Delay condoms: What are they & who can use them?


Premature ejaculation is one of the common sexual problems. It affects couples’ sex life and sometimes leads to separation. There is not one way but many to deal with premature ejaculation. You can give a try to male enhancement supplements, premature ejaculation gel, acupuncture, and delay condoms. Read more about 12 Condom types for safe sex and extra pleasure.

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What is a delay condom?

Extra time condoms or long-lasting condoms are some other names of delay condoms. They are designed for people experiencing premature ejaculation. Delay condoms prolong sex and help to last longer in bed. They create stimulating effects and give extra time to satisfy the partner. Intense orgasm and the ability to hold ejaculation for longer periods make the whole sexual act pleasurable. Almost all leading condom brands manufacture the “delay” variant as it is one of the most sought-after condom varieties across the globe.

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How does delay condoms work?

Delay condoms contain a special coating of chemicals such as Lidocaine or Bencozaine with desensitizing properties that reduces sensitivity to the male genitalia. Delay condoms can boost confidence to stay longer in bed, enjoyable orgasms, prevent early ejaculation, and help get a pleasurable sex life without any side effects. They work wonders both psychologically and physically and keep males unaffected from the orgasm gap.

Benefits of using delay condoms

Just like other condoms, delay condoms provide adequate protection from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Additionally, they improve sexual life by allowing ejaculation for a longer duration in bed. The extra lubrication of the delayed condom gives added pleasure to the woman and makes her experience the best orgasm of her life; thus, delay condoms provide the dual benefits of protection and prolonged sex.

Delay condoms in different varieties

Are delay condoms safe?

Most of the delay condoms contain either Lidocaine or Bencozaine coating. These chemicals are generally safe to use. However, avoid using delay condoms if you are allergic to these chemicals. You should discontinue using delay condoms if you feel itching, redness, irritation, or swelling after using them and try other methods to naturally treat premature ejaculation.

Safety tips for delay condoms

How to use a condom?
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One crucial precaution necessary to follow with delay condoms is to avoid using them during oral sex. These condoms have a coating of select chemicals that do not taste good. Even if you wear the condom for a few minutes, the chemical stays on the penis. Thus, you need to thoroughly wash the penis with water and soap before indulging in oral sex.

The second necessary precaution to take is to avoid using delay condoms if you are allergic to latex material. Most of the brands manufacture delay condoms using latex material. So, you need to check the material carefully before buying.

The third precaution is to check whether your partner is allergic to Benzocaine or another chemical. Some other general safety tips are:

  • Do check the expiry date on the condom before buying. Throw it straight away, If it is already torn or contain any holes.
  • Do not reuse any condom.
  • Use only Benzocaine or Lidocaine safe lubes with delay condoms.

An important fact to remember while using a delayed condom is that it plays a catalyst role in postponing the orgasm; it is not an effective treatment line for premature ejaculation. Read about Lubricated condoms. Is it the only option for you?

Some common condoms myth

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There are myths associated with condoms that are necessary to debunk. These myths are as follows:

  • You can only buy condoms after 18 years of age: There is no legal age to buy condoms. You can buy condoms regardless of your age.
  • Condoms make you less sensitive: This is a half-truth. For instance, if you are using delay condoms, they will make you less liable for delaying orgasm. But not all condoms are designed with this objective.
  • No condom is required if a girl takes Pill: No contraceptive measure provides 100% protection against pregnancy. And pills do not protect against STIs. So, you now have two reasons to use condoms – avoiding unwanted pregnancy and protecting yourself from STIs even if your girl is popping a pill.
  • Any lube to use with a condom: Most condoms contain lubrication to enjoy pleasurable sex. In case you need more lubrication, go ahead with silicone or water-based lubricants. You will find oil lubricants in the market, but they are not compatible with all condoms’ materials.
  • Two condoms are safer than one:  If you are using one condom correctly, it is enough to reduce STIs and pregnancy risk. Wearing two condoms at a time leads to friction and may lead to their leakage.

Buy delay condoms online

You can buy delay condoms and many other kinds as per your preferences from online pharmacies. These pharmacies or drug stores keep a purchaser anonymous and even offer doorstep delivery of the ordered products. Select a reputed and licensed website, select the best brand, and place your order.

If you have not tried to delay condoms before and have no idea which brand is the best, you can buy one pack of different brands at a time.

What this means to you

Delay condoms are the best for those who suffer from premature ejaculation. These condoms come with a coating of chemicals like Lidocaine or Bencozaine that numb the tip of the penis and help get long-lasting erections. However, using delayed condoms is not an effective way to treat premature ejaculation.

These condoms are available in various sizes and flavors. People allergic to latex, lidocaine, and Benzocaine should avoid delaying condoms since they may cause itching, redness, irritation, or swelling after use. Also, do not use delay condoms during oral sex as they contain chemicals having awful taste and flavor.


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