Sex Toys and Safety: How to Store Your Sex Toys

Learn how to store your sex toys the right way


So, finally, you have purchased your first sex toy. It is no wonder that before purchasing it, you have read about its usage, different vibration settings, and cleanliness tips. It is not surprising either if you have not paid heed to its storage-related information. Like you, countless people feel that storage is not as important as the proper usage or cleanliness of sex toys. But it is a myth. Because of internal use, sex toys are more delicate than other toys. And, not storing them properly may make them unappealing or useless over time.

Before understanding how to store them safely, let’s take a quick overview of why it is essential to store sex toys safely.

Cleanliness and sex toys

Unclean toys invite dirt and dust to accumulate over time and lead to infection when used internally. Many studies reveal that the chances of suffering from yeast and bacterial infections increase when a person uses unclean sex toys. So, stay safe while enjoying sexual intimacy by storing these toys adequately.

To prevent damage

Inappropriately storing sex toys may damage them or make them look unappealing. Inadequate storing even leads to discoloration, making them not suitable to use.


Of course, some of us live with joint families or with roommates. So, in these situations, it is necessary to store them properly at a secret place and keep them away from prying eyes.

Now, let’s come to the moot point about how to store your sex toys. There are countless ways to store sex toys safely instead of putting them in a bedside drawer. As mentioned above, our primary focus should be on keeping these toys at such a place where they cannot come in direct contact with dirt, lint, and dust. Therefore, saving them near pillows, under the bed, or in a wardrobe without any packing is a strict “No-No.”

Use satin pouches, bags, or kits

The ideal way to store sex toys is in a bedside box or a small plastic bin. You can even purchase a cloth bag or store them safely in a container it comes in. Some of the best sex toy storage devices available in the market are protective satin pouches, sex toy boxes, and bags.

These boxes, purses, or bags come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of the packages are spacious and are ideal for storing big sex toys like sex toy chests. Others come in small sizes and are a perfect storage bag for keeping a bullet or rabbit vibrator.

If you want to carry these toys on your trip, you can keep them safely in a canvas bag. If you are looking for a stylish storage bag, you can rely upon disguised pillow storage. This pillow has a moisture-proof interior and thick padding around the corners, making it hard to guess anything is stored inside.

If you search online, you will get many options as sex storage bags or kits are available in various colors and at different price ranges. You have the freedom to choose the size and color as per your preferences.

Sex toys and safe storage: 4 tips

Keep your sex toys safe and ideal to use for several years by keeping these safety storage tips in mind:

  1. Always keep your sex toys in a relatively cool place. Leaving them in a warm environment may deform them and make them unsafe to use over time. Thus, keeping them away from the direct reach of sunlight or away from heaters is indispensable.
  2. Continuous exposures to moisture or humidity either deform a sex toy or lead to corrosion. Thus, it is always safe to keep them in a less humid environment.
  3. Make it a standard practice to clean, disinfect, and air dry your sex toy entirely before storage.
  4. If you are using multiple sex toys, avoid keeping them together. It is a good idea to use different cloth bags or pouches to store other sex toys. You can keep your sex toys play-ready by storing them in separate pouches and then placing them in one basket.

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Storing your complete collection of sex toys helps prolong their life in general and allows you to indulge in a safe sex practice. Interested people can buy different styles, sizes, and materials of sex toy bags, boxes, and pouches from online stores at affordable rates. Just one useful tip, invest in a high-quality sex toy storage big to use it for several years.


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