Nitric Oxide and Erectile Dysfunction

Nitric oxide is key to your overall sexual health. Everything you need to know


Nitric oxide is key to your overall sexual health, and your body produces nitric oxide naturally. Nitric oxide functions as an indicator of your blood vessels.

Its primary function is to allow your blood vessels’ inner chamber to relax and widen so that blood, nutrients. Oxygen could be sent to all parts of your body uninterruptedly and in an adequate amount.

In multiple scientific studies, nitric oxide has proven to cure erectile dysfunction very effectively. Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is an inability to erect during sexual activity. According to a study, more than 68 percent of males above 35 years have erectile dysfunction.

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Nitric Oxide: The Key to Over-all Sexual Health Benefits

Erectile dysfunction can cause stress, low self-confidence, and relationship issues over some time. Symptoms such as trouble in getting erections or keeping an erection and a reduced sexual desire are significant signals for erectile dysfunction.

Susan Brantton and Dr. Amy B. Killer explain the relationship between nitric oxide and erectile dysfunction. (Source)

If you see these symptoms, talking to your family doctor is the first thing you should do even if you feel embarrassed.

If not treated, erectile dysfunction can cause multiple mental and physical issues. Depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problem, poor communication with partners, and the inability to get your partner pregnant are few of them.

Fortunately, erectile dysfunction can be treated naturally, and nitric oxide is one such solution. The chances are that if you go to a doctor, they are going to leave you with prescription medicine like Viagra and Cialis due to their active ingredients that help increase nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide has multiple health benefits:

  • It helps treat erectile dysfunction by supplying blood to the penis area during sex.
  • Improve sleep quality and release stress levels effectively.
  • Support the immune system in fighting bacterias.
  • Increase your endurance and body strength.
  • Enhances brain neuro system by effectively transmitting information between nerve cells.

Prescription free synthetic supplements such as L-arginine, Citrulline, and pycnogenol can effectively increase nitric oxide.

But today, we are only going to talk about natural ways to increase nitric oxide. One such way is to eat foods rich in nitrate (amino acid).

9 Instant Nitric Oxide Booster Foods to Treat ED

Leafy Green – Leafy greens vegetables are among the best organic and natural sources for nitric oxide (study). Vegetables such as arugula, kale, spinach, Swiss chard, and cabbage are rich in nitrate. And nitrate gets converted into nitric oxide once consumed. Leafy greens vegetables are not only high in nitrate, but they are antioxidants as well. Multiple studies have shown eating these vegetables regularly as part of your daily diet can help maintain nitric oxide levels (Study).

Watermelon – In a recent medical study, eight men were asked to consume 300ml watermelon juice every day for 16 days. On day 14, participants reported an increase in nitric oxide and exercise performance (study).

Watermelon is an excellent L-citrulline source, an amino acid, a natural supplement used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Once consumed, L-citrulline amino acid converts to arginine and, ultimately, to nitric oxide (study).

Pomegranate – Pomegranate is one of the best food to boost nitric oxide. Studies conducted in the year 2013 on thirteen hypertensive men aged between 39-68 years old concluded that pomegranate has acute hypotensive properties (Study)

Daily consumption of pomegranate juice will help you boost nitric oxide and cure erectile dysfunction. Also, pomegranate juice is rich in bioactive phytochemicals with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory (study).

Red Wine – Consumption of red wine has been proved to reduce hypertension, boost blood flow, and improve heart health.

Red wine consists of many powerful antioxidants, phenolic acid, and polyphenols. Multiple scientific research has concluded that the molecules available in red wine can alter cellular metabolism, which can help reduce arterial diseases (study). Few more studies have found that drinking red wine could help your body produce nitric oxide. It is, therefore, recommended to include red wine in your drinks.

Nuts and Seeds – Nuts and seeds are not only tasty but full of nutrition as well. They consist of an amino acid called L-arginine known to increase nitric oxide. Nowadays, L-arginine is used in most of the synthetic pharmaceutical male enhancement supplements to treat erectile dysfunction. Foods like nuts and seeds are the best source of natural L-arginine.

These foods can help you increase nitric oxide levels and fix erectile dysfunction very effectively. Also, regular consumption of nuts helps improve multiple other health problems like hypertension, lower blood pressure, and increase endurance (study).

Meat – Multiple studies have declared that meat, seafood, and poultry are excellent for nitric oxide production. All of them are good sources of a coenzyme called Q10, also known as Coq10 (study). Coq10 can help you fix multiple health issues such as heart failure, fertility issues, keep your skin young, reduce headaches, improve exercise performance, cure diabetes, protect your lungs, and is suitable for your brain.

Organ meat, muscle meat like pork, beef, chicken, and fatty fish are good sources of CoQ10. To conclude, eating foods rich in CoQ10 is healthy and best suited for erectile dysfunction.

Garlic – It is considered to be one of the best nitric oxide boosters. Garlic has an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase (NOS) that aids in converting l-arginine amino acid to nitric oxide. One study on animals shows that garlic extract temporarily increased nitric oxide level in blood by 40% within just an hour after consumption (study).

It is one of the foods that have high nutrients but a few calories. Garlic can also help you with the common cold, reduce blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease, prevent Alzheimer’s diseases and Dementia.

It is also known to help you live longer, detoxify heavy metals in the body, and improve bone health. You can include garlic easily in your diet, and it tastes delicious.

Dark Chocolate – A 15 days study on 16 people concluded that taking 30 gm of dark chocolate every day can significantly impact nitric oxide production (review). Dark chocolate is rich in flavanols, a compound known to have multiple health benefits. Dark chocolate is very nutritional and a powerful source of antioxidants (study). It help improves blood flow, lower blood pressure, raise HDL, and protect LDL from high oxidation ( study). Dark chocolate can reduce heart disease risk, protect your skin from the sun, and improve your brain function.

To conclude, dark chocolate is one of the best food to increase the nitric oxide level because of its fatty flavanol compound.

Citrus Fruits – So, in a medical study, twenty-six to twenty-eight of diet supplementation, including Vitamin C, was measured to improve nitric oxide synthase (NOS) significantly. Nitric oxide synthase is an enzyme required for the production of nitric oxide. Therefore, citrus fruits such as sweet oranges, mandarins, limes, grapefruits, lemons, and other kinds like citron, sudachi, yuzu, and pomelos are good sources of Vitamin C (study).

Vitamin C is proven to enhance nitric oxide levels in the body by boosting its bioavailability. There are many reasons to add these fruits to your diet.

They are rich in vitamins, a good source of fiber, low in calories; they reduce the risk of kidney stones, and help fight cancer. And citrus fruits also contain nutrients that boost heart health and protect your brain.


Nitric oxide is very effective in treating erectile dysfunction. It allows your blood vessels’ inner chambers to relax, resulting in more blood flow towards the penis area (study). Eating foods rich in nitrate are the best natural sources for producing nitric oxide in the body. Therefore, foods such as leafy green, watermelon, pomegranate, red wine, nuts & seeds, meat, garlic, dark chocolate, and citrus fruits are good nitrate sources.

These foods have natural supplements such as L-citrulline, L-arginine, and pycnogenol that are known to increase nitric oxide level in the body and treat erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, nitric oxide not only treats erectile dysfunction but has many other benefits as well. It decreases muscle soreness, lowers blood pressure, boosts exercise performance, and manages type 2 diabetes (study).

And finally, nitric oxide has an essential character in treating erectile dysfunction.


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