Anal Sex & Beyond: Everything You Need to Know

Anal sex
Anal Sex: You honestly have nothing new to learn about anal sex. You only need to bear them in mind, talk to your party about them, find a way around them, and go on to hit the ass!

Anal sex is another creative style of discovering your lover in bed. It is less common than the others, but certainly not out of the game. I have read medical reports of different clients who had sex affiliated problems. Many of them didn’t think anal sex is a great idea, but some wanted nothing else! Many couples interviewed would hear nothing of it at all, and some had some exciting news. A particular client confirmed that without anal sex, she can’t ever reach her orgasm. This is not surprising; it is just proof that some prefer anal sex, and it is not out of context to try it.

What is Anal sex?

It is merely about having sex through your anus, and not your vagina this time. How does it work? Pretty simple. You can dig the penis straight into the anus. Isn’t it? But there is more, if not the penis, and you can use the finger, the tongue, or some sex machines, anal sex toys, et cetera. You might wonder if that can arouse any pleasure in you, but just one assignment will set your head racing.

Strip yourself naked before the bathroom mirror. Locate your anus and gently tinkle it with a broom edge, a piece of paper, or something a bit delicate like that. How does that feel? I got you smiling already. Now you can imagine how that would feel if it were the tongue, some exotic sex toys, or the big arrow, the penis.

You honestly have nothing new to learn about anal sex. You only need to bear them in mind, talk to your party about them, find a way around them, and go on to hit the ass!

Most presumably, we have reached some agreement that trying anal sex could be fun for you both. But there are complications you should understand. Well, if you are a bisexual, this might be your thing.

Difficulties when trying to have anal sex and how to fix it?

Here few of the difficulties you need to understand about having oral sex and how to fix it.

There is no natural lube when having anal sex

This isn’t vaginal. The anus does not produce natural lubes like the vagina, making sex flow and fun with the vagina. Nor does it have saliva like the mouth that can keep it going smooth as the penis does in the mouth. This poses the trouble of maintaining smooth sexual intercourse. Worst, friction tenses the muscle as the penis tries to penetrate. The thin tissues in the anus are quite feeble so that they might tear easily.

These tears may generate pains, disorders, and safety leaks in your partner’s health system. She or he may get exposed to bacterial infections that can only be curbed by immediate medical attention. The first way to resolve this is to apply water-based lubricant. This doesn’t tear condoms like oil-based lubricants, so it is way better.

The anal tissues are super tiny

Much more than vaginal tissues, anal tissues are liable to break and tear easily. Remember, we recently mentioned that this could result in a heap of health problems. You surely don’t want to risk you and your partners’ health for a fleeting minute’s pleasure. So, you have to watch out to avoid that. How can you? If it is your first time your partner is having anal sex, do not penetrate deeply. Don’t be in a rush too. Begin by stroking the sensitive edges of the anus.

You can do that with your fingers, palms, machine, or anus. Then begin to attempt penetration with objects smaller than the penis. Probably, your finger. The anal walls may gradually start to expand as you try this, a pathway to penile penetration. It is essential to be sure that your partner is excited about this. If they don’t want it, I frankly recommend that you drop the idea. Besides their comfort, it is also necessary to check that your partner is completely fine about all of this. Be sure they feel no pains as you make attempts. Otherwise, drop the idea or drop your penetration method.

The anus sex is different, don’t mix things

Do not make the mistake of mixing the anus with any other sexual organ. Anal sex deserves different treatment. For instance, if you have just had anal sex with penile penetration, don’t penetrate the vaginal or the mouth without cleaning the penis. For one, your penis may have drawn bits of feces from the anus; you definitely wouldn’t want to put this into your partner’s mouth. Again, dropping feces in your partner’s vagina may cause severe infections. So, that precaution is essential. It applies to the use of fingers, machines, or tongue in anal sex. If you had used a condom, you need to dispose of it’s before switching to oral or vagina sex. It is hardly recommended that you cut your nails clean if you must use your fingers. As long as you remember to take this precaution scrupulously, you should be able to avoid potential complications.

STI and bacteria are potential troubles in anal sex

Much more than vagina penetration, anal sex-anal penetration has a higher tendency of transferring infections to your body from your partner or vice versa. This is because the anus naturally has some bacteria living around it, a result of defecation. These bacteria are transferrable, and there are chances that you could pile them to those in your anus earlier, worst, you may even transfer them to your partner’s vagina, mouths, or the third person’s body. Aside from the general risk of contracting STIs like Gonorrhea, HIV, hemorrhoids, chlamydia, genital warts, syphilis, and genital herpes, I have mentioned you.

To avoid this, however, you need to pay more attention to your method of penetration. Be sure your hands are immaculate if you consider using them for penetration, and wash them the instant you are done. Similarly, consider using strong and safe condoms before having anal sex, and consider removing it as soon as you have had your fill of anal sex. Dental dams are excellent too.

The bleeding potential of anal sex

Frankly, this is one tendency that cannot be underrated. Similarly, it may happen in vagina penetration; there are chances that bleeding may occur during the first few times you are having anal sex. This is not abnormal. You may also feel nervous, uncomfortable, or awkward in some way you cannot explain. Nonetheless, all of these should happen for a short period. There are some problems to address if you don’t feel better after four to five penetration. Unfortunately, you cannot do much about it; you will need to notify a doctor immediately.

Colon perforation

Just before I explain what this entails, I will agree this all sounds like bad news. But as you may see, there is always some to prevent or cure them immediately, so you should still go ahead if you are up for it as long as your safety is not jeopardized. Now, what is colon perforation? It is a state where a hole is pumped up in your colon. Meaning it may become less effective, leaking the content it should hold.

There is no clear explanation of how, but anal sex can certainly cause such health complications. Intense rectal bleeding is the first sign; abdominal bleedings then deepen it. You can neither attempt prevention methods to this nor proffer strong solutions. The best you can do is see a health specialist immediately. Most probably, some surgical operation may be involved. You should, however, understand that anal sex does not affect your ability to defecate. Whatever stretches out your anus, prevents you from defecating, or finding it rushing to the lavatory has nothing to do with anal sex.

Besides all of these, you honestly have nothing new to learn about anal sex. You only need to bear them in mind, talk to your party about them, find a way around them, and go on to hit the ass!

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