9 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

how to last longer in bed

Studies reveal that the ideal sex duration is between 10-25 minutes. It includes foreplay, followed by penile-vaginal intercourse. But 80% of males lack sexual stamina and end up sooner than expected. Some of the common reasons are premature ejaculation, sexual anxiety, and erectile dysfunction. And there are millions of males worldwide who go through the situation every day. 

The good news, there are nine simple ways you can try and make yourself last longer in bed. Let’s get started with the first one.

01. Try VigRx Plus

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02. Engage in Foreplay

Make the foreplay session as the most exciting part of your sex odyssey. Do not wait for your partner to take the initiative. Start kissing and touching her erogenous body parts. Make your foreplay session all more interesting by using the start-stop method and stay longer in a bed. In this sex technique, you start getting physically intimate with your partner and make some sexy moves to stimulate her senses. You stop once you reach the finish line and take some time to recharge yourself. This allows you to sexually satisfy your partner sensually by taking a longer time than usual. This starts and stops technique work wonders in improving males’ sexual stamina.

03. Changing Sex Positions

You should aim for increased sexual stimulation by decreasing the sensitivity of the penis. For this, try sex in unusual positions like a cowgirl and sit on the throne. In the cowgirl position, you cannot penetrate as deeply as in other sex positions; this helps delay orgasms but stimulates your partner’s G-spot in the most satisfying manner. Another good sex position that allows you to stay longer in bed is Sit on the throne. It works much like the cowgirl position as your partner has more control over you. This will extend your duration, and you stay longer in bed.

04. Condom-Friendly Sex

Make condoms as your bedroom’s best friend. Sex with a condom is altogether a different experience. When you wear a condom, the penis feels less sensation and the less sensation directly leads to delaying in ejaculation, longer sex sessions, and prolonged pleasure for both the partners. Try to wear thick condoms to delay ejaculation and decrease penis sensation.

05. Practice Kegels

Practicing Kegels is one advice every sex expert gives to sex-deprived couples. It is because Kegels help strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which eventually increase the chances of orgasms. Kegel exercises are known to be helping fix premature ejaculation. To start with Kegel, flex those muscles which you use for stopping the flow of urine. Clench these muscles for a minimum of 10 seconds and then release. Try to practice three sets with ten repetitions every day. Kegels will work, but you need to follow it religiously and patiently wait for the positive outcomes.

06. The Squeeze Technique

The Squeeze Technique is one of the safest and the most effective techniques that help you keep crying for more in the bedroom. Stop rubbing or thrusting right before reaching the climax. Next, try to squeeze the end of your penis right where the head and the shaft meet. Once you feel that the penis is reaching the pre-climax position due to blood withdrawal, resume sexual activity. This is much like the start and stops technique.

07. Use Desensitizers

In many cases, desensitizing gels and creams work in lessening the sensation to the penis. Many creams even help in treating sexual problems like premature ejaculation. However, not all gels or creams fall into a safe category. Thus, it is advisable to consult your healthcare professional if you are planning to use desensitizing creams. These creams are non-prescription creams and are readily available at online stores at affordable rates. 

08. Speak to your Partner

Do not feel hesitant to speak openly about this problem with your partner. Please share your views and listen to her patiently. Maybe, she can come up with such an idea that will work in your case. Many times, it happens that only one partner is facing the pressure to last longer in bed. It does not matter; she might look for reaching orgasm no matter whether the entire process ends up soon. Therefore, communication always eases out the tension between partners.

09. Consult an Expert

Suppose you feel that nothing is working out for you, and then it is better to speak to an expert. An experienced and professional urologist can help you in the most sought-after manner by analyzing your problem thoroughly and adopting a corrective and practical approach.

Bottom Line

Changing sex positions, doing squeezing, masturbating one or two hours before actual sex, etc. are a few ways to help you perform better and last longer in bed. Do speak to your partner openly and share your opinions. If nothing works, you can consult an expert and use creams or gel that delay the penis sensitivity during sexual intercourse. More tips and tricks to enhance your sex life.

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