10 Ways To Enhance Your Libido Naturally

how to increase your libido naturally

Sex drive, commonly referred to as libido, varies from one male to another. Age, health concerns, and relationship difficulties are certain factors affecting a male’s libido. Having a low libido does not require immediate medical attention, but it affects sexual relationships with your partner in the long run. Fortunately, there are numbers of ways that will boost libido most naturally:

01. Binge on Certain Fruits and Vegetables

Many studies support the effectiveness of the increase in libido after eating certain fruits and vegetables. For instance, try to include one portion of fresh fruits and vegetables like bananas, avocados, carrots, tomatoes, fish, etc., in your daily diet. These food items are libido-boosting foods and contain necessary minerals and vitamins that increase blood flow to the entire body, including the penis

02. Quit Smoking and Excessive Drinking

Smoking and excessive drinking adversely affect your cardiovascular system. It is essential to have good heart health to enjoy your sexual life. Drinking too much alcohol hinders the ability to erect and orgasms, whereas smoking affects your sexual functioning. Thus, the foremost important thing is quitting smoking altogether. However, you can continue drinking one glass of wine as it will help you in getting intimate with your partner. Ty these 4 ways to quit smoking for better sexual health.

03. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Factors like obesity and overweight lead to low sex drive. The reason being, studies prove that hormonal factors in obese people are responsible for having low testosterone levels. And low testosterone levels directly related to low libido. Even obese people feel less confident in bed, and performance anxiety dampens their libido. So, maintaining healthy body weight is necessary to feel physically and psychologically fit and enjoying sex life to the fullest.

04. Do Regular Exercise

Remaining physically active helps in many ways in getting your libido to enhance. Maintaining a regular exercise schedule helps in improving cardiovascular as well as the overall health of a person. Whether you have diabetes or are overweight, regular exercise for a minimum of thirty minutes in a day for five days in a week helps reduce disease-related symptoms, help achieve ideal body weight, and improve testosterone levels. An improvement in testosterone levels will eventually result in enhancing your libido.

05. Manage Stress

Stress is one of the primary reasons for low sex drive. No matter how dedicated you are with your exercise and diet schedule, being stressed out will affect your sex drive. So, make it a standard practice to manage your stress by meditating or doing yoga for a minimum of thirty minutes a day. Try to follow this practice every day. Different people have different ways to de-stress themselves. Some prefer indulging in sports, whereas others find household chores like cooking and gardening as stress-buster activities.

06. Work Upon your Relationship

The sex life often takes a back seat due to various factors ranging from long working hours in the office, working spouse, etc. Such kinds of problems arise after being into a relationship or marriage for several years. You feel your partner is no more interested in establishing intimate relationships, which affects your libido. So, focus on improving each other’s sex drive by doing open communication, planning date nights, spending quality time together every day, etc.

07. Get Enough Sleep

Another lifestyle factor that affects libido is poor quality sleep. The body’s internal clock controls the hormone secretion process of our body, and sleep patterns play a significant role in determining which kind of hormone to release related to sex. Many studies proved the fact from time to time that getting enough sleep helps in boosting the testosterone levels in males. And when a person enjoys sound sleep during the night time, he remains in a festive mood, increases the energy levels and libido. 

08. Try Herbal Medicines

Some studies have highlighted that certain herbal ingredients help improve sexual function in males. These herbal ingredients are maca, ginseng, ginkgo, and Tribulus. There are few herbal male enhancement pills such as VigRx Plus, contain these ingredients as primary ingredients and recommended to people suffering from low libido and Erectile Dysfunction by healthcare professionals. However, it is strictly advisable to administer these medications only after consulting your medical history with a professional.

09. Consider Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment in which a practitioner places needles in the body strategically. This form of therapy even helps in improving sex life by increasing libido. The acupuncture works by relaxing the body and allowing increased blood flow to the penis. Taking regular Acupuncture sessions for a minimum of six months helps increase a male’s libido, the timing of ejaculation, achieving a stronger erection and ability to orgasms. Even females with low libido can consider taking Acupuncture treatments from a registered and experienced practitioner.

10. Try Sex Therapy

A person can feel low libido from scores of physical and psychological factors. Sex Therapy is an effective measure to improve libido and feel more confident about your body. In the therapy, individual counseling sessions will take place that will address issues affecting your sexual desire. These issues can stretch from depression, anxiety, negative views about sex, or underlying medical condition. Many people find sex therapy beneficial that helped them with increased sexual desire, sexual arousal, and increased sex drive.

Bottom Line

Having a low libido is common. A person should make significant efforts to enhance his libido naturally if it is affecting his sexual relationship. Some of the natural ways of increasing libido are eating libido-booster vegetables and fruits, taking enough sleep, remaining physically active, etc. If it is an ongoing issue, it is prudent to speak to your healthcare professional. More tips and tricks to enhance your sex life.

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