Flavored condom: a perfect recipe for an erotic oral sex session

Flavored Condoms
Flavored Condoms: Setting the mood for exciting oral sex becomes easy when you use flavored condoms. These condoms contain a coating of edible flavors that make oral sex pleasurable.

An exciting foreplay session is one of the best ways to enjoy an exhilarating climax. If you think oral sex is the right foreplay technique to woo your partner, then use flavored condoms to change your mundane sex life. Condoms are thin pouches that need to wear on the penis. They create a barrier and prevent the entry of semen or any other fluid into the vagina. Wearing a condom is a cost-effective measure to prevent pregnancy, STIs and enjoy safe sex. Different kinds of condoms are available in the market, and the flavored condom is one amongst many.

What are flavored condoms?

Flavored Condoms
Flavored Condoms: Setting the mood for exciting oral sex becomes easy when you use flavored condoms. These condoms contain a coating of edible flavors that make oral sex pleasurable.

Flavored condoms are the best to use during oral sex. They support latex material that contains a flavored coating to improve its taste. Some condoms have flavored lubricant instead of a regular flavored coating. Usual or standard condoms have no preference. Therefore they taste horrible, and if tasted, they will spoil the mood of your partner. The purposely designed flavored condoms add an element of fun to your lovemaking sessions and make your sex life happening.

Some of the standard features of flavored condoms are:

  • They are FDA approved and skin-friendly.
  • They are well-lubricated to add dimensions to your oral sex life.
  • They feature natural rubber latex.
  • They are as effective as standard condoms in protecting against pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

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Kinds of flavored condoms

Some of the most popular flavors available are Strawberry, Orange, Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Mint, Cola, Bacon, Grape, Bubblegum, and Paan. Most of these condoms are colored similar to their flavor. For instance, you will find a banana-flavored condom in a yellow color, a chocolate-flavored condom in brown color, and so on. If you are looking for some unusual flavors, you can buy achaari, eggplant, to chicken tikka flavors.

Why use flavored condoms?

Oral sex plays a vital role in the sex lives, but the foul smell of semen and penis usually spoils the mood. As mentioned earlier, regular latex condoms have no taste and are not considered ideal for a blow job. Flavored condoms were introduced to make couples’ sex lives enjoyable. And you can indulge in passionate lovemaking sessions using flavored condoms without any fear of infections.

Are flavored condoms the ideal pick for vaginal sex?

Surprisingly, the answer is “No.” Flavored condoms are for oral use only. Most flavored condoms contain sugar and may affect the pH level of the vagina. This, even sometimes, leads to vaginal yeast infection. Therefore, couples should not use these condoms for anal or vaginal sex unless mentioned explicitly on the packaging. 

Difference between flavored and regular condoms

Both types of condoms have specific purposes. For instance, regular condoms are designed for vaginal and anal sex to prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. On the other hand, flavored condoms need to be used orally for added pleasure and to avoid the spread of STIs.

Like regular condoms, flavored condoms are safe to use and need to wear when the penis is erect. Do not forget to check the expiry date on the flavored condoms to add pleasure to your wildest sexual encounters. Moreover, please read and follow the terms and conditions of their correct usage.

Tips for using flavored condoms rightly

  • Do make a taste test before the actual action begins. This will give you an idea of whether your partner is happy and comfortable with the flavor.
  • The foremost important tip is to select the right size of flavored condom that is neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Check the condom properly for problems like stiffness or tiny holes.
  • Wear it when the penis is erect. When you switch from oral to vaginal sex, do not forget to change the condom. Even if ejaculation does not happen, changing the condom is unavoidable.
  • Use condom-safe lubricants to make the act more enjoyable.
  • Throw it right away in the dustbin after use.

What to do in case of latex allergy?

You need to think of some alternative if you are allergic to latex material. The best option is to use regular condoms along with a flavored and condom-safe lubricant. If you are opting for a flavored oil, prefer using silicone or water-based lubricants. Moreover, avoid using lubricants along with regular condoms for vaginal intercourse. Like flavored condoms, flavored lubricants have added sugar that may increase the risk of vaginal yeast infection.

Buy flavored condoms online

Picking the right flavor is essential so that your partner loves it and ready to give you extra pleasure. You can purchase flavored condoms, without any prescription, from the online marketplace at affordable rates. You can browse the various flavors and choose anyone. You can even make a smart move by purchasing different flavors of condoms at one go. This will give you a good deal also.

What this means to you

Setting the mood for exciting oral sex becomes easy when you use flavored condoms. These condoms contain a coating of edible flavors that make oral sex pleasurable. Some of the most sought-after flavors are Strawberry, butterscotch, chocolate, grapes, etc. These condoms are ideal for oral sex only and not considered the right choice for penetrative sex.

Using flavored condoms during oral sex is indispensable as they prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Just like standard condoms, they are safe to use and need to purchase it in the right size. These condoms support latex material. So if you are allergic to latex, buy regular condoms with flavored lubricants. You can purchase these condoms easily and without any prescription from online pharmacies. 


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