How to use a condom safely

How to use a condom?

Condoms are one of the best ways to protect you and your sex partner from sexually transmitted diseases and other infections. Ensure you use a condom every time you want to stay away from unwanted pregnancy and safeguard your sexual life.

01. Check the expiry date first

Check the expiry date first for every condom you try
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Always check the expiry date. If you feel that the condom has a foul odor or disfigured, discard it and use a new one.

02. Check for the freshness

Check for the freshness for each condom
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Check for the air bubble if you want to check the freshness of a condom. The best way to do so is to gently hold the package and squeeze it between your first finger and thumb. If you feel the air bubble, the condom is intact and right to use, and if not, do not use it.

03. Open it carefully

Open the condom carefully
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Open the packet carefully and hold the condom by locating the direction of its reservoir tip. This will ensure that the condom will roll up in the right direction. The rim of the condom will form a circle around the dome of the penis.

If you have put the edge on the inside of the penis, it will not roll down properly as you have rolled the condom wrongly. In this case, unroll it & throw it. Take a new condom and unroll it rightly. Make sure that the penis is erect while unrolling the condom.

04. Put it on correctly

Put the condom on correctly
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Put the condom straight on the penis. When you wear the penis, avoid any contact with a partner’s genital area (vulva, anus, buttock, vagina, and upper thighs) or mouth. The reason for the same is there are chances that the sperms are present in pre-cum or pre-ejaculatory fluid.

05. Use lubricants

Use lubricants on each condom
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Put a few drops of lubricants at the tip of the condom, too, before wearing it. Even you can add more lube at the outside portion of the condom once you wear it on the penis or you can go for lubricated condoms.

06. Leave some space

Leave some space on the tip of the condom
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While wearing it, leave some space at the tip of the condom so that semen can collect easily. If you are uncircumcised, please pull the foreskin back before placing a condom, rolling it down, and checking that it is neither too tight nor too loose.

07. Withdraw safely

Withdraw safely after using the condom
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Once you ejaculate, hold the condom from the base of the penis and withdraw it completely and safely so that semen does not spill out. It is a good practice to remove the condom when the penis is erect. However, most males experience that the penis loses their erection as soon as they ejaculate.

08. Put on the new one

Put on the new condom every time you have sex
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If you are going for the second sexual encounter, throw away the used condom and put on the new one. Never throw condoms in the toilet and flush it out; throw them in the dustbin instead.

What this means to you

Wearing condoms is the most effective way to enjoy a happy sex life without worrying about the spread of STIs or unwanted pregnancy. You need to wear it tightly so that they do not slip off and tear off during intercourse. If you are using specific lubes along with condoms, make sure that they are condom-safe.

The condoms are not reusable, so you need to change them during every kind of intercourse during the same encounter. Do not forget to check the expiration date of the condom before wearing it. You can easily buy them free of cost from contraceptive clinics or buy them from online stores at affordable rates. 


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