Premature Ejaculation: 15 Tips for Stronger and Longer Erections

Your ultimate guide to treating PE


Premature ejaculation is among the most common complaints that men have sexually. As estimated, 1 out of every 3 men would agree that they have experienced this problem at some stage throughout their sexually active years. It isn’t a cause for alarm unless it happens too frequently. How soon is considered too soon and falls into the premature ejaculation category? Well, a medical professional might diagnose you with the condition if you often ejaculate within a minute or two after penetration, can’t delay your ejaculation nearly all the time, and you feel distressed enough about it to avoid getting sexually intimate with your partner.

Premature ejaculation symptoms

The most obvious symptom would be your inability to delay your ejaculation. However, the symptoms of premature ejaculation are not confirmed to intercourse alone. It could happen in all sorts of sexual situations, even masturbation, when you’re going at it alone. Coming too early falls into the premature ejaculation category if:

The exact cause of premature ejaculation is not known since each man is different. Biological and psychological factors have a role to play if you find yourself struggling to control your ejaculation. Psychological factors include:

  • Dealing with stress and anxiety, including sexual performance anxiety. You’re worried about losing your erection, and that worry, combined with the trauma of having it happen in the past, is going to affect your ability to control yourself.
  • Depression
  • Relationship trouble

Then there are physical problems that could be the culprit, including:

  • The sensitivity of the penis
  • Lower threshold for ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • High blood pressure
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Alcohol
  • Side erects from other medications you might be taking
  • An unbalance in your brain’s chemical balance
  • It’s inherited
  • Infection or inflammation of your urethra or prostate

Psychological triggers of early ejaculation could come down to:

  • What your early sexual experiences were like
  • Any sexual abuse you might have experienced in the past
  • A lack of confidence and low body image
  • Feeling guilty that you’re dealing with this

It’s time to see your doctor if, again, it happens more frequently than it should. It is usual for men to feel embarrassed talking about this since troubles in the bedroom make many men feel like they are “less of a man” somehow, but don’t let that stop you from going to a doctor if you think you might need some extra help. Premature ejaculations are perfectly normal, and more importantly, treatable. Talking to your doctor about it could help relieve some of the pressure you may feel about this.

The apparent risk factors of this condition would be the stress that it causes in your relationship. If the stress is severe enough, it could lead to the breakdown of the relationship entirely. Then there are the fertility issues that this condition might pose. Ejaculating prematurely will make it difficult for you to have a baby if the ejaculation doesn’t happen intravaginally.

How to avoid premature ejaculation symptoms

When you see your doctor about this condition and explain what you’re dealing with, your doctor will talk to you about the physical symptoms before performing an examination. Some blood tests might be suggested, depending on your results, if your doctor feels there is a need to determine the underlying causes of your condition. Tests are not always necessary.

The treatment you might need to overcome this condition would depend on two things. The first is whether you’re dealing with primary or secondary ejaculation, and the second is your relationship status. A combination of treatments often works best, depending on how you respond to them. Possible remedies to have you overcome premature ejaculation might include some of the following:

  • Seeing a sex therapist for help
  • Seeing a couple’s therapist so you can work through your issues with your partner
  • Male enhancement pills
  • Treatment for any co-existing or underlying medical problem like erectile dysfunction

15 tips to treat premature ejaculation

Communication with your partner is the key to help you work through the next few tips that can help you get stronger and longer erections. Despite the way it makes you feel, continually remind yourself that dealing with early ejaculation is not the end of the world. There is a solution for every problem; that’s one of the most significant benefits to living in the modern world we do today. There are several natural techniques you can work on by yourself or with your partner to help bring the situation under control before medication is brought in as a last resort. These techniques include:

Start with breathing exercises

The relaxation of your body helps you to fight sexual performance anxiety and focus on the pleasure of sensations. Furthermore, it enables you to reduce your sexual arousal. If you do the erections strengthening exercises separately from the previous exercises, start with 2 to 3 minutes of belly breathing. Sit comfortably on your chair/couch/bed. Close your eyes and relax. Start breathing from your belly, counting to 3 as you inhale and again to 3 as you exhale.

Observe your toes, feet, calves, and thighs. As you observe each part one by one, feel the tension leaving your body. It would help if you imagined that burden leaves from these body parts during the exhalation and goes down to the floor. Feel your two legs completed relaxed. Breathe calmly and deeply. Feel the air as it goes in and out of your body.

Do more cardio

Cardio is going to be your new favorite word if you want to keep your penis healthy and strong enough to maintain its rock-hard erection. Aerobic workouts encourage blood flow in the body. There are a lot of benefits that come with exercise. It keeps you healthy. It keeps you in shape. It builds the nitric oxide in your body, the one you need to maintain your strong erections. Just scale back on the cycling; those tight shorts don’t do your penis and testicles any favors either.

Visualize a better relationship

Having an optimistic outlook plays a substantial part in the outcome and satisfaction you will develop when overcoming any obstacle. By erasing the negative aura and effect of the shame associated with premature ejaculation, you will discover sex to be more pleasing and perform longer than expected. Irrespective of how you feel: take a moment, remove from your mind the word impossible, and instead focus your mind and energy on what is possible.

Masturbate before sex

If masturbation is useful for premature ejaculation, does it mean you should masturbate before sex? This is a technique that men with premature ejaculation have exhausted, thinking you should masturbate now to ‘get it off your mind’ so you can perform longer during actual sex.

Quite sadly, it is not as easy as masturbation before sex to slow down ejaculation. It is a temporary fix, not a logical long-term approach. Older men find it hard to retain an erection once they have masturbated, while young men find it easy to maintain an erection during actual sex.

Watch your time on your bike

If you’re an avid cycler, you might want to watch how much you spend on your bike, as some research suggests erectile dysfunction could be caused by the pressure that is put on your blood vessels and pelvic area. Consider investing in a better bike seat that doesn’t place too much pressure on your perineum.

Get enough sleep at night

Never underestimate the importance of what getting enough sleep can do for your overall health and sex life. Inadequate sleep has been linked to an increase in experiencing erectile dysfunction. A lack of sleep is also likely to lead to plaque developing in your arteries, affecting your blood circulation. When the circulation is affected, maintaining an erection becomes increasingly more challenging. Get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep at night and watch what a difference it makes to your sex life.

Tone down the stress

It’s a difficult request, but for the sake of your erections, you need to try. Either minimize or manage the stress as best you can, so it doesn’t affect you as much as it otherwise would. Research links erectile dysfunction to psychological conditions like sexual performance, anxiety, and stress. Of course, stress could lead to other states, too, including high blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels, heart disease, and obesity, none of which are suitable for your erections.

Scale back on the nicotine

Or better yet, don’t use it at all. Cigarettes, vaporizers, cigars, none of that is doing your erections or your body any favors. Nicotine damages your blood vessels, which makes it challenging to maintain an erection. The sooner you quit cold turkey, the happier your sex life will be.

Pour that cup of coffee

Cigarettes and alcohol may be harmful to your penis health, but coffee is not. As it turns out, the University of Taxa’s Health Science Center found that men who consumed two to three cups of coffee in a day were less likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Scale back on the sugar and try to keep it to black coffee, so you’re not overdoing it with the sugar intake.

Try a cock ring

Sex toys for beginners come in handy once again, and this time, it’s the cock ring to the rescue to help you maintain your erections for longer. Slipping the ring around your penis helps to keep the blood in your shaft, which is precisely where you want it to be. Cock rings are also helpful for preventing venous leakage, a condition where the blood has no trouble flowing to the penis, but it has trouble staying there. A venous leakage is a form of erectile dysfunction too. The cock ring is putting a stop to that; your blood stays where you want it and keeps your erections healthier for longer. Try adjustable, stable, stretchy, or vibrating rings, depending on what you and your partner prefer.

Eat foods that improve erection quality

Avocado, garlic, watermelons, pumpkin seeds, oysters, almonds, figs, and bananas are a few of the best foods that help you with greater erections. Eat more of them when possible.

Try the start and stop technique

Allow your partner to stimulate your penis in this technique long enough until you feel like you are about to ejaculate. When you feel close, let your partner know it’s time to stop the stimulation. Wait for about 30-seconds or so, and then begin the stimulation again and repeat the process. When done for some time, the start and stop exercise can improve your control over ejaculation.

And the squeeze trick

Another common technique is withdrawing your penis or putting a stop to foreplay before your orgasm hits. Stop, and then squeeze the end of the penis where the head and the shaft are joined. Keep applying pressure on the squeeze until you feel your urge to ejaculate pass. Resume your regular sexual activities.

Go for Kegels exercise

These erections strengthening exercises could be of some help to you here. By strengthening your pelvic muscles, you give yourself the upper hand. You are the one in control, and if you can learn to control your urine stream midway, you can learn to control your ejaculation the strong your pelvic muscles become.

Have patience

The journey will not be all rainbows and sunshine, but you will pull it off with commitment, persistence, and patience. There is no cure for PE. You will need to combine male enhancement pills and exercises. The exercises will take time to see results, though. However, if you stick to your carefully planned routine, then you can enjoy an improved sex life too. You will make more than a few errors, but you will succeed if you keep at getting it right.

Final thoughts on how to delay ejaculation

The strategies mentioned in this blog will point in the right direction for improving your sexual stamina. However, there are still a few more strategies that can be used to prolong your orgasm while you are practicing and getting used to these exercises.

Your first choice is to use a condom during every sexual encounter you have. For apparent reasons, this is safer, and it also numbs your penis and prolongs sex. They are readily available and will help to extend the length of your sexual relations.

Secondly, select a style and master it

Reflecting on the masturbation strategies we discussed previously, if the slow technique helped you last longer, practice it in your bedroom and do the same for the withdrawal technique. Also, just a while before reaching orgasm, pull out and reduce the pace of your thrusts.

Keep in mind to control your breathing and deploy the strategies that are mentioned above.

If your lover is interested, normalize the atmosphere by engaging in a light conversation. This distraction technique can help eliminate the pressure to ejaculate, and it distracts your mind from arousal.

Another strategy to delay your premature ejaculation is to practice thrust control when you are close to ejaculation. You can do this by becoming attentive to the period when you are almost there, decreasing your thrusts’ pace and penetrating your partner without thrusting to lower your excitement levels.

Remaining in there, without action, is not something so absurd. You can consider it another form that you have to enjoy and feel your partner, capture its temperature, internal dimensions, and try to listen to its micro convulsions. We think this is a technique that gives a lot of intimacy to the couple. Yes, because many times, as mentioned above, we take too much care to do and not to hear. You also allow her to notice and enjoy your presence. Remember, there’s no hurry.

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