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A healthy sexual male can understand and accept his sexual and erotic desires. He enjoys a beautiful sexual life with single or multiple partners and boasts about it. 

Those people who cannot enjoy sexual bliss in their lives often feel dejected, and seldom share these sexual concerns with anybody. Having a smaller penis size, low sexual drive, poor stamina, not enjoying long-lasting erections, etc., are some of the sexual problems caused by too many factors like hormonal imbalances, mental health issues, or underlying medical conditions. 

Sometimes, diminishing sexual performance is the outcome of stress and aging also. So, if at any point in life, you experience these sexual concerns, no need to feel disheartened as you can still enjoy mind-blowing sexual encounters after taking a male enhancement pill like Prosolution Pill. 

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ProSolution Pills and it’s Manufacturer

Leading Edge Health Inc. Official Website
Business NameLeading Edge Health Inc.
Location100-645 Tyee Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 6X5
Business CategoriesHealth and Wellness, Skin Care
Business Started11/9/2002
Phone Number(250) 383-8267

Leading Edge Health is an industry leader actively involved in manufacturing natural dietary supplements to improve male and female sexual health. The company even manufactures skincare, anti-aging, and general wellness products for upgrading the physical, mental, and overall health of individuals naturally.

Since its inception in 2001, it has launched a series of products supporting the all-natural formulation and under the strict supervision of medical professionals and health and nutritional experts. It’s a USA based manufacturing unit, which is cGMP certified and has been manufacturing premium products promoting high-quality natural ingredients.

It sources every component of the product from trusted suppliers to meet standards of ethics and quality. Some of the most-sought product lines in male sexual health with over 95% customer satisfaction rate are VigRX Plus, Semenax, ExtenZe, Fertility Factor 5, ProSolution Pills, VigRX, and SemEnhance.

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What is Prosolution Pill?

Prosolution pill is a male enhancement pill designed to improve your sexual performance by getting a bigger, more challenging, and more prolonged erection, orgasms multiple times at night, and charges your sex drive. 

The pills are formulated from high quality and all-natural ingredients clinically proven to boost your sexual performance. Administering Prosolution Pills is one of the best ways to experience an increase in your sexual endurance, performance, and sensitivity. 

It is a doctor-recommended pill treating common sexual problems like weak erections, poor stamina, and low sex drive from over ten years successfully. It is rated as the number one male enhancement daily supplement made from natural ingredients for bringing a new spark to your sex life. 

If you are looking for a natural way to charge your libido and improve your erection quality, you should buy Prosolution Pills.

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Benefits of Prosolution Pills

Over tens of thousands of males are using Prosolution pills as natural supplements for boosting their sexual performance and stay longer in bed. Some of the benefits are:

  • Enjoy bigger, harder and long-lasting erections
  • Experience increased sexual drive
  • Experience improved ability to achieve multiple orgasms
  • The daily dose will increase sexual stamina with precision control
  • Its natural ingredients are carefully selected to leave positive effects on your sexual health

It is a doctor-approved male enhancement pill with positive reviews from tens of thousands of males.

Prosolution Pills Ingredients

All-natural and ancient herbs of Prosolution Pill make it one of the most potent male virility enhancers in the market today. The main components are:

  • Korean Ginseng: The ancient herb helps increase erection rigidity, thickness, erection function, and libido. It also improves the sexual performances of males who have erectile dysfunction.
  • Butea Superba: Many clinical studies prove that Butea Superba improves sexual function, quality of sexual experiences, and libido of males.
  • Solidilin aims to increase sex drive as it contains L-Dopa- a precursor to dopamine and enhances sexual feelings and pleasure.
  • Drilizen: It contains protodioscin as an active ingredient, which boosts testosterone levels, nitric oxide levels, and sexual stamina in males.
  • Cordyceps: Many studies prove that cordyceps positively impact males’ sexual health by boosting their sexual desire.
  • Curculigo: Generally used as an aphrodisiac, Curculigo improves erection quality and frequency.

How Does Prosolution Pill Work?

The all-natural ingredients with proven benefits of improving erection quality, increasing sexual desire, stamina, and sexual satisfaction make Prosolution Pills as one of the safest and reliable male enhancement pills in the market today. 

For instance, it contains ingredients like Butea Superba and Korean Ginseng that are clinically proven to improve erectile stiffness, thickness, improve libido, and overall sexual satisfaction.

Another exciting factor is Prosolution Pills contain such active ingredients inhibiting the action of Rho-Kinase II protein. This action benefits males suffering from poor sexual performances. The erection occurs when the Penis’s muscle cell of the Penis feels relaxed due to Myosin Phosphatase (MP). This allows blood to flow freely to the Penis. 

The potent ingredients of Prosolution Pills also work by increasing:

  • Nitric Oxide Levels
  • Blood flow to the Penis
  • Testosterone Levels
  • Dilation of blood vessels

The problem occurs when the Rho-kinase II protein blocks the activity. This is where some of the ingredients of Prosolution Pills play a crucial role by acting as Rho-kinase inhibitors and allowing the MP to perform its function appropriately, thus resulting in bigger and harder erections.

Ideal Dosage of Prosolution Pills

The ideal recommended dosage is two tablets daily. Try taking these tablets daily at the same time with water to get the maximum benefits. While administering Prosolution Pills, indulge in healthy lifestyle practices like eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding consuming alcohol and smoking. 

You can experience its benefits within 14 days of consumption, or may have to wait longer. For sharing its exclusive service, continue taking it for a minimum of two months.

Prosolution Pills and It’s Side-Effects

The all-natural ingredient makes Prosolution Pills as a stand out male enhancement pills in the market. It shows no side-effects when taken in the prescribed quantity daily. 

Do not take an overdose. However, if you are allergic to any of its ingredients or taking any prescription or non-prescription medication, consult your healthcare professional before administering any pill.

The best part with Prosolution Pills is it is a non-habit forming product. So, even if you stop using it after three or four months, you will experience no adverse health effects.

Prosolution Pills and Doctor Recommendations

Diminishing sexual desires is the outcome of a variety of factors. It is a time consuming and expensive affair to purchase different pills addressing different issues. 

On the contrary, Prosolution Pills is a one-stop solution provider improving your virility by addressing scores of physical and psychological problems and resulting in improving erection quality and sex drive. 

  • It features natural and clinically studied ingredients, which show no side-effects and safe to consume.
  • Actively sold in the market for over ten years.
  • Thousands of males have used the supplement and experienced drastic improvements in their sexual health and sexual satisfaction.
  • It would help if you had no prescription for purchasing it from online sources.
  • It comes with 67 days money-back guarantee.

It works in multiple directions for enhancing your sexual sensitivity and endurance. The potent ingredients increase blood flow to the Penis, increase nitric oxide levels, and testosterone levels.

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Prosolution Pills Customer Reviews  

“I have tried many male enhancement products, but none of them work well in my case. I think it’s due to my age factor. After that, I have read many positive reviews about Prosolution Pills and felt to give it a try. After using the supplement for two weeks continuously, I noticed changes in my erection quality and libido. My wife happily admitted that I am more passionate during our lovemaking session. I am using the product for the last three months and happy with the result. It’s a wonderful product at an affordable price range” [Source].

“I am a massive fan of Prosolution Pills and will recommend to those who perform poorly in a bedroom. I enjoyed two benefits from the pills. The harder and long-lasting erections and increase in sexual stamina to enjoy a steamy sex session even thrice in a day. Now, I am more confident about my sexual performance and feel competent to satisfy any female partner, regardless of age. It is essential to highlight that this pill is expensive than others. But I have no issues till the time it is showing positive results. So, my vote goes in favor of Prosolution Pills” [Source].

Precautions with Prosolution Pills

  • It is not for males below 18 years of age.
  • Keep it at a cold and dark place, and away from the children’s reach.
  • If you have any existing medical condition, avoid using Prosolution. 

Where to Buy Prosolution Pills?            

ProSolution™ Pills Official Website

You can purchase Prosolution Pills with confidence either from the official website or from the licensed online pharmacies. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you are not 100% satisfied with its results, you can return it within 67 days from the time of delivery and get a complete refund, excluding shipping charges. To get the genuine product, purchase it from the sources above only.

You can either place an order for one month supply or get a good discount along with free shipping by placing an online order for 3, 6, or 12 months collection. You will get bonus gifts with supply other than one month. So, increase your sexual desire by placing an order today!

Final Verdict

Prosolution Pills is a natural male virility enhancer that brings significant improvement in the sexual health of males. The natural male enhancement supplements improve sexual stamina, erection quality, and sexual desire over time. It proves to be an effective pill that helps in reversing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 

The capsule contains a unique formulation of all-natural ingredients like Korean ginseng, Cordyceps, and Solidilin, to name a few that boost males’ sex drive by increasing blood flow to the Penis, improving nitric oxide levels and testosterone production. You need to take two pills in a day to get the maximum benefit. 

The doctor’s approved formulae and the presence of natural and clinically-tested ingredients make Prosolution Pills as one of the most trustworthy male enhancement pills in the market today. It is available online only and somewhat expensive than other male enhancement pills. 

A word of caution is that if you are allergic to any of its ingredients or suffer from any health condition, consult with your healthcare professional before taking it. You should purchase it if you are ready to spend some money on improving your sexual health naturally.

After extensive research, we found that Male Extra is the most effective in delivering results as compared with similar products. For more details about Male Extra and the benefits, read our Male Extra review.

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