range from orgasm, sexual performance anxiety, foreplay, sexual compatibility, sex styles, and many others mentioned in this blog. We realized the urgent need to provide solutions to all of the sexual problems people face. What problem did you encounter in your sexual life? How did you apply our suggestion to your love life? What were your partner’s reactions?

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