Ashwagandha and Testosterone

Ashwagandha and Testosterone

An adaptogenic herb, Ashwagandha, is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine used for treating numbers of health issues, including male vitality and virility. It is rated as one of the most sought-after herbal supplements offering remarkable health benefits to both males and females for ages. From time to time, studies indicate that Ashwagandha boosts the production of hormones, including testosterone. This is the main reason it acts as an active ingredient in hosts of male enhancement pills. Let’s learn more about Ashwagandha and testosterone in brief.

About Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic plant, and its root has been an essential part of African, Indian, and Ayurvedic medicines. It is also known as Indian ginseng, winter cherry, or Withania Somnifera. It improves overall well-being by increasing muscle strength and size, reducing stress, and lowering inflammation triggers. Amongst all the benefits, its ability to boost male testosterone levels outshines others.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone found in males, females, and animals too. In males, testicles primarily make testosterone hormones. It is one of the main hormones that play a vital role in boosting libido and sperm production in males. A person with low testosterone levels often experiences depression, fatigue, mood swings, decreased bone mass, and hair loss, including erectile dysfunction. Taking ashwagandha roots or supplements results in boosting T-level production and libido in males over time.

How Does Ashwagandha Work in Increasing T-Levels?

Ashwagandha plant contains scores of chemicals, classified under the withanolides category. These chemicals primarily interact with the brain and leave a calming effect on it and the body. These chemicals also increase the blood flow to the penile muscles, relax them, and help you get stronger and firmer erections during sexual intercourse.

Ashwagandha also reduces cortisol hormones, known as stress hormones. The testosterone and cortisol hormones are inversely proportional to each other. The higher the presence of cortisol levels in the body, the lower the testosterone levels and vice-versa. 

Many studies indicate that Ashwagandha’s regular consumption for a minimum of three months reduces cortisol levels and automatically boosts testosterone hormones. It is not hard to guess that an increase in testosterone levels naturally increases male fertility and libido.

Let’s take a quick look at some other benefits of Ashwagandha.

Auxiliary Benefits of Ashwagandha

Improves Muscle Mass and Strength: Many clinical studies prove that taking Ashwagandha daily for a minimum of 8 weeks helps build muscle mass and strength significantly. The herbal roots or supplements of the Ashwagandha show positive results when males undertake resistance training programs.

Reduces Cholesterol Levels: Studies indicate that the natural herb improves heart health by lowering triglycerides and cholesterol levels in the body.

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels: The withanolides chemicals produce hypoglycemic activity in the body and help improve insulin secretion and regulate blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Taking ashwagandha supplements is one of the natural and effective ways to control blood sugar levels.

Improves Brain Functions: The Ashwagandha herb shows impressive results when taken by Alzheimer’s patients. The regular usage of the herb for a minimum of 30 days helps in improving memory and other brain functions. It also helps in reducing inflammation, stress and anxiety, and depression.

How to take Ashwagandha?

For increasing testosterone levels, 600 mg dosage is an ideal dosage taken in two different servings. Take it along with breakfast and dinner with water. Though it is a safe herb, there is no harm starting with a low dosage, say 300 mg tablet taken once in a day. Continue taking it for a week and gradually increase the dosage if you experience no or mild side-effects.

To get the best results, it is necessary to discuss your entire medical history and supplements you are currently taking with a healthcare professional in a detailed manner.

Final Takeaway

Ashwagandha and testosterone both are interconnected. One of the natural and easiest ways to increase T-levels is by consuming Ashwagandha either in powder or capsule form. The natural herb works by increasing blood flow to the penis and relaxing penile muscles.

Therefore, it is right to say that Ashwagandha is indeed a testosterone booster. It also helps in improving memory, reducing cholesterol and sugar levels. You can take 600 mg supplements of Ashwagandha twice a day for experiencing the visible benefits.

Do not forget to consult with your healthcare professional before taking the natural herb in any form. More tips and tricks to enhance your sex life.

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