Foreplay tips for men

foreplay tips for men

Today, we will discuss different and interesting foreplay tips for men to perform better in bed. Before that, let’s discuss a little about foreplay.

In sex, foreplay can never be an option. Whether you are in a live-in relationship or hooking up for the first time, foreplay often takes the backseat. If sexologists to believe, foreplay is something that “warms” up a woman and even makes her mood easily. An exciting and unknown fact is that an average healthy female takes approximately 17 minutes to reach the climax, whereas an average healthy male lasts about 5 minutes. This is an orgasm gap. To build this gap, it is necessary to adopt interesting foreplay ideas to make actual oral sex game more rewarding. If you are skipping foreplay, the chances are high you are not enjoying sex to the fullest.

Before moving on to the exciting foreplay tips for male, uncover the female anatomy quickly,

As compared to the male’s body, the female body is complicated.  The male needs to stimulate her clitoris and G-spot to make her sexually produced in lesser time.

Clitoris: It is a pleasure point of the female’s body and center of the vulva. It does not play a significant role in reproduction like the vagina; it makes her feel good. It is right under the meeting point of the inner labia.

G-spot: It is the spot inside the vagina and was discovered by Ernst Grafenberg, a German gynecologist. It is located close to the vaginal opening. The G-spot is a sexually sensitive part that swells during sexual arousal and feels bumpy. The studies reveal that about 10% of women ejaculated when their G-spots stimulated.

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By combining these facts, it is clear that women take more time to get sexually stimulated and feel more stimulated by touch than sight. Hope males get the idea of why foreplay is important for females.

18 foreplay tips that every man should try

Make your room sex-ready – Women get distracted by nearby surroundings, especially when it is dirty. So, the only trick is to de-clutter your bedroom by throwing waste off the room. The next step is to brighten up space by using the dim accent lights, decorating rooms with an aromatic candle, balloons, play some romantic music to set her mood right.

Remove layers of clothing patiently – Just like life, even foreplay is not a sprint; it is a marathon. No need to rush to finish it in record time. So, never strip down your partner quickly. She will appreciate it if you remove clothing layers patiently and show your affection towards her body parts. For instance, while undressing her shirt, touch her arms and shoulders. While pulling off her pants, pamper her beautiful legs and thighs with kisses. Caress her breast and nipples after removing her bra.

Asks straightforward questions – If you face struggles in arousing her, ask straight to her what she likes. She will appreciate your effort of asking her opinion to please her in the way she wants. You can ask such questions:

  • Where does she appreciate your touch the most?
  • On which body part, she enjoys your sucking the most?
  • Did she like it when you caress her breast or anything like this?

Maybe she will not give direct answers but provide some hints that can provide you foreplay ideas. Believe it; she will return the favor when she notices you are trying hard to woo her.

Never start with G-Spot and clitoris – If you start foreplay with G-spot and clitoris, you are all together doing it wrong for so many years. Starting foreplay with these points is like eating dessert before dinner. Foreplay aims at warming your partner’s body and making her ready. Driving straight to G-spot or clitoral stimulation will hurt her more rather than arousing sexually.

Build anticipation by slowing down – Throwing more light on the point above, slowing down during the foreplay reaps beautiful results in your sex journey, but, understandably, it is the biggest struggle for males. You both are excited, so it is the best time to build anticipatory pleasure (it is a kind of fun obtained when you are about to get something you are dreaming about). In physical intercourse, anticipation is all about building up sexual tension and achieving heightened pleasurable moments. One of the tricks to do is licking and sucking the clitoris before hitting it.

Get out of your bedroom – Scaling new heights in the sexual journey is all about exploring or doing something new or unusual.  So, why to make sex only a bedroom activity? Make things exciting and spontaneous by initiating foreplay at the house’s unique places, like in the kitchen and the living room. If the bathroom is the first place that strikes your mind, it is an excellent choice, believe it! An unexpected thing always brings satisfying results. Start with a hot shower bath with her and end up in the bedroom. Even if you end up in the bathroom, you will have the best sex of your life.

Allow her to initiate – If you always initiate, and this is the first time your partner is taking charge in the bedroom, reward her bravery by responding positively. Express your feelings by saying how amazing you feel when she initiated in the bedroom. It is possible that she is not as good as you, but the moot point is she has taken the initiative. And this clearly shows that she still enjoys getting closer to you.

Kiss, kiss, and kiss – Sensual foreplay always revolves around passionate touching and kissing. You can start with kissing as it is the best form of sensual foreplay for women.  The way you kiss speaks the intensity of your love. Try to kiss her gently without focusing on the mouth always. You can even cuddle and kiss her at ears, cheeks, and neck. There is no need to devote any particular time to kiss. Keep including this sex element at intervals during the foreplay. Studies reveal that women obtain erotic pleasure from passionate kissing. So, if you feel that she is losing interest at any point, make her mood again by kissing her.

It’s time to groom yourself – Nicely manicured skin under panties is a big turn on females. But the other part of the story is equally valid. Sexy thongs and clean and manicured skin will entice her and arouse her sexually without making much effort.

Introduce new sex toy – Introducing any new element in a bedroom excites both the partners. So, this time, introduce new sensations for sexual arousal by experimenting with exotic sex toys. The choices are endless, from anal beads to a vibrating buzzing. Start slow if you are introducing sex toys. When you are buying a sex toy, devote some time to customize your basic foreplay kit. Choose such items that increase sexual pleasure. For instance, a good water-based lube, a basic vibrator, and a blindfold are few items must keep in your foreplay kit. And, do not forget to keep them beside your bed where you have kept your favorite condoms. Read more about sex toys for beginners.

Leave a handwritten note – With the introduction of the electronic medium of communication, handwritten love letters have lost their importance. But it always leaves the best impression on your partner. She will appreciate your effort in choosing the handwritten note expressing how he feels when you play with his penis, which is the thing he awaits the most during or before sex and so on. Of course, if you think that your partner will like an email more, you can drop her mail or message her by writing something dirty she is not expecting.

De-stress her with erotic massage – The laptop is not the only place where you can show the magic of your fingers; show your finger’s magic by giving her a sensual massage. Getting an erotic massage with aromatic oil from your male partner is every female’s fantasy. Giving massage gives her the feeling that you love her and adore her body parts to date also. This relaxes her, and she will take no time in shedding all her inhibitions. For creating the perfect room atmosphere, dim the lights, and light a candle. This is like a win-win situation for both of you. You get the golden chance to explore each body part with your hands, and she will feel great when you touch her erogenous zones. Believe it; the sensual massage is a sure-fire way of arousing both partners at the same time.

Control ejaculation – Those males suffering from premature ejaculation often find it difficult to control after a few minutes. So, the best way to do this is to use a desensitizer spray like VigRX Delay Spray. It is one of the best male enhancement products in the market, which is natural and helps delay orgasm by desensitizing the penis and allowing you to last longer.

Avoid talking too much – Heat things by talking dirty. This is one of the most effective ways to start foreplay but fine-tune your talk to her preferences. It is of utmost importance to choose your words wisely while setting your mood. Clichéd and weird phrases may turn her off. The golden rule is to keep this talk personal and simple by picking her body part and expressing your feelings. Then, zip your mouth and focus more on actions. It is indeed a great idea to initiate such conversations in-between sexual activity.

Focus on quality – Improve your quality of foreplay, and she will never complain about the quantity. For improving the quality, give her what she exactly wants in the manner she preferred.  For instance, if she eagerly waits for a sensual massage, pamper her by doing it. If she loves using a sex toy, use it for her pleasure.

Have some BDSM fun – You might not have expected it, but she may enjoy BDSM during foreplay. It is not always necessary to wear leather outfits; even ice cubes and regular soy candles do the trick. A little arousal with light biting and spanking goes a long way. But caution is to speak to your partner beforehand before indulging in such fun activities as not all partners are comfortable with it.

Sometimes, skip It – If your sexual chemistry is already on fire, it is alright to skip foreplay sometimes and drive straight to the main play. The key is to understand your partner’s mood. Moreover, you can always take a break and go directly to the main game when you are short of ideas.

Research on Google – Google is the best place to find any information about foreplay tips for males. Search extensively and, if possible, educate yourself by taking a look at videos and images. There is no harm in learning a lot of foreplay ideas, as all women are different. The chances are high that she does not like any particular technique or some way, does not work on her body. So, keep learning and keep experimenting.

A final thought

It is an undeniable fact that foreplay for women turns her on in the way you always desired. Because her physical arousal is more complicated, she takes more time to prepare herself to become sex-ready. You can start with any of these foreplay tips for men and wait for the magic to happen. If you feel you are getting sexually aroused quickly than hers, use a delay spray like VigRX Delay Spray.

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