18 Dirty questions to make her wet fast

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Dirty questions: Girls are born with excellent instinct power. When you want to woo her or want to date her, she instantly knows about it. If she thinks you are a good guy to date, she can even respond to your flirty messages.

Seducing a girl is never easy. You need to put in your best effort, approach her at the right time, and above all, in the right way. If you combine all these elements, you feel that it is easier to turn her on than dating her. Girls are born with excellent instinct power. When you want to woo her or want to date her, she instantly knows about it. If she thinks you are a good guy to date, she can even respond to your flirty messages. And if she does not like you, all flirtiness will go in vain. Sexting is one of the best ways to seduce a girl, and these 18 dirty questions can ease your task.

#1. Are you alone?

This is one of the best questions to initiate the conversation and decide whether you can move ahead with other dirtier questions. If she gives an affirmative response, shoot the next statement immediately, such as “I wish I could be there by your side.”

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#2. What makes you busy right now?

It is a subtle way to be sure whether or not she is doing something important. If she is not doing anything significant, she will give complete attention to you.

#3. Do you like or miss cuddling when you are alone in a home and lying on the bed?

This works like a warm-up. You can initiate your flirty conversation by asking this simple question and making it easier for her to open up if she likes your question.

#4. What do you like to wear when you are in the bed?

This is another right message to start the dirtier conversation, especially when she is on the bed and in the right mood. It is neither too sexual nor too personal. When she replies, she brings a smile on her face by texting, “I can imagine how cute you look in it.”

#5. In which dress you look the sexiest?

Now, it is time to make a positive statement, which is sexual too. Seek her opinion by asking. If you are texting this to your girlfriend, you can be more friendly by asking questions like “Do you wear lingerie while on the bed?” If she says, “Yes,” instantly ask the color. If she does not mind your extrovert nature, ask about the size and brand to continue the conversation.

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#6. Have you ever watched making out with somebody?

As the mood is created. Therefore you can take your conversations to the next level. When you ask such questions, always point out to the third person not to talk about a very personal feeling. Moreover, these questions will make her more excited and bring her in the mood.

#7. Has any boy ever touched you intentionally in public places?

Of course, this is a personal question, but you have created that comfort level that she can reply. Girls never forget sexual groping. So, if she gives an affirmative response, you can ask, “where he has touched?” If she likes his touch, she will reply to it. Once she answered, I make her blush by saying, “I wish I could be that guy.”

#8. Name one place where you like the touch of a guy the most?

This is a straightforward question, and if she answers like “breast” or “thighs,” she is already in the mood and imagining all these things.

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#9. Have you enjoyed making out with somebody in the heat of the moment?

It is time to move personally by asking a straightforward question. Her reply can give a sneak peek of whether or not you can plan sex with her when she is horny.

#10. Do you like briefs or boxers?” or “If I gift you a pair of X-ray glasses, which part of my body- below the shoulder or below the stomach you would like to see first?

After creating much excitement, now you should shift her focus towards yourself and get naughty. These questions compel her to answer in a dirty manner. And if she replied, this is a clear indication that even she likes talking dirty text messages you are sending.

#11. What is your way to turn on your man?

Girls do not initiate dirty talks, but they respond well if they are sexually aroused. Her answer will prove whether or not she is romantic and enjoying this dirty texting with you.

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#12. Do you like it if I come there and give you a goodnight kiss on your lips?

This is an imaginary situation, but she is all ready to lip-lock with you if she gives her nod.  

#13. Do you enjoy giving an oral or receiving it?

This time her reply is not essential; the important is to keep her sexually aroused by asking her opinion and sharing yours at the same time. So, perk up the excitement level by replying precisely opposite to what she says. For instance, if she says she likes oral sex, tell her that you enjoy receiving it and vice-versa.

#14. Which body part of yours would she like to see in a natural form?

Now, keep intriguing further and seek her opinion about yourself. This question is direct, but you have asked decently. We can understand this is one question for which you will wait anxiously and keep checking your mobile now and then.

#15. Would I able to turn you on if I have been asking these questions in your ear?

It is hard to believe that your girl is not wet even after texting her these kinkier messages. So, keep surprising her by throwing your next question.

#16. Does a full-body massage make you wet?

While asking such questions, text such messages that can make her horny. Mostly, girls feel that a full-body massage is the best way to pamper them, and especially if their partners give them these messages, they will feel at the top of the world.

#17. Do you allow me to kiss you if I am with you on the bed?

This question makes her imagine the scene when you are at her bed, lying next to her and kissing her. This is the time to hold your breath as you are about to make your last move to get an invitation from her side.

#18. If a guy wants to make out with you at your place right now, would you allow her?

This will give her a clear idea about your desires, and if she says “yes,” do not waste a single second to go to her place. If the distance is too much, keep playing with her seductively over texting, and the next time whenever you would be with her alone during the nighttime, do not miss that golden chance. After all, she has told you about her desires.

So, arouse your girl sexually by asking these 18 dirty questions and make her wet. And if you are lucky, you can even say these questions in her ear and sexually aroused her before the final game.

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