Dotted Condoms: Are dotted condoms right for everyone?

Dotted condoms
Dotted condoms: Unlike standard condoms, dotted condoms have a dots pattern on the outer part so that you can experience extra sensations during intercourse.

We all are different and have different preferences. Some like to have anal sex more, whereas others feel happy to experiment with vaginal sex in various sex positions. A few believe that oral sex gives the most pleasurable experience. Regardless of choice, it is necessary to wear condoms to indulge in healthy and safe sex practices, and that’s what we are going to talk about here.

Over time, condoms have changed significantly. A decade back, condoms were popular for preventing unwanted pregnancy and the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Besides providing protection, condoms offer extra fun and make sex games more pleasurable.

What are dotted condoms?

What is a dotted condom
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Unlike standard condoms, dotted condoms have a dots pattern on the outer part so that you can experience extra sensations during intercourse. These patterns create excess friction when tiny dots rub against the internal part of the vagina, providing an enhanced level of sexual pleasure to you and your partner. Regardless of your age, you can use dotted condoms to make your lovemaking sessions more exciting.

These condoms generally fall into the category of textured condoms. They come in different sizes like Small, Medium, Large, and Xtra Large and are available in various patterns.

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Benefits of using dotted condoms

Sex becomes a mundane activity if there is no newness. Some use sex toys to make sexual play funny and enjoyable, whereas others try sex wearing different textures of condoms. There are three benefits of using dotted condoms:

  • Dotted condoms are as good as standard condoms in preventing the spread of STIs and pregnancy.
  • They make sexual play more pleasurable as dots create extra friction between the penis and the vagina, and both of you can experience sound stimulations.
  • Dotted condoms come in different flavors like Strawberry, Banana, and Chocolate.

Types of dotted condoms

Choose different patterns of dotted condoms:

  • Plain dotted condoms: These are the simplest of dotted condoms with tiny dots on their outer surface.
  • Super dotted condoms: Like plain dotted condoms, these condoms have dots that are 50% bigger than standard dotted condoms.  The bigger dots offer better friction and great stimulation by firmer rubbing experience. The super dotted condoms have a width of 1.5 to 2 mm, whereas the dotted condom has a width of 1mm. Similarly, the super dotted condoms’ depth is 0.4 to 0.45 mm compared to regular dotted condoms between 0.25 and 0.3mm.
  • Dotted flavored condoms: These condoms are great if you enjoy oral sex more. Dotted and flavored condoms have tiny dots on their outer surface with a specific coating of a flavor. The small dots add sensations to their main act, whereas a flavored coating makes the oral sex and foreplay session more enjoyable.
  • Dotted & ribbed condoms: Dotted and ribs on the outer contour of the condoms give extra sensations. These condoms are the preferred choice if you are looking for feel-good hits during their sexual play.
  • Dotted delay condoms: These condoms are great for those suffering from premature ejaculation. The outer surface of the condoms contains dots for added sexual pleasure, and the inner surface includes a coating of chemicals that delays ejaculation.

Why should one use dotted condoms?

There is no harm in trying dotted condoms. If you are in the mood to add spice to your sex life and willing to experience an extra pleasure. Using a dotted condom is an economical way to give a new lease of life to your boring sex life. To add more fun and enjoyment during sexual encounters, you can even use water or silicone-based lubricants with dotted condoms.

Are dotted condoms right for everyone?

Dotted condoms are safe if you or your partner is not allergic to latex material based condoms. Sometimes females feel that sex becomes painful when their partners wear dotted condoms. The dotted condoms have raised the outer surface. When their vagina becomes dry due to not enough lubrication, the friction causes pain during intercourse and makes sex a painful activity. However, if you feel redness or skin irritation after wearing these condoms, make a switch to standard condoms and avoid using them.

Do dotted condoms break often than standard condoms?

The answer is NO. Having dots on the outer surface of the condom does not increase its likelihood of breaking more. Like any other condom, a dotted condom undergoes testing during the manufacturing process against any defects or breakage. These condoms are prone to breakage if they are not stored appropriately or adequately worn during intercourse.

Is dotted condom available in material other than latex?

It is undeniable that latex is the most common material used to make condoms worldwide but not the only material. Males and females who are allergic to latex condoms should use non-latex condoms. They can choose dotted condoms that feature Polyurethane, Polyisoprene, or Lambskin material. They can easily find the branded dotted condoms, which are latex-free, in the online marketplace at economical rates.

Safety precautions with dotted condoms

  • Always buy the condom in the right size
  • Store it away from the heat and the sunlight
  • Never reuse a condom even if you have not ejaculated
  • Do not open a condom packet with a sharp object or puncture the condom with fingernails
  • Throw the condom if you have put it inside out wrongly

Buy Dotted Condoms online

If you want to save your time and money, buy dotted condoms online from a licensed pharmacy or a drug store. If you are using it for a long time, you know which brand and size to choose from. However, if you are buying for the first time, order one pack of different brands to understand which works the best in your case.

What this means for you

If you want to add a great sensation to lovemaking, use dotted condoms. The dots present on the outer surface of the condoms give heightened stimulation and pleasure. When it comes to preventing the spread of STIs and pregnancy, these condoms are as effective as standard condoms. Different kinds and flavors of dotted condoms are available in the marketplace, like super dotted condoms, flavored dotted condoms, dotted and ribbed condoms.

Buying dotted condoms in flavors like Banana and Strawberry entice both the partners. Usually, dotted condoms are available in latex material. But those people who are allergic to latex material should check latex-free material in dotted condoms while buying. You need to follow certain precautions with dotted condoms, like never to use expired condoms and wear them properly to eliminate the chance of breaking.


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