How to Have Fun and Play Dirty In Bed?

How to have sex in bed

Having fun and playing dirty can bring an unimaginable color to your sexual life. Have you ever wondered how glamorous your sex would look if you add more fun to it? Imagine you and your partner having scorching intercourse, laughing and playing hard before and after. Do you think anyone would feel even a pain that may have generated from the sex? The difference between consensual sex and rape is fun.

Sex itself is fun, but it could be more fun when you add a bit to it. IT can also stick you with your partner forever. They would imagine how it was always fun with you, how it would be tough to get someone else to understand them or start the fun with them. Naturally, using a sexual style like this is excellent for a partner; you are trying to win their heart.

Fair warning, if you get into each other’s flesh and stand up every time, it becomes less fun, and your partner may shock you by walking away. To who? Anyone who bursts their brain with pleasure. In bed, outside, everywhere. You don’t want that to happen to the woman you love. So, adding fun is not an option. It is an unwritten rule.

How can you add fun? First, before anything else, you must make sure that your partner has a favorite porn star. Now, talk them into playing willful love games with you.

Here are three things you can try for the fun of it

Spice up the sensational relationship with roleplaying

What is that? It is the deliberate act of pretending and doing silly things like being someone else to spice up the sensational relationship between you and your partner. From my empirical studies, I can argue that every person on earth wanted to be like someone else at some point. You do not just want to be like someone else; you want to be like many persons.

Today, you want to be like the kind policeman; tomorrow, it is a brilliant lawyer. Other times, it is the impeccable journalist or immaculate lawyer. But to state things correctly, you wanted to be wrong too. This isn’t superman fantasies or the big robbers’ hunts; this is about digging into the world hidden in other people’s thighs. Do you remember who you wanted to be as bad as? Do you remember an erotic book you have read, and you wish it were happening to you? How about your old fantasies about life?

Imagine you and your partner having scorching intercourse, laughing and playing hard before and after. Do you think anyone would feel even a pain that may have generated from the sex? The difference between consensual sex and rape is fun.

You can bring everything to life with roleplaying. You may have the fantasy of meeting your lover in a club, but you ended up meeting at work, among other things. You may even craft one right away to spice things with your lover. Your role play may involve going down to a bar, mountain, skiing, hiking, and so forth. It may also be practicable in the room. It’s about the old teacher who finds her hot student irresistible and lures him to bed. It could be the female student whose skimpy skirts drove her teacher to bed with her, et cetera. You only need to tell your partner what your thoughts are. You could spin your relationship with any of these scenes you choose.

Walk to a bar differently, meet each other as in the rehearsed scripts, and go on to bond with each other. Till, as I would expect, you end in each other’s flesh, in your bedroom, according to the script. You can be more creative as longs as it only succeeds in rousing your sexual organs towards loving each other and expecting each other more. For instance, you have had sex regularly, but the thought of going down to bed with this classroom teacher would wet your body differently, leaving you high with anticipation. In the same vein, the teacher would keep getting hard in waiting.

Consider using sex toys for extra stimulation

If you weren’t roleplaying before sex, another idea you may consider is the use of sex toys for beginners. Sometimes, you may require a lot more stimulation to get yourself aroused. You may also face some health problems that would require you to introduce some gyration. Sex toys are handy in cases like that. They can be used to stimulate a man. They can also be used to arouse all the sensual organs of a woman. It depends on your pick; they can give your oral sex, vaginal, and anal sex a considerable boost. What are some cheap yet best sex toys you can try?

  • Straps-on for vaginal penetration, check out exotic sex toys too
  • Rabbit vibrators for the clit and sex toys for G-spot stimulation
  • Thrusting dildos for vaginal and anal penetration too
  • Vibrating panties: Put these electric sex toys in your panties and watch yourself blast with the thrill
  • Double-ended Dildos: This can penetrate lesbians at once. Double moaning in the house
  • Penis rings: Penis rings help a man to last longer in sex
  • Hands-free vibrator: This is a vigna explorer. It hands sort of that explores all the holes for it. It includes the clit too.
  • Nipple sex toys: Your guess? You are right. This is meant for the nipples

Would you want the list to continue? You certainly don’t. You should reach an adult sex toy shop and get the stuff you feel you need. On the advice of a sexologist, of course. Oh! Remember to get a real costume for your roleplay too. Use what fits best in your room; otherwise, call at an adult store. Read more about how to use sex toys.

Lastly, talk dirty things

Did you ever imagine how effective talking is? Naturally, you can win anyone’s heart by talking to them. What if you are at the center of the bedroom? Talking has more values here than elsewhere. Not just talks, dirty ones. Your partner needs you to say dirty things to her as much as you need her to do the same to you. Saying dirty things can help you to express precisely what you want. You can boost your lover’s spirit and drive them nuts when you say dirty things to them in bed. Sometimes, your ‘yes!’ is enough to make your partner drive faster, harder, thrusting deeper, and wanting to do just what you want. Want ideas of some dirty words:

  • Yeah, baby, fuck me!’
  • That’s it!
  • Harder!
  • Make me cum, baby, fuck my ass!
  • Ouch, yeah!
  • Faster!
  • Shoot my mouth up, baby, spoil my face with your cum!
  • Pull me like a dog baby, fuck me like it’s the last!
  • Pound me, honey, do it like you have never done!

No kidding, using these words can double your partner’s strength. It is one of the best stimulations to keep driving your partner into the urge of sexual fits.

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