8 Ways to Increase Sperm Count Naturally That Every Man Should Know

Learn How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally


Welcome to our guide on how to increase your sperm count naturally? If a woman cannot conceive, female infertility doesn’t need to be the leading cause. Infertility is one of the common and growing problems in males also. This medical condition affects sperm health by reducing sperm count, quality, and motility.

When male ejaculates, the semen discharged contains a minimum of 15 million sperm per milliliter. The sperm discharge rate between 10-20 million per milliliter is considered a low sperm count, making it more difficult for your partner to conceive. 

In many cases, it is difficult to increase the sperm count naturally due to underlying medical conditions but creating a healthy lifestyle and diet changes do bring positive results. So, if you want to enhance your sperm count naturally, these ways can help you.

Exercise to Maintain Ideal Weight

Obesity is one of the causes of low sperm count. Thus, the first advice every health professional shares if you are obese and infertile is to reduce weight. And the best way to do is staying active by indulging in outdoor exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes, five days a week. Even if you are not obese, exercising regularly increases testosterone levels and enhances the fertility rate. You can start with walking and increase the intensity level with time.

Eating Antioxidant-Rich Food

Taking antioxidant-rich diet results in increasing sperm count. It is because antioxidants deactivate free radicals in our body that damage cells. These free radicals are primarily responsible for causing inflammation and several health issues. So, eating antioxidant-rich food like onions, garlic, grapes, berries, carrots, spinach, apricots, milk, nuts, etc. help improve males’ sexual health. Zinc is another mineral that you need to consume. If you are a zinc-deficient, the likelihood of having low sperm count increases manifold. So, try to include two portions of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in zinc and antioxidants in your diet to increase sperm count and improve overall health.

Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the most significant factors that may impair fertility. Many kinds of research conclude that the prolonged stress level increases the cortisol levels, which negatively impacts testosterone. To put it simply, the testosterone level goes down when the cortisol level increases. So, take steps to reduce your stress levels. These measures may include doing what you enjoy, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, taking sound sleep, meditating, etc. If nothing works, seek expert consultation.

Avoid Some Prescription Medications

Many medications affect the sperm’s quantity adversely. So, as soon as you stop taking these medications, the sperm count starts increasing naturally. These medications include anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, anabolic steroids, etc.

Ditch Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking

There is concrete evidence that regular smoking, drinking, and drug usage decrease sperm count, cause low libido, and even erectile dysfunction in many cases. So, give up these habits instantly. If you face trouble in quitting, speak to an experienced healthcare professional, and enroll yourself for programs managing all kinds of addiction.

Take Vitamin Supplements

Some vitamins like vitamin D, C, CoQ10, and E are essential for maintaining a healthy sperm count. Some of these vitamins, like vitamin C, are easy to get from a healthy and nutritious diet. Lemons, oranges, and tomatoes are a rich vitamin C source, which you can incorporate in your daily diet in several ways. For vitamin CoQ10, you can consider taking vitamin supplements after discussing your medical history with a healthcare professional. Studies prove that high levels of vitamin D lead to increased sperm count. So, get enough vitamin D either by sunbathing regularly for 15 minutes in a day or by taking vitamin D enriched supplement.

Consume Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a medical herb used since ancient times for improving male’s fertility. Also known as Indian ginseng, many studies clinically prove that consuming ashwagandha for a minimum of 90 days helps increase sperm count significantly. This is one of the main reasons that many all-natural male enhancement pills contain ginseng as the main ingredient for increasing libido and sperm count.

Wear Loose Clothes

Tight clothes affect the scrotum’s temperature adversely, which leaves a negative impact on sperm production. So, prefer wearing loose clothes to maintain ideal airflow and temperature in your private part.

Bottom Line

All these natural measures take time to show results, but they have no side-effects. So, if you are ready to wait for positive results, follow these measures to enhance your sperm count. Else, you can speak to a healthcare professional and take supplements or medications as per his recommendation. Thank you for reading this guide on how to increase sperm count naturally? More tips and tricks to enhance your sex life.


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