Ribbed Condoms: What are they, their benefits, and how to wear them?

Ribbed condoms
Ribbed condoms: They have raised ridges running around the circumference. Some condoms have narrow ribbing effects, whereas some come with deep undulating ribs. These condoms add extra sexual pleasure and intensifying the sensation around the penis.

Over the years, condoms have come a long way. Initially, they were created as an effective contraception method for practicing safe sex, preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and avoiding the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Of late, the manufacturers are claiming that different condoms add extra pleasure and flavor to a person’s sex life. Is this true? The answer is “yes” only if you are using condoms other than standard like ribbed condoms.

Different people have different tastes, and it is not always easy to woo your lady love and stimulate her senses. Therefore, use ribbed condoms to add extra pleasure.

What are ribbed condoms?

Ribbed condoms
Ribbed condoms: They have raised ridges running around the circumference. Some condoms have narrow ribbing effects, whereas some come with deep undulating ribs. These condoms add extra sexual pleasure and intensifying the sensation around the penis. Image: Canva

Ribbed condoms have raised ridges running around the circumference. Some condoms have narrow ribbing effects, whereas some come with deep undulating ribs. Many condoms even have bumps at their bottom for creating clitoral stimulation sensations during intercourse. These condoms add extra sexual pleasure by increasing the friction (for him) and intensifying the sensation around the penis. These condoms offer extra stimulation to the female partner also. The extra ridges of the ribbed condoms stimulate the G-spot of females and make them experience orgasm quickly.

A handful of males try ribbed condoms as they feel no extra sensation after wearing the standard condoms. These condoms are ideal for those who find their partners unable to experience orgasms solely due to intercourse. They need some extra sensations to get stimulated, and ribbed condoms are the best bet. Most of the ribbed condoms feature latex material, while many others support lambskin or polyurethane material.

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Benefits of using ribbed condoms

Some of the main benefits of choosing ribbed condoms over other types of condoms are:

  • The condom ridges add extra pleasure to both the vaginal wall and the penis, giving both partners better sensations.
  • The extra texture of the condoms gives a greater sense of enjoyment.
  • Besides providing added pleasure, these condoms are comfortable to wear and provide adequate protection against unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

There are a few flip sides as well. The common drawback is that these condoms are slightly thicker than standard once. Therefore, those who enjoy a thinner style do not feel like wearing ribbed condoms. Secondly, many experience skin irritation and find them uncomfortable. Ribbed condoms do not have enough lubrication, and therefore, sliding and gliding become a painful process.

Can ribbed condoms delay premature ejaculation?

A condom, regardless of its flavor, texture, thinness, and material, cannot improve the symptoms of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. And the same stands firm in the case of ribbed condoms. They are designed to offer enhanced pleasure and intense sensations during vaginal intercourse, and they cannot delay ejaculation.

Are ribbed condoms more pleasurable for women?

ribbed condoms
Image: Canva

Yes, they are. The raised ridges excite women as friction provides an exceptional level of sexual satisfaction. Females feel super excited when ridges and bumps rub against their vaginal wall, making them orgasm faster. They admit that they like purchasing vibrators and dildos with ribbed surfaces for extra sensations. On the other hand, females who value intimacy and passion more than sexual satisfaction are happy even with the standard condoms. Here is our list of sex toys for beginners to make her feel out of the world in bed.

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Does penetration with a ribbed condom become painful?

Many women have reported that they feel the vagina is being scrapped when their partners wear ribbed condoms. They feel ribbed condoms cause distraction and make sex a painful activity. Many complain that they do not feel like doing sex for two days consecutively, as ribbed condoms cause significant pain and discomfort. Because every woman is different and has different anatomy, experts’ advice is to use lubricants and ribbed condoms together. Both water-based and silicone-based lubricants work, but the latter are long-lasting.

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How to put ribbed condoms?

  • Open the condom pack with caution so that it does not tear away. Avoid opening the condom using teeth, scissors, or fingernails as it might increase the damage chances, and do not use torn condoms as they do not offer the required protection for which they are meant.
  • Place the condom rightly by putting the rolled-up ring on the outer side. Make sure to wear it only when the penis is fully erect. Moreover, leave some space at the tip so that it can hold semen.
  • Once it is placed on the penis, squeeze it gently so that no air remains trapped inside. Keep holding the tip while you are unrolling the condom to the penis base. If you are facing the problem of unrolling it, it is either damaged or too old. Throw such condoms right away.
  • Once you ejaculate, hold it carefully so that semen does not spill while taking it out.
  • Dispose of it rightly by wrapping it in a tissue. Do not forget to wash your hands as well as your genitals with soap and water.

Pick right ribbed condom in the right size

how to choose the right condom size
Condom size: There are three condom sizes available in the market: a snug fit, standard fit, and large fit. To know which size will suit you the best, measure your penis’ length and girth. Measure your penis using a measuring tape or a ruler and do it when the penis is erect. Measuring it in a flaccid state will not give the right measurements, and you will always end up buying the wrong condom.

Just like different comdom flavors, they come in different sizes as well. Most males purchase condoms in a standard size from a local pharmacy or an online store. But there is one problem with this approach- If you have picked the standard size and it will not fit well, you will feel uncomfortable, and the entire purpose gets defeated. Thus, it is crucial to choose the right size of the ribbed condom to be neither too large nor too small.

The best way to evaluate whether or not you have purchased the right size of the condom is to wear it and check its fittings. The ideal condom should be such that it does not move but does not make your penis immobile. Another rule is to measure your penis girth and accordingly purchase the condoms. You will find standard, snug, and large condoms in the market. The standard condoms come with a width of 1.75 to 2 inches, snug condoms with 1.75 inches, and large with over 2 inches. Based on these measurements, you can purchase condoms.

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What this means for you

If you are bored using the standard condoms and feel your ladylove urge for extra sensation, use ribbed condoms. The ribbed condoms offer pleasure and intensify the sexual act for both the partners. The condoms are as safe as standard condoms and need to wear appropriately to get the desired protection. Before purchasing these condoms, check your girth size and accordingly make a purchase.


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