Sex Toys Tips: How to Use a Sex Vibrator

Vibrators are one of the most popular sex toys in the market used by most couples in the United States. Using a vibrator is a simple and cost-effective way to bring spice in your sex life. Different vibrators are available in the market, offering internal vaginal stimulation, external clitoral stimulation, anal stimulation, prostate, and penis stimulation. Whichever you use, they offer increased sexual stimulation and help in achieving intense orgasm. 

Some vibrators are battery-operated, whereas others are hand-held devices. If you are using the vibrator for the first time, it is necessary to understand its type, features, and materials. Some of the basic usage rules applicable to all kinds of vibrators are as follows:

01. Wash Before Every Use 

Whether you are using a brand new vibrator or using it for the second time, it is necessary to wash it to make it dirt and bacteria-free. When it comes to cleaning, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The cleaning instructions vary based on the material of manufacturing.

02. Make Your Mood

To make the best use of a vibrator, it is necessary to calm your nerves and feel sexually aroused. Some of the popular ways that help in setting your mood are taking a warm bath, turning off the lights of the room and listening to popular music, massaging body with lotion or aromatic oils, or stimulating yourself by touching the sensuous zones of the body like a torso, nipples, etc., with fingertips. Once you feel sexually aroused, you feel comfortable to use a sex toy like a vibrator to experience the orgasm.

03. Use Lubricants

When you feel that you are mentally and physically ready to use a vibrator, apply some lube on the device and your genitals to reduce friction. Applying lube is the necessary but advantageous approach to feel orgasm with a sex toy, including a vibrator. 

04. Set Speed and Pressure

The vibrators aim at offering external and internal stimulation. Mostly vibrators come with different speed settings that a user can change as per his mood and tolerance. It is advisable to start with the slowest speed and experiment with different rates as soon as you start enjoying those moments. You can even take a break in between before switching from one to another speed. This gives additional pleasure and allows you to last longer in a bed by enabling you to experience arousal feelings again.

05. Watch Yourself on a Mirror

Looking at yourself while using a vibrator is a satisfactory experience that helps you understand how your body reacts. Many people feel that when they watch themselves in a mirror while using a vibrator or any other sex toy, they enjoy those moments to the fullest, get aroused, and feel excited to increase its sensitivity.

06. Use it All Over the Body

Why limit your vibrator to the genitals only? No guidebook says that you can use a vibrator to the vagina or anus only. Feel the heat of intimate moments by rolling your vibrators to other erogenous zones of the body like nipple, feet, butt, and neck. Keep changing the sensations for experiencing a unique level of pleasure and the heightened stimulation.

07. Safety Tips of Vibrator

Using any vibrator is a safe experience until the time you are following its safety precautions. These safety tips ensure that this little toy will increase pleasure in your bedroom and does not cause any side effects.

  • If both the partners are using the same vibrator, the chances of getting affected by STIs increase significantly. Thus, it is pivotal to wash it before every use. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully while cleaning it. You can even put a new condom on it before sharing it, which helps prevent the spread of infection.
  • Check the vibrator carefully before every use. Make sure to use only those vibrators, which have no damage or cracks. It is not safe to use a broken vibrator to increase the risk of injury and infection both.
  • Stop using it immediately if you feel discomfort or pain. Try not to use it again if you experience any lingering odor even after repeated washing.
  • If you use vibrators for the first time, invest money in silicone vibrators as they are super soft and are even easy to clean. With silicone toys, purchase a water-based lube.

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Sex toys like vibrators can bring back the lost spark in your love life. However, it is necessary to get comfortable and learn how to use them for experiencing increased pleasure and intense orgasm.

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