16 Ways to last longer in bed

How to last longer

Some things in life do not last for a long time, but it is one rule, which does not apply to sex. Sex is a physical activity that one should enjoy with no time limit. Some people end up with physical intimacy in less than 5 minutes, while others prefer going on a long sex ride. Some are happy with short rides, while others are often compliant that they are incompetent to make sex last longer. Many polls conclude that over 80% of people face a hard time engaging in a long sex session.  Reasons can be many, but knowing them does not solve our problem. Instead, we will focus on the ways to have long-lasting sex that will increase your sexual pleasure and life.

Plan for Uninterrupted & Impromptu Sex Session

It is okay if both the partners have mutually decided and fixed dates in a calendar for enjoying the sex date, but there is nothing wrong with going for an impromptu sex session. Look, sex is a physical desire of the body that can arise anytime. If you feel like getting intimate on any day of the week, send a sexy message to your partner and express your feelings. Surprise her by spending a whole evening or afternoon in your sexcapade. When you do something usually at an unusual time, the body takes time to adjust it, resulting in a long-lasting sex session.

Sex is Not Penetration

Everyone defines sex differently. But the fact to understand and remember is sex is not only about penetration. Never remain in a hurry to end the game. You should include dedicated time for foreplay, massaging, kissing, etc. Warming up your body by indulging in the sexcapade will increase the odds of orgasm, and in this way, you won’t feel bedroom anxiety. Moreover, one should not finish it after ejaculating; keep enjoying the physical intimacy after that also.

Practice Meditation

Many sex experts believe that practicing mindfulness help in slowing down the ejaculation process. You can practice mindfulness by meditating or breathing exercises like circle breathing or microcosmic orbit breathing. When you practice mindfulness outside the bedroom, it will improve your bedroom performance and delay the orgasm.

Try Pelvic Floor Exercises

It may be harder for you to delay ejaculation when pelvic floor muscles are weak. The pelvic floor muscles are below the rectum and prostate, and they are easy to strengthen via exercises. To tone these muscles, try to stop yourself from passing gas or peeing. There are many other erection strengthening exercises as well that strengthen these muscles; Check them on the internet.

Have Fun with Sex Toys like Penis Ring

Some sex toys can work for you correctly. For instance, a penis ring increases bedroom pleasure by restricting the blood flow to the penis and maintaining a firm erection. Similarly, you can also use CBD or cannabis products during your next sexual encounter. Many surveys suggest that cannabis proved useful in increasing the length of their partnered sex. Even CBD is equally helpful and increased the sex session by 51%. We believe there is no harm in trying these products and sex toys if they help you achieve a long-lasting sex session. Right?  

Learn to Control your Arousal Levels

A sexually excited male often cannot prevent ejaculation for too long and complain about not having long-lasting sex. To fulfill your dream to last longer during intercourse, learn the ways to control your arousal levels. Once you practice them, you will control your excitement and ejaculation too for long periods. The best way to do so is to distract your mind and focus on some other thing for the time being. After five or ten minutes, get back to your sex track.

Shift Focus on Partner’s Pleasure

This is one of the ways of controlling your arousal levels. If you are getting too sexually excited, take a step back and focus on those things which excite your partner instead. For instance, you can buy a new female sex toy or new lingerie for her. In this manner, your mind will be diverted, and your partner will become happy. After all, you are thinking about her happiness now! It is a win-win situation for both of you. Isn’t it?

Start with Training

If you seriously think premature ejaculation is not a medical issue, it is advisable to have more sex. In some cases, sexual endurance conditioning is the main culprit. So, the remedy is having more sex. It may sound incredibly unsexy but try to relate it with an exercise fitness center. You go to the gym to become stronger; similarly, having frequent sex helps your partner often not masturbate. This may not help in all cases, but at least some of them will gain benefits.

Focus on Foreplay

As mentioned earlier, sex is not only about penetration. So, devote less time to intercourse part and more to cuddling each other. Have a hot water bath together during the foreplay session or play a game that increases sexual pleasure. Sex will eventually satisfy both of you, so why not make the before-intercourse session enriching with a long foreplay session.

Masturbate Beforehand

This technique is a sure-shot winner in a majority of cases. It is beneficial for those males who get sexually excited quickly. Doing masturbation before sex will work as a gun with a lesser load. Ejaculating one or two hours before sex makes it hard to come quickly during actual intercourse. When you take time to ejaculate, it will directly increase your orgasm time, and you can enjoy long-lasting sex.

Think Out of the Box in Bedroom

With this, it implies changing your sex positions with your partner every time you have sex. When you practice in the same position, the body responds quickly. On the other hand, when you change your position, sensations get distracted and take longer than usual. This is one technique, which works for 80% of males.

Use Male’s Refractory Period to your Advantage

Why to limit sex session to one only? This is the perfect moment to take advantage of your refractory period by planning for a back-to-back sex session. Those males, who try two sex sessions simultaneously, get better results with a second erection due to less sensitivity and extended arousal.

Edging will Work

Start, Stop, and Re-start are the only three steps of Edging. Once you are about to orgasm, stop for a minute or so, and build your arousal again. Edging is one technique that trains the body to delay the orgasm when it is about to come. This allows you to build your arousal again and have long-lasting sex. It is like you are on the edge of a swimming pool and not taking a dip.


Just like Edging, the squeeze is another way. Start by foreplay and stimulate your penis. Once you feel you are near to ejaculate, gently squeeze the end of your penis (it is the point where the head joins the shaft). Continue to squeeze it until the urge to pass goes away. Keep repeating the process until you want to ejaculate. The science behind this method is when you squeeze, it puts pressure on the penis, and the blood is drawn away. This momentarily decreases the urge as well as stamina to ejaculate.

Perpendicular Sex Positions

Why to always try sex in fast and pounding positions? Instead, give a try to perpendicular sex positions that encourage steady and slow sex sessions. Such positions are spooning, side by side, the cross, to name a few. The trick behind such positions is you will devote your time and attention to balancing the new positions. And, even your mind takes some time to understand and respond. This works for both partners. After all, they try something new in a bedroom and take a longer time than usual to orgasm.  You can even do the magic by changing positions in-between. This will give time to your body to readjust your pace and last longer.


Of course, this is our last resort. When nothing works, you can always rely on the magical formula of male enhancement supplements. A variety of dietary supplements are available in the market, treating premature ejaculation naturally. At the same time, most of them are over-the-counter supplements that improve males’ overall sexual performance by improving their stamina, appetite, and endurance. However, here is a word of caution. Try only those male enhancement pills, which are natural and tried by other males with positive feedback.

Which Supplements to Try?

We are not surprised if you are unable to decide which male enhancement pill to try. After all, you have so many options to choose from. A sexologist recommended choosing natural pills containing fresh and all-natural ingredients and backed with the clinical study. Such tablets contain no steroids or chemicals and do not cause any side-effects. Some of the best male enhancement dietary supplements available in the market today are Male Extra, VigRX Plus, ExtenZe, SemEnhance, and VigRX Delay Spray. All these supplements reverse the symptoms of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and improve your sexual stamina over time.

We have shortlisted these five supplements on the following grounds:

  • All-natural formulation
  • No side-effects
  • cGMP compliant manufacturing by Leading Edge Health brand
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Scores of positive customer testimonials

These pills are available at online stores, but the official website is the best place to buy them at attractive rates. So, try your luck with these measures, and if nothing works, male enhancement pills will help you make sex last longer.

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