Oral Sex: Everything You Need to Know

Oral Sex
Oral Sex: This is an entirely personal decision, and nobody can blame you for it. Some folks have gone beyond these personal sentiments, however.

Phew! Let’s talk about 21st-century sex! Oral sex is among the most popular sex types that grow in the 21st century. It’s not a new invention that is certain, but it is hardly considered a proper sex style until the 21st century.

To date, some cultures and communities still think it is a bad idea to give oral sex to a sexual partner, even your wife. This is an entirely personal decision, and nobody can blame you for it. Some folks have gone beyond these personal sentiments, however. They are excited by the prospect of licking their partner or having their partner lick them deep down. So, they want to try it, but they need some ideas, and they want to be sure this is safe. Does that sound like you? Awesome, let’s discuss some interesting facts about oral sex.

What is oral sex?

The sexual act of having your partner’s genitals in your mouth, on your tongue, or in between your lips rather than putting their genital in your mouth or gunning to fill their hole all the time. Now, you understand that you may perform oral sex on your male or female partner.

You may choose to analyze it; standard medical research across the world has endorsed oral sex. It has been analyzed as ‘safe’ for anyone to try when they feel the desire to. There are always precautions to take as you would expect; there are also important lessons to learn in each instance.

First, STIs are real. There is a tendency to contract gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV, HIV, syphilis, etc. That happens because there is direct skin to skin contact with a genital organ, how there is in penile-vagina penetration. Since the means of contact is oral, the symptoms may differ slightly from that of actual penetration. You should watch out for sore throats, swollen lymph nodes, or open sore in or around the mouth this time. Besides this, oral cancer is a risk. This is why your regular checkup at the clinic should always include oral screening. You can cure some health complications easily when you detect them early. This is why your first advice to you would be to always go for a checkup. You should be fine if there is just one partner, but only in case, and then, if there is more than one.

How would it taste like?

Quite frankly, there is no way to generalize the experience of oral sex. Some enjoy it a lot, and others, the other way. It can heighten the excitement in your body during sex. It can also be grouped as intense seduction foreplay that could turn your partner on. All that is apart from its role as a direct substitute to penile-vagina penetration. In case you are still wondering what it tastes like, it’s fantastic! Every human has got a personal taste down there, you shouldn’t hope to meet a garden rose smell too, but be sure it is amazing

The joy lies in watching your partner’s face flicker with pure sensation as you flip your tongue on their clit or penis. If you are looking forward to oral sex sometimes, you can improve your body’s taste by steering authentic foods like asparagus, cabbage, or onion. They may contribute to a sour taste. Instead, eat more nutmeg, celery, banana, pineapple, papaya, and nutmeg. They don’t only increase your taste down there; they increase your sexual prowess too. This is an utmost precaution you shouldn’t forget. Remember, your partner tends to linger longer if they enjoy every moment of it.

The good news, this is one of the sexual explorations that can never result in pregnancy.

How can you have oral sex with a female partner?

It isn’t enough to tear right through her undies and lick the soft spot. That will be super boring.

Flick the clitoris: It is always sensational when you flick the clits with your tongue. The touch of your tongue is softer on her clits. Remember, it’s got a natural lube, and it is super sensitive. Those things can spark electricity in every inch of her body, so go for the clit!

Penetrate: Did you assume penetration is meant for just the penis and some machines? Come on… The tongue can spice things than you can imagine as long as it is fine by your partner. Dig the office as deep as you can, taunt and stroke till you catch that look on her face. There it is, you win. It doesn’t matter whether she is pregnant or on her monthly flow; as long as it is fine by her, ride on with your lips.

What are the best oral sex positions you can try with her?

Flat style: Often, it is pretty more comfortable if you lie flat and allow your partner to do all the exploration himself. Lie on your back, with your legs straddle, of course. While he explores just a bit above you.

Flat style 2: Pretty different and crazy. This time, it is his turn to lie flat on his back. His kneels should be edged at about 45 degrees. Kneel a bit above him and place the booty right above his mouth. He should use a pillow to prop his head if there is a need for it. In this position, you have unfettered access to taste the thighs beside the booty.

69: Ever heard about 69? A scorching style. You are both going to lie by your sides on the bed, by each other’s sides. Do you know the freaking part? You are lying opposite each other. Your head is turned towards his toes and your toes, hers. Imagine what you both are opening to each other. It’s just a great way of licking each other at that same time. I can imagine that mountain of pleasure.

How can you have oral sex if your partner is a male?

Ideally, the most erogenous zone in a man, the hottest spot a man has got is his dick. It is precisely what you want to absorb with your tongue. But don’t just do it. There are grand styles to do it too.

You can often prepare his penis for sucking by stroking it in your hands. Form a hole with your palm and fit the meat into it. Stroke it to and back. Slowly at first, and faster till he becomes fully erect. I beg to say it is till it gets ripe like a firm cucumber waiting to be sucked.

Now, your dinner is dished. Go for it! Make it gradual slowly, till you have to add the speed. You don’t have to swallow the whole meat; you can do with as little as the tip. Just taunt it till he gets hardened to the point of explosion.

If you are looking forward to oral sex sometimes, you can improve your body’s taste by steering authentic foods like asparagus, cabbage, or onion.

If you are okay with it, he can explode in your mouth. It makes no difference if you spit or swallow it. You can also pull out when he is at the edge of ejaculation. Whatever you both agree is all that matters. Meanwhile, if you can suck up the whole deal, it’s impressive. It feels like a pussy to him, and what’s more, you can feel the different diet yourself. If you can get a flavored condom, all the more memorable!

What sex positions should you consider trying this time?

Flatbacktap: A tap it is, and this time, you are the collector. Lie flat on your back with your face straight up. He comes upright on you, standing full or down on his knees. Your pelvis should sit between his legs in a position that his penis dangles right above your mouth. There it is, show him what you have got!

Chair stride 1: To try out this style, you will sit on a chair while he stands right above you, with the tap towards your mouth. Go on, that’s option two.

Chair stride 2: If you are unsure about trying option 1, option 2 works perfectly too. This time, he is sitting on the chair, and you are kneeling right in front of him, ready to take the giant tap into your mouth. Men prefer this style above the previous for one reason; they are much more relaxed, and their energy is channeled towards the tap in your mouth.

Lastly, the secret bed style: You can’t find a chair to suck him every time. This is a perfect substitute for that. Simply starting by lying beside each other in bed, down on your back, face up. Now rise a bit and rest your head on his groin. Be sure you are relaxed enough to even sleep off in that posture. Directly, reach out for the package and suck with leisure to sleep.

As it turns out, there are no books of rules for the game, so there are always additional styles you can bring in every time. Be creative with your partner; it keeps you wanting each other. But, hey, the precautions!

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