55 Dirty text messages that will make her wet

dirty text messages for her

If you think that dirty text messages talks work with men only, sadly, you are mistaken. Even some women appreciate and look forward to dirty talks.

These kinds of talk activate those brain areas that stimulate the body, heighten sexual arousal, and take them to the sexual fantasy world.

These talks are more than provocative sentences and work as perfect foreplay tips for men and creating sexual intimacy with your ladylove. 

While sending dirty messages for her, take special care of the timing factor. If she is not in a good mood like she failed in her college exam and recently devoid of promotion, sending such messages will not work in any manner.

Therefore, taking care of two factors: whether your girl likes such messages and whether she is in the mood, are of utmost importance while sending dirty text messages.

With that being said, let’s get started with 55 dirty text messages that will make her wet.


55 Dirty text messages for her

I want to lick your pussy, and take my cock in your mouth.

I wish your sexy ass laying here by my side.

I am missing your moaning, you do when I stroke hard with my dick.

All I want to see you are licking my cum.

I want your pussy juice all on my face while I fuck your mouth.

All my dick wants right now is to enter your pussy and make you wet.

Are you missing my tongue on your clit?

I really can’t wait to fuck your pussy.

I am eager to eat your ass and pussy.

I am missing your hands around my neck and my cock in your mouth.

I will grab you hard as soon as I am there.

Let’s have fun tomorrow with a cock ring. What do you say?

This time, do surprise my dick with a vibratory toy. Will you?

I have purchased a vibrator toy, and it has shaken my legs to the hilt. I can’t wait to see yours.

I really enjoy playing with your clit, and you are gasping for air but still asking for more.

How about inserting my dick in your pussy in the kitchen this time?

I want to fuck you all night.

I am really high on sex drive. Make me cum fast when I come.

I’ll not stop kissing your pussy until you scream.

I will shake you with my stiff dick.

Even in dreams, I see massaging and licking your nipples. After all, they taste so good.

This time, hold my hips tightly when you are down.

It makes me wet when I think of my cock inside your mouth. Do you feel the same?

I am waiting when my big dick fuck you from behind.

Missing my cock in your tight pussy?

I like the moment you lick my balls more than my dick.

Fucking from behind is the best position we have tried so far.

I cannot hold myself praising your naked and wet body and licking it all over.

This time, I will tie and handcuff while running my tongue on your neck, breast, and nipples.

Your wet pussy and my finger inside is the best feeling. What holds next, you can imagine?

This time, I am gonna fuck you harder and for a long time.

What can I do? You look so beautiful with a naked that I cannot control myself?

I know how to make you wet in a few minutes. This time, with a lubricated message.

Take a day off tomorrow. I will not let you sleep for the whole night.

Please give me a back massage next time, not with your hands but with your nipples rubbing hard against my body.

Once I will be there, I will not allow you to make an effort to remove your panty. I will kiss your inner thighs and keep removing them with my mouth.

I have bad intention to tease you hard with a fingering session and then penetrating my dick into your pussy.

I still dream about that moment when you make me cum hard so quickly and clean my entire chest with your finger.

Which color panty are you wearing today?

I enjoyed the view when you bent over in high heels.

It is an inexpressible feeling when I thrust deep inside, and my body rubbed against yours.

Don’t worry, this time I won’t cum till you say.

Do maintain no-blink eye contact when I suck and fuck you.

I love your beautiful eyes, especially when they look and admire my dick.

Please send me the video of playing with yourself. At least, it will make me cum fast when you are not around.

My nipples are missing your touch. Are your nipples, too, missing my tongue?

This time, make your legs wide open as I want to kiss hard to the inside of your thighs. The skin is so soft, just like your pussy

This time, we will play a new game. I will handcuff you, and I will lick down and then move upward to thigh, pussy, and clit. If you say, I can include a finger session also.

I could not concentrate on my work as I keep imagining how you will look while sitting on my desk with wide legs and my dick inside your pussy.

Today night, it will be a surprise for you as I take your panties off with my teeth and touch your clit hard with my mouth.

Taking a shower, rubbing my dick hard against your clit but not on the bed but the couch. Are you ready?

I will give your breast and nipples an excellent massage with my mouth and tongue. How’s the idea?

My hard cock is teasing me right now, and I will tease you today night.

I Will use my spit to lubricate my dick, and then your pussy will taste it. Ahem Ahem!

Drop all your clothes while reading this message. I want you to play with your body parts while reading this.

Your ass is gorgeous. The minute my dick sees and feels it, it becomes harder.

Try some of these dirty text messages to make her mood tonight. If you are sure about your lady love’s taste, we are confident these messages will set a perfect stage that you both can set on fire with your erotic performance. 


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