Ginkgo Biloba and its Sexual Health Benefits

Welcome to our blog post on Ginkgo Biloba and its sexual health benefits. Since time immemorial, people use the antioxidant-rich herb for treating several health ailments. The few reasons for using these herbs are effectiveness, affordability, and widespread availability. One such herb is Ginkgo biloba. It is one of the most popular herbal selling medicines, now available in tablets, capsules, and liquid extracts. It is useful for treating several male health conditions. 

It is a rich source of the two compounds- terpenoids and flavonoids that help improve overall well-being by providing various benefits. So, let’s explore some of the reasons why a male should consume Ginkgo benefits.

An Effective Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

More and more people are looking for natural aphrodisiacs to improve their sex lives and treat conditions like Erectile Dysfunction. Ginkgo helps improve blood circulation to the penis by increasing nitric oxide’s effects, aiding in relaxing artery walls, and allowing more blood flow into the penis. It also helps increase the body’s ability to maintain an erection during sexual intimacy and enhance libido. The high success rate and no significant side effects make it one of the best natural ingredients for improving males’ sexual health. There are scores of male enhancement pills that contain Ginkgo Biloba as the main ingredient.

Improving Brain’s Function

There is concrete evidence proving that Ginkgo’s consumption regularly acts as a potent treatment for Dementia and Alzheimer’s. These medical conditions are the outcome of disturbed cognitive health and usually affect males of 50 years and above. The herbal plant work’s antioxidant compounds by improving blood circulation to the brain and preventing the damage of nerve and brain cells that cause memory loss and other brain-related problems. 

Improves Eye Health

Ginkgo biloba contains natural antioxidants like flavonoids that help improve blood flow to the body and reduce retinal degeneration. This leads to an improvement in eye conditions like Glaucoma. Many studies even support the fact that patients suffering from diabetic retinopathy found herbal supplements containing Ginkgo biloba extract quite effective in witnessing color vision improvements.

Unclogs Arteries

Atherosclerosis is a condition resulting in a blockage of arteries due to the deposition of plaques. This is one condition that leads to heart attacks and strokes. The Ginkgo extract helps in unclogging the arteries by reducing harmful cholesterol levels and preventing blood coagulation.

Treats Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a condition in which you will experience the patches in different parts of the body. These patches take place due to the destruction of melanocyte cells in the body. It is believed that oxidative stress is the root cause of Vitiligo. The condition is easy to treat naturally with Ginkgo biloba extract that helps slow down the melanocyte cells’ destruction.

Reduces Anxiety

The Ginkgo supplements even help in reversing the symptoms of anxiety. Its leaf contains astringent properties that help in reducing stress in some males.

Some other medical conditions in which Ginkgo biloba proves to be an effective treatment are:

  1. Age-related macular degeneration
  2. Asthma
  3. Bronchitis
  4. Depression
  5. Fatigue
  6. Insulin resistance
  7. Multiple sclerosis

Ideal Dosage of Ginkgo Biloba

Many studies say that the perfect dosage of Ginkgo biloba varies between 120 to 240 milligrams taken multiple times in a day. To see the visible results, it is necessary to consume its tablets, capsules, or liquid extracts for a minimum of 4-6 weeks.

Not every male who is suffering from the condition above can consume it. If you have diabetes, you should finish it only after consultation with a healthcare professional. Those people, who are administering blood thinners or suffering from Epilepsy, should not consider taking it in any form.

Important Information

You may find Ginkgo by other names like yinhsing, fossil tree, or bai go ye in the online marketplace. But it is strictly advisable to take only those supplements which have Ginkgo biloba as one of the ingredients. For this, prefer purchasing the accessories from licensed pharmacies only.


Ginkgo biloba is a traditional medicinal herb, and it is a rich source of antioxidants. It contains compounds like flavonoids that help treat medical conditions, ranging from treating erectile dysfunction, improving memory, and eye conditions like Glaucoma to reduce stress. It is available in different forms in the market, but consultation with a healthcare professional is necessary before administering it. We hope this guide on Ginkgo Biloba and its sexual health benefits will help you improve your sexual life. More tips and tricks to enhance your sex life.

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