Essential Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

Essential Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most widespread male health issues. It is a condition in which you cannot maintain or reach an erection during sexual intercourse. The causes of ED may vary from one person to another. One of the most natural ways of treating the condition is using essential oil for erectile dysfunction.

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of the plant containing different chemical compounds and hence, impart a unique aroma. Produced via a distillation method, it is necessary to dilute these oils in a carrier oil before directly applying to the skin. 

Each essential oil has unique therapeutic properties and extensive applications for treating different ailments. Using essential oils for treating ED is widely recommended due to the following reasons:

  • It helps in creating a relaxing effect and allows a person to enjoy a sound sleep.
  • It boosts the immune system and energy levels.
  • The pleasant aroma creates a perfect backdrop for a romantic atmosphere.
  • It enhances hormonal activity in the body and boosts the male sex hormone production, testosterone.

Some of the essential oils that help in managing symptoms of erectile dysfunction are:

Rose Oil: Rose oil is considered an aphrodisiac and proves to be an effective remedy for several sexual problems. It helps in increasing libido, enhances sperm and testosterone production. The rose oil also reduces stress and provides a calming effect on the body and the mind. The studies also show that it helps in relieving depression in human beings.

Lavender Oil: Lavender is one of the most popular and reliable essential oils used by people for treating various health concerns. It has anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and relaxing properties. Stress and anxiety are the two major causes of ED. Applying it topically or inhaling it results in increased arousal in males.

Cinnamon Oil: Cinnamon oil improves male sexual functioning by stimulating the production of testosterone hormones. It also increases sperm production and viability and motility. Studies also indicate that cinnamon bark oil consumption regularly helps improve sperm quality and protect male reproductive health.

Basil Oil: For ages, basil oil is famous for its magical antioxidant and anti-anxiety properties. The basil extract results in increasing sperm count, viability, and motility by reducing oxidative stress. The oil is an effective herbal medicine used for treating a variety of other ailments as well.

Ginger Oil: Ginger is a powerful ingredient with excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The regular application of ginger oil reduces oxidative stress and increases sperm concentration and functioning. So, you can rely on ginger oil for reversing the symptoms of impotence.

Aloe Vera Oil: Don’t be surprised if your health professional recommends the application of Aloe Vera oil as an effective treatment for ED. Widely used in both modern and traditional medicines, many studies claim that aloe vera extracts show improvements in sexual dysfunctions by stimulating cell division and promoting testosterone hormone levels. This oil even shows remarkable results in people with low sperm cell count.

Nutmeg and Clove: Both nutmeg and clove extracts have long been used to treat sexual dysfunction in males. It is because clove and nutmeg are nervous stimulants and leave a positive effect on male sexual behavior. Their extracts also help in improving blood circulation to various parts of the body, including the penis. Their extracts are a common addition to Unani medicine (medicine of South Asia).

Ylang Ylang: The euphoric properties of Ylang Ylang essential oil provide a sense of well-being, treats depression and anxiety, and prove useful in managing ED symptoms.

Method of Using Essential Oils

Essential oils show the desired results when their molecules are inhaled or absorbed through the skin thoroughly. Inhalation and topical use are two main ways of using the essential oils. When it comes to using essential oils for erectile dysfunction, the possible applications are:

  1. Make a hot or cold water compress with the essential oil of your choice and apply it to the lower back, spine, or kidney areas.
  2. Using the oil in a diffuser.
  3. Spray some oil into your pillowcases or bed sheet to experience its aromatic benefits.
  4. Diluting them with a carrier oil and use it for giving a massage.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is indispensable for improving your sexual function. Do not forget to eat a healthy and nutritious diet and exercise regularly for getting the desired results. Lastly, discuss your complete medical history with a healthcare professional before using any essential oil.

The Bottom Line

Essential oils help in reversing or managing the symptoms in those suffering from mild ED. Some of the most recommended essential oils for impotence are rose oil, lavender, cinnamon, ginger, aloe vera, nutmeg, and clove, Ylang Ylang.

These essential oils work by reducing stress, promoting sound sleep, boosting energy levels, increasing blood flow to the penis, and producing testosterone levels—the decision to use which essential oil is essential to take after consulting with your healthcare professional. 

Using essential oils and eating a healthy and nutritious diet, and staying physically active may bring the desired result over time. Do not apply them directly to the skin. Use it in a diffuser or dilute them with a carrier oil to take a massage. More tips and tricks to enhance your sex life.

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