Sex Toys Tips: How to Use Sex Toys?

This guide will help you make an informed decision by revealing the most popular categories of sex toys and the ideal way to use them.


Welcome to guide on how to use sex toys. It has no more remained a hush-hush issue to use sex toys to rev up your sex life. From the last few years, the online purchase of sex toys increased manifold around the world. The reason is easy to guess: they bring an element of surprise in a bedroom and pleasure every gender. If you plan to gift your partner a sex toy but confuse which one to choose, need not fret. This guide will help you make an informed decision by revealing the most popular categories of sex toys and the ideal way to use them.

Dildos and extra pleasure

Dildos are an all-time favorite of both the genders. If you have been using simple dildos for a long time, perk up your collection by purchasing thrusting or double-sided dildos. Used anally or vaginally both, thrusting dildos stimulate penetrative sex by retracting and expanding both in back and forth position. If you are ready to stretch your sexual boundaries, then double-end dildos are a must to buy. It is a sex toy that both partners can use simultaneously. The small sculpted end penetrates inside one partner and the flat base inside another. If you want to play solo with it, bend both the ends and pierce in two places at one go. With dildos, do not forget to apply extra lube for extra pleasure!

Butt plugs and anal sex

A Butt Plug is a perfect gift to your female partner on your first night. Vibrating butt plug gives her a sensation of sustained pressure and is ideal for setting the backdrop for anal intercourse. If you are using the butt plug vibrators for the first time, take a shower and stimulate your partner with tongue or fingers before inserting it. Use anal lubricants so that it glides profoundly and comfortably. With a vibrator butt plug, you can set the setting as per your mood and tolerance level. Once you feel that your partner is sexually stimulated to the supreme rank, be ready to get into the action by removing the sex toy!

Handcuffs and foreplay

If you want to turn on your lady love mentally and emotionally before a steamy sex session, nothing will work better than handcuffs. Handcuffs work wonders if your partner is an initiator in a bedroom. Tie her both hands with handcuffs to restrict her movement, and tease her in any manner. She can neither stop you nor take any initiative with tied hands, yet she will enjoy these sensual movements. It is good to start with soft and comfy cuffs for a fantasy sexual play before switching on to metal handcuffs.

Nipple clamps and magic

A stimulating hot sex toy for all genders, nipple clamps create magical sensations in the body but painful. You can pinch down them on the nipples and allow her to feel a little different than usual. Reduced blood flow may cause a certain level of pain, but with every second, you will feel sexually stimulated and aroused unusually. You can even purchase nipple clamps with features like a vibrating option, adjustable pressure, etc. Make sure not to leave them on for a long duration; otherwise, you will feel discomfort and pain.

Anal beads and sex

Much like butt plugs, anal beads are a huge turn-on as every time one bead goes inside, you will get an oomph feeling. The best part is with each larger size that goes inside, you feel aroused and sexually charged. With anal beads, the key lies in inserting one bead at a time gradually inside your anus. You need to apply anal lubricants in a considerable quantity to experience more pleasure than pain. One of the main benefits of anal beads is that it is available in vibrant colors like pink, red, and black, which instantly sets up the mood. A word of caution is to make a quality investment by purchasing a high-quality set of beads to eliminate the chances of beads breaking when it is inside.

Prostate massager and powerful orgasms

Why onus of gifting a sex toy lie of male fraternity only? Surprise him by giving a prostate massager sex toy. The prostate massager acts as an anal stimulator and hits the right spot instantly. The massager comes with different modes offering powerful orgasms every time. Glide it inside by applying a water-based lubricant and keep changing the settings at one click as per your mood.

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Final thought

So, indulge in safe sex by using these sex toys with a lot of lube. And do not forget to wash them before every use. All these and many other sex toys are available at sex stores and online stores and even come with a complete guide of how to use them. Still, you can take the help of the internet to understand how to use a particular kind of sex toy. Thank you for reading how to use a sex toys guide.


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