Why and how to use a female condom?

Female condoms
Female condoms: A female condom or internal condom is used as a contraceptive device that prevents the entry of sperm into the uterus. Besides preventing unwanted pregnancy, it is equally effective in protecting against sexually transmitted infections since female condoms are placed inside the vagina during vaginal or anal sex.

Sales of female condoms are rising around the world. Like males, females are sexually conscious and do not want to rely entirely on male condoms to prevent pregnancy. Thus, they are increasingly buying and using female condoms to safeguard themselves against infections and diseases along with unwanted pregnancy.

A female condom or internal condom is used as a contraceptive device that prevents the entry of sperm into the uterus. Besides preventing unwanted pregnancy, it is equally effective in protecting against sexually transmitted infections since female condoms are placed inside the vagina during vaginal or anal sex.

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Why use female condoms?

Why should you use a female condom
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Females who are allergic to condoms made with latex can use female condoms with confidence as they are made from nitrile or polyurethane. These materials are considered a safe alternative to condoms made with latex and can be used with any lubricant. Many males feel that putting up a condom during physical intimacy kills their mood, and they enjoy intercourse more without it. So, in these cases, females can use a female condom. Wearing a female condom is a win-win situation for both the partners as the male gets sexual pleasure, and the female partner gets adequate protection against her fears of unwanted pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

How to wear & remove the female condom?

  • Open the packet carefully and remove the condom.
  • The condom has a thick inner ring with a closed-end that needs to be placed inside the vagina. Hold the condom carefully while putting it inside the vagina. The outer and thin ring should remain outside the vaginal opening.
  • Now, look for a comfortable position to insert the condom. You can stand with one foot on a chair, lying down or squatting. Squeeze the inner sides of the ring at the closed end of the condom between your fingers for inserting it inside just like a tampon.
  • Using the finger, try to push the inner ring as far as possible. As you move it inside, it will expand naturally.
  • Ensure that the condom is not twisted, and the outer and thin ring should remain outside the vagina.
  • Once you have intercourse successfully, remove the outer ring gently by pulling the female condom out of the vagina.
  • Throw it away once you use it

Female condoms facts

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  • They are primarily used for vaginal sex, but many use them during anal sex also.
  • Female condoms are as effective as male condoms for preventing pregnancy and protect against STIs, including HIV.
  • Female condoms are available at online drug stores and are easy to purchase without any prescription.
  • A female can wear these condoms as early as 8 hours before sex.
  • Female condoms cause minimal side-effects and protect against allergic reactions.
  • Females do not need a partner’s cooperation to wear them.
  • An erected penis is no longer compulsory for wearing a female condom.
  • They need to be placed inside the vagina before coming into contact with the penis.
  • Prefer buying CE mark condoms as they are tested for the highest safety standards.
  • Female condoms are safe to use even after having a baby, abortion, or miscarriage.

Because female condoms are not as popular as male condoms and not readily available in the marketplace, female condoms are expensive than male condoms.

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Female condoms and anal sex

There are two ways to wear female condoms during anal sex: either you can place the condom in the anus in a similar way as you do for vaginal sex or place it on the penis lubrication inside it. Here is how to insert a female condom during anal sex:

  • Wet the anus with lube. Squeeze the condom’s inner ring to make an oval shape, and then push inside your rectum.
  • Put one of your fingers inside the condom to push it further. Keep the outer ring outside the anus.
  • Once you have sex and the penis is withdrawn, gently pull the external ring and take out the condom.

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How to use a female condom in the right way?

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Here is a list of don’t and do’s of female condoms to experience safe sex


  • Like a male condom, use the female condom from start to finish while having vaginal or anal sex.
  • Check the expiration date of the condom before using it.
  • Use only those condoms, which do not have any defect or tears.
  • Prefer storing the condom in a cool and dry place.
  • Using lubrication is advisable for preventing the slipping and tearing of condoms.


  1. Avoid using male condoms with female condoms as this may lead to tearing.
  2. Never reuse a female condom.
  3. Please do not throw the condoms in the toilets; dispose of them safely in the trash bin.

Difference between male & female condoms

The condoms for males and females may look either similar or slightly different, but they are meant for the same purpose: to create a barrier and to block the semen. But like males, females do not need to wait to wear it. They can wear it even a few hours before sex, which is not possible in male condoms. It is strictly advisable to wear the female condoms rightly to get adequate protection against STI’s and pregnancy. It is recommended not to use male and female condoms together as they may stick and tear.

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Are there any disadvantages of female condoms?

The answer is YES. Just like every coin has two sides; similarly, there are certain disadvantages associated with female condoms. These disadvantages are:

  • They are strong but easy to split if not wear properly.
  • They are expensive and are not readily available everywhere.
  • They are not ideal to use if you are not comfortable touching their genital area or with an insertion technique.
  • They are not ideal if you are suffering from vaginal abnormalities.
  • They do make certain noises during sex. However, you can prevent it by applying additional lube and try to insert it a minimum of 20 minutes before sex so that it will adhere to the vaginal walls.
  • They are not as effective as male condoms to prevent unintended pregnancy.

What to do in case of a female condom breaks?

The chances are rare that a female condom breaks down if appropriately inserted. Take the following steps if it breaks down:

  • Withdraw your penis immediately.
  • Remove semen as much as you can and wash the outside area of the genitals but avoid scrubbing the anus or vagina’s inside space to prevent the spread of any irritation or infection.
  • Rush to the washroom and pee if you have been trying for vaginal sex
  • Go for an emergency pregnancy test if a condom is the only contraceptive measure you are using for preventing pregnancy.

What this means for you

A female condom is like a thin pouch that needs to place in the anus or vagina before sex. The process of using it is a little trickier than male condoms. Thus a female needs to learn this art well. The chances of breaking a female condom increases if not appropriately fitted. Using a female condom is an effective measure to prevent pregnancy and remain unaffected from Sexually Transmitted Infections. Female condoms are not ideal to use by every woman, like those who are not comfortable with the insertion technique or have any vaginal abnormality. They are less popular than male condoms, and they are expensive.


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