15 foreplay tips for females

foreplay tips for females

Let’s talk about foreplay tips for females. Besides sex, both genders want more in the bedroom. No, you are getting wrong; we are not talking about oral sex but foreplay. In every sex, foreplay acts like an appetizer. Like appetizers do not satiate your hunger but increase it, the same is the case with foreplay. It makes the mood of both partners and even makes sexual intercourse more rewarding. It is a common belief that foreplay is more important for women than men as she takes much more time to get in the mood.  But the fact is even males look forward to foreplay tips to get physically and mentally stimulated but avoid if suffering from premature ejaculation.

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1. Encourage dirty talking

When you are in the mood, general talking spoils the mood. Heighten the sexual arousal by letting your partner know how much you want him. Speaking some dirty words in his ears directly and keep him turned on during the whole act by saying something or little. Speak about the following in his ears:

Tell him where you enjoy his touch the most

Tell him which of his body part turned you on in no time

Speak how you want him to pamper today’s night

Saying such sexy things at these moments make him sexually aroused instantly.

2. Give a sneak peek of things you want him to do

Believe it, males love dirty talking and reading dirty things. If you have tried dirty talking, the next step is making him read something dirty about your private moment. If you are good at writing, this foreplay tip will work magic for you. Boost his ego by telling in detail what you like most about his body, which body part you appreciate the most, and express your desire to play with his penis in this manner. Along with this, tell your fantasies and in a straightforward way that if he pleases you in this manner (like sucking nipples), he has to make a minimum effort for turning her on.

3. Shop for lingerie together

You might know your partner’s taste in dresses well, but believe it, when it comes to lingerie shopping, he will prove you wrong. If you do lingerie shopping with your partner, you get the exact idea of how he wants to see you during those cozy moments. Moreover, it eases your tension; after all, you are also buying the lingerie to woo him. When he is busy shopping for you, you can utilize the time optimally by either picking something sexy for him like a thong or purchasing a secret sexy attire for yourself besides lingerie.

Do not fall short of his expectations and surprise him equally by wearing such sexy attire at unusual moments. Like, going for a dinner date with him only wearing a coat, wear red lipstick, and heels. When you are at the dinner table, please give him a hint that you are wearing nothing under the coat by unbuttoning two or three buttons. Enjoy his jaw-dropping expression, and you will feel that he is lost somewhere from that moment only. The reason is he imagines you in a coat with underneath nothing. This is one of the best foreplay tips for females that never fail to astonish and arouse any male.

4. Build anticipation by teasing him all-day

The foreplay starts before the main sexual act. You might take three or four days to come together but keep playing your trick. For this, start teasing him from the early morning. Keep your sexy lingerie on the bed when he is in the room and getting dressed up (This gives him an idea of what you are wearing today). Send him a sexy message during the work time. Send your sexy photo when he is coming back from home. Lastly, sit down on his lap while watching TV and pressed your body against his. By the time you are in bed, your man will not hold fire and your sexual play starts with full enthusiasm. Bingo!

5. Get kinky out of the bedroom

If you want to bring the new side of his sensuality, try foreplay tips in places other than bedrooms. If your husband loves cooking, then kiss his neck passionately while he is cooking. If he is working from home, hold him from behind and slip down your hand under his shirt and tease him by pressing nipples. Foreplay tips tried at other places excite both partners equally and unveil the new layer of pleasure and excitement.

6. Follow unexpected seduction ideas

When you are in a relationship for a long time, everything becomes expected. So, prove him wrong by using some sneaky seduction ideas that others barely notice. Some of the ideas worth trying are:

Seduce him by playing with his penis by using new sensations. The penis responds positively to new feelings, and it will be the best foreplay for males. You can either use some cooling or warming lube, or even ice can do the trick.

Press your body against him so tightly that you both can feel the heat of private body parts.

Capture his attention with a little grinding. Show your eagerness and enthusiasm by slipping into his lap by wearing something sexy and moving your body in a grinding motion against his.

Nipples are sensitive and fun to play with also. When lying on the couch, sit close to him and pinch, suck or even bit your partner’s nipple. For this, you can even use nipple sex toys available in the online marketplace

7. De-stress him with body massage

On the weekends, de-stress him by giving a full-body massage with essential oils. While giving the massage, make sure to prep up your bedroom by lowering the lights, lighting aromatic candles, and playing some romantic music. Start with a foot massage and slowly head to back and neck. Touch every part of his body sensually so that he can feel the passion in your touch. Every guy dreams of getting such a kind of body massage by his partner and if you are giving the massage nude, you can set the stage on fire! Even this is the best way to develop a backdrop for wild sexual encounters.

8. Heat things by taking charge

It is a fact that males like taking control in the bedroom, but many studies reveal that males find those more attractive initiators in the bedroom. If you have never taken charge in the bedroom, this is the time to do so. If you are a little introvert, make yourself comfortable by binding his hands and blindfolding him. This will give you the courage to shed your inhibitions and do what you have planned for. Make him beg for sensual touch and pleasure by touching his erogenous body parts and kissing them passionately. This will make him crave for more.

9. Give him complete control

Some females like getting teased by giving complete control to their partners in the bedroom. But this time, ask him to take charge in BDSM style. For the first time, if you are doing it, give him some hint beforehand by sending pictures of it early with a sexy message. Let him know that you are thinking of purchasing an exotic leather band for pepping up the foreplay session. Rest assured, if you are using them for the first time, you will share some funny moments and good laughs even by their wrong usage. You can even surprise him by gifting new sex toys like a remote-controlled vibrator, sex pillows, handheld strokers, etc. These sexy gadgets will add spark to your boring sex life for sure.

10. Give him a sexy invitation

If your partner is out of town due to professional commitments and you are expecting him today, invite him in a sexy manner. Send him a sexy invite along with the photo of your bikini body, or draft a well-worded yet concise message about your expectations. He will get desperate to meet you and deliver what you are expecting.

11. Favor his fetishes

Before understanding his fetishes, let’s know what precisely a focus is. “It is like a strong liking about a particular thing, activity, or object in the way it stimulates your senses sensually.” So, make foreplay enjoyable by asking about his fetish and fulfilling it if possible. Whatever be his focus, please do not make fun of it and try to fulfill it. He will appreciate you if you try to please him in the way he wants and adores.

12. It’s time to fulfill his fantasies

If you are looking for an excellent foreplay idea to woo your man, ask about his sexual fantasies. Most of the males have secret dreams and fetishes. If you ask, they may mention it. If they are not comfortable disclosing it in person, ask him to text you. The chances are high that his sexual fantasies are something that you can fulfill quickly by taking some pain. The moot point in asking his fantasies is not making them a subject of a laugh; he understands his desires and meets them to the possible extent.

13. Watch porn together

Unlike females, males get aroused naturally via sight, so watching porn works like foreplay for him. So, if you want to create some unique and private memories, watch Porn with him. If you share this idea with him, he will feel happy and even help shortlist the best porn video. If you uncover certain sexy positions in the video, grab the opportunity by discussing with him, and you might know, this idea clicks, and you both are under the sheet leaving behind the Porn.

14. Be creative with fellatio

Oral sex or fellatio epitomizes the most satisfactory foreplays for males in most cases. You may feel that you are an excellent player in this field, but there is always a little creativity scope. Changing the act of oral sex makes foreplay more interesting for men. Some of the ideas to do so are:

This time, try oral sex in new positions.

Give oral sex pleasure at new positions like on a staircase or in the backseat of the car.

Add wet element in oral sex session by using chocolate syrup or flavored lube.

It is important to note that if your man uses a male enhancement product like VigRX Delay Spray, start your foreplay after a few minutes so that the work gets absorbed in the body.

15. Desensitize him using delay spray

If your partner is facing premature ejaculation issues and you are experimenting with new foreplay ideas, all plans will go in vain if he ends up early. So, do not forget to consider your partner’s health condition while trying new foreplay tricks. Instead, play safe by using desensitizing spray like VigRX Delay Spray. The all-natural delay sprays by a reputed brand work miraculously in holding him back.

Using the right kind of delay spray, you can make him a bedroom hero as he will last long to please you, and your foreplay trick will give all the fun and excitement for the climax.

Indulging in foreplay before the main sexual act is like the icing on the cake. These foreplay tips for females will build anticipation and an excellent opportunity to receive and give pleasure in enthralling ways. For males, foreplay is never a necessity, but it is followed; it increases sexual pleasure and gratification. So, make your sex life more exciting and rewarding by incorporating creative ideas in your foreplay session.

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