Essential Oils For Low Testosterone

Essential Oils For Low Testosterone

As you get older, it becomes necessary to pay attention to your overall health. The majority of us focus on exercises and eating a healthy and nutritious diet. But over time, the diminished hormone levels in our body become a matter of worry and leads to hordes of health issues, and a low testosterone level is one of them. 

Testosterone is responsible for:

  1. Stimulating the sexual function of the body
  2. Maintaining reproductive tissues
  3. Maintaining bone mass
  4. Increasing body weight and lean body mass

Besides age, some other common causes of low testosterone hormones are high-stress levels, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, and drug consumption. 

If you experience depression, sleep changes, reduced libido, and chronic fatigue, these are warning signs of low testosterone levels. 

Fortunately, it is possible to regulate testosterone levels naturally in multiple ways, and using boost their levels naturally by using essential oils for low testosterone is one of them.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are liquid compounds extracted from a variety of trees, shrubs, and plants. They are often considered volatile liquids, giving distinctive aroma to plants, flowers, herbs, and fruits. 

These oils are either obtained from mechanical methods (like cold pressing) or via distillation (via steam or water). Often used in aromatherapy, using essential oil is one of the forms of alternative medicine aimed at supporting an individual’s overall well-being.

More than 90 kinds of essential oils are present in the market with unique potential health benefits, but not all of them show improvement in the male body’s T-levels. 

Some of the essential oils considered as a natural testosterone booster are:

Rose: The aromatic rose oil is known for its therapeutic and aphrodisiac properties. It leaves a positive impact on the hormones by improving neuropeptides and serotonin levels within the brain. The regular application of the mind also helps in promoting testosterone levels and reduces symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It results in encouraging cell renewal, improving blood circulation, and regulating muscular spasms.

Clary Sage: The studies reveal that clary sage essential oil helps balance both cortisol and testosterone levels in our body. It stimulates sexual desires, fights depression, and reduces symptoms of depression and convulsions. It also helps in lowering down blood pressure levels.

Lavender Oil: It is one of the most sought-after essential oils known for its fresh, floral, and herbaceous aroma. The lavender oil does not increase testosterone levels; it regulates the body’s ability to produce more hormones by reducing stress and improving the results of medications instead. It is even quite for treating insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Sandalwood: It is a natural aphrodisiac that increases libido and balances the level of testosterone in the body. It also acts as a relaxant and relaxes the body, making it easier to boost its ability to produce more testosterone. It also offers other benefits ranging from minimizing inflammation, reducing spasms, and anxiety.

Chamomile: Best known for its soothing and sedative qualities, Chamomile oil, has its usage since ancient times. It does not increase testosterone levels directly but relaxes the body and the mind, and promotes restful sleep. This process now leaves a positive impact on the body’s ability to manage the production of hormones. Chamomile oil has excellent therapeutic properties as it eliminates depression and reduces negative feelings.

Geranium: With the ability to control anger issues and relieve stress, Geranium works wonder in balancing hormone levels in the body and reducing depression. This fragrant oil also reduces inflammation and improves the blood circulation of the body.

Studies claim that peppermint and fennel oil is a natural testosterone booster and eases stress and anxiety issues.

There are different ways to use essential oils to get the desired benefits. 

  1. Inhale them either by adding 30-40 drops in a nebulizer or by using an oil burner.
  2. You can also massage with this oil on your pressure points or muscles.

Storage and Other Precautions

Essential oils are expensive, thus store them safely in a cold and dark place away from the sunlight. Some other precautions necessary to follow with essential oils are as follows:

  1. Keep the oil out of reach from pets and children.
  2. Do not ingest it and avoid contacting with eyes.
  3. Before applying to the skin, perform a patch test. In case of any burning sensation, please do not use it.

The Bottom Line

Low testosterone levels may result from several health conditions right from a sedentary lifestyle to stress. It is possible to treat the conditional naturally. When it comes to treating low testosterone levels, natural treatment options include eating a healthy diet, remaining physically active, and applying essential oils for low testosterone. 

Amongst all ways, the most effortless way of boosting the testosterone levels is using essential oils. Some of the best essential oils recommended as natural testosterone boosters are sandalwood, lavender, rose, clary sage, to name a few. 

These oils result in boosting T-levels directly or indirectly and even provide scores of other health benefits. The most effective way to increase T-levels by using essential oil is by diffusing oils in a nebulizer or diffuser. For prolonged usage, try to keep the oil away from the sunlight. More tips and tricks to enhance your sex life.

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